Papa Ge's Pov

With the others, I was strong, perhaps simply because somebody had to be. The girls were sobbing, and Agwe was little better. Ti Moone had placed a spirit in all of us that had not been lit since, well, since I don't know when.

But alone, alone I could be vulnerable. Alone, I'll admit it, I cried. With the others, I was cold and harsh, but alone, I could be soft. I just couldn't help it. The others had no idea how hard it was being the god of death. They thought I enjoyed it. Well I can tell you, I hated every minute of it.

I mean, how would you like to take the life of a six year old, when they have their whole life in front of them? Would you enjoy taking the life of a man with a wife and four children? No, I thought not.

People are always praying that I stay away. Just one more night, they would plead, hoping in their hearts that I would forget. Sometimes, I would "forget." It was worth it, just to see their faces. But in the end, it could not be denied. They would have to go sooner or later, and it was less painless just to ignore their wishes, even if it meant crushing their spirit.

They never wanted me. "Papa Ge, don't come around me," they would sing. Yet for the other gods, it was different. Even Agwe was respected, in his own strange way.

Sometimes I wish that it was different. I mean, I never asked to be the god of death. I never wanted. I just was. And so it was.

Agwe's Pov

I was worried about Papa Ge.

Although he would never admit it, I think he was growing attached to her. He hadn't done that, since, well, never! He obviously blamed himself for her death. He had been (subdully) avioding the us since that day. Papa Ge is the kind that will keep everything bottled up because he doesn't want to look weak or foolish.

In a small way, I understood how Papa Ge felt. He once confided in me that he hated taking the souls of children, since then they would sing even the louder, "Papa Ge, don't come around me!" I knew what he meant.

"Please Agwe, don't flood my garden," they would sing about me, which doesn't exactly invite me into their lives. But I could never know how Papa Ge feels, unless he tells me, which he will never do of his own free will.

Which brings me back to my first point, that I'm still worried about Papa Ge.

I suppose he'll come around eventually, no pain can last that long, right? Right?

Even though Ti Moone is mortal, she was...precious. It wasn't Papa Ge's fault, whatever he thinks. What's done is done. We will continue living, no matter how much pain, no matter how much death. It is a gift, and a curse.

No matter what, we will go on, a little bit older, and hopefully, a little bit wiser.

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