Title: Behind Closed Doors
Disclaimer: Transformers isn't mine, cause otherwise they'd be doing this more often XD
Notes: Um this is madness ok? You've been warned. This song came on... my brain had a mad moment. This could just be taken as mechs being far too drunk for their own good or slash. I'm going slash because I love this pair. The song used is Nickelback's Burn It To The Ground.


Prowl could hear the thumping bass three corridors away and he swore the rec room doors were twitching in their frames as he approached them. He braced himself before he opened them and stepped inside. The black and white stopped dead after just two strides. Around the room were scattered mechs, all with a cube of high grade in hand.

The twins were half on the floor cheering, Bluestreak was already unconscious next to them. Jazz and Blaster were propped against each other on one of the couches, laughing so hard they were having trouble making their intakes work properly. The mech in the centre of the floor was the cause behind the merriment and Prowl noted dully that someone had taken the time to clear the floor of table and chairs to provide a dancing area.

Perceptor, like the others, had a cube in one hand, though his was mostly empty with the contents all over his chassis. His arms were raised above his head as he danced along to the thudding rhythm and Prowl was vaguely aware of just how in time to the music the scientist actually was. His whole body arched and weaved as he kept moving, legs twirling him round and it seemed to be deliberately provocative. Prowl couldn't work out at who he was aiming his moves but Perceptor could sing really well.

"Oh, we got no class, no taste, no shirt and shit faced! We got it lined up, shot down, firing back straight crown!"

As he hit what Prowl assumed was the chorus from how Jazz and Blaster joined in with the backing 'hey's, between the sniggering, the saboteur propelled the red mech onto the dance floor next to Perceptor. The dancing red mech grinned at Blaster, optics shinning far too brightly and he threw his cube over his shoulder. It bounced off the wall next to Prowl, sprinkling him with the remains of the high grade.

Prowl felt his mouth drop open when the guitar solo started up and Perceptor hauled Blaster in way too close. Blaster happily grabbed Perceptor back and the pair started really moving together. The red body parts became indistinguishable for a few moments and Jazz started whistling from the sidelines. Blaster chuckled lowly as the music did and did something with body that had the scientist arching into him. As Perceptor started singing again the pair moved so Blaster had his front pressed to Perceptor's back and the scientist was leaning against him as they matched their dancing.

"We're going off tonight to kick out every light. Take anything that we want, drink everything in sight!"

The tactician was damn sure that the pair shouldn't be hip grinding in the middle of the rec room and that Blaster's hands shouldn't be where they were. He was also positive Jazz shouldn't be encouraging this and that whoever had given Bluestreak High Grade was going into the brig right now. The SIC was also determined to find out who had got Perceptor this drunk and started all this.

Unfortunately for Prowl his CPU also decided that the whole sight was far too illogical to even try to start to understand and it froze just as Perceptor and Blaster belted out the last line together.

"While we burn it to the ground tonight!"

The last drum beat was echoed by a clang as Prowl hit the floor out cold. Everyone stared at the flatten tactician in the doorway before Jazz stated,

"I think we need t' find Prowl a cube!"