Summer Loving?

A/N: Well everyone summer has begun for a while and I haven't done a summer fic. So this was the thing that came to mind enjoy.

Chapter 1: Start of the Vacation – Awkward Start

The days of the Dark Signers events had long gone by and the City and Satellite was now in perfect harmony and the Signers themselves had been able to get on with their lives. Yusei, Jack and Crow were now living together in a home in the city where they were already constructing a new D-Wheel for a World Grand Prix which would be in a year's time.

Rua and Ruka had gone back to their home in Tops and continued to live there. They were also attending a Duel Academia in Neo Domino City in order to improve their own duelling abilities. The final Signer was also attending there as well and unlike Rua, Aki was at the top of her class.

The social barrier had also fallen; people in Satellite and the City were no longer fighting one another because one side had it better than the other. Plus things were looking up for all. Yusei and Crow weren't being judged because of their markers or their origins and even Aki had finally been accepted by others instead of simply been know as the Black Rose Witch.

The day had passed just like most of the other days had with the Signers and Rua going through the day just like most other days. However, the day was the end of the semester at the Duel Academia. Rua and Ruka had just finished with Aki their school day and were heading home before they reached the part of town where Aki would leave them.

"Wait a minute Aki-san can I have a quick word with you?" Ruka asked the older girl, she and Aki had quite a fair understanding with one another and they knew that if something was bothering them they would help one another out.

Aki turned and looked at Ruka her amber eyes filled with a small bit of confusion since Ruka rarely spoke on the way home. "Of course Ruka what's the matter?"

Ruka shook her head. "No it is nothing like that; I was just wondering...Well would you like to go on Holiday with Rua and me. We both got six tickets for a trip to Hawaii and well we didn't feel like going alone. So we have come to an agreement that we would invite you and Yusei, Jack and Crow after all we could use a holiday after all the weird events we had." Ruka explained to her.

Aki pondered this for a moment. She had never even left the country even when she was little and didn't have her powers. Plus she hadn't been to many places when she had been the Black Rose Witch, maybe going to a new country would help see her view on the world. She finally smiled. "Alright Ruka I will go with you and Rua but what about Yusei and the others do they know about this?"

"No not yet but we were planning on asking them now. We are going in two days I'm sorry for the late notice but it was hard enough when we only got the tickets last night." Ruka explained.

"Well in that case I will get ready and packed see you guys later I will meet you at your home on the morning of leaving. Goodbye for now." Aki said her spirits were now raised a lot more now.

The twins continued to walk on until they reached Yusei, Jack and Crow's place it wasn't far from where they were and they always went back to their place when school was over. As they entered they saw Jack and Crow testing the new engine whilst Yusei was typing away with the computer.

"Yusei" Rua shouted over the noise of the engine making the three older males stop and notice that the Twins had entered their home.

"Rua, Ruka what brings you two here?" Yusei asked out of the three of the older males Yusei had the strongest connection with them after all he had been found by them when he was knocked unconscious by security and they had even been kind enough to let him stay with them for a while.

"Well actually we wanted to talk to all three of you if it is ok?" Ruka replied to her spiky hair friend.

Yusei nodded. "We don't mind so go on what is it?"

"We were wondering if you wanted to go on holiday with us Aki-san has already agreed that she will come with us so please after all it will be fun if you guys come." Ruka asked she so wanted the three men to accept.

"We can't go on holiday now we have this engine to complete. You don't understand we have limited time. So no." Jack cut in before Crow or Yusei could even breathe a word.

"Ah come on Jack they only want to have company on holiday and besides after all of this we can take a week or two vacations after all we have worked hard. Not to mention that Yusei will probably have the engine do way before the World Grand Prix." Crow argued back failing to notice that Yusei was smirked to himself in the satisfaction that Crow had faith in him to finish the engine earlier.

"I'm with Crow on this one we are always getting into weird situations and besides I think we could use a break." Yusei said backing up Crow.

Jack let out a snort. "Yeah are you sure it isn't because you just don't want to see Izayoi in a bikini?" He smirked.

Yusei's face had gone bright red. "What? Don't be ridiculous Jack that isn't my reason I just think it will be a good experience to go on holiday as friends and not worry about something else."

Crow smirked. "Yeah well then we will go after all we need it mind you Yusei I do agree with Jack I'm sure you wouldn't mind to see that Aki girl in a bikini."

"Shut up" Yusei snapped back whilst everyone laughed at him and his outburst.

"Well we best let you three settle this argument. We will all meet you at the airport at eleven o clock in two days time see you then." Ruka smiled trying her best not to keep laughing.

"Yeah see you and Yusei no funny dreams tonight huh?" Rua laughed before running out the door before Yusei could say anything.

*At the airport (Two days later)*

Yusei, Jack and Crow had just arrived to see the others waiting for them near the gate waiting to board they were in their normal outfits but that was plainly for travelling and nothing else.

"Remember Yusei keep your mind clear." Jack smirked before dodging Yusei's punch which the younger male sent his way.

"Shut up and let's just enjoy this holiday." Yusei growled but kept his face neutral. He didn't want to get angry in front of Aki and the Twins after all he just wanted to get away from the hassle of ordinary day life in the city.

"Yusei, Jack, Crow it is good to see you guys will be joining us so are all ready for this holiday?" Aki asked slightly curious that Yusei had very nearly punched Jack.

"Yes we sure are Aki so are we ready to board now or not?" Yusei asked whilst Crow was talking with Rua and Ruka about the amount of fun they would have on this holiday.

"Yes we should be able to board now so I guess this is it my first travel abroad and hey I must admit I'm actually pretty excited." Aki smiled at him.

Yusei gave one of his rarer smiles. "Well I wanted you to see you can see the world properly and I guess I managed to help you see that now that you are thinking for yourself. Not to mention how much your friends wanted to help as well."

Aki smiled and nodded as the twins, Crow and Yusei went down the tunnel to get ready for boarding.

"Izayoi one thing you must make sure you don't wear your shoes on the plane so you better take your shoes off when you get there." Jack said seriously to her.

"Really? Well ok thanks Jack." Aki replied she seemed a bit shocked by this but she thought that Jack would have travelled around a bit as the King so she didn't bother to question why.

The others had already got on the plane by the time Aki reached the entrance she had just removed her shoes and was nearly about to enter when one of the flight crew stopped her.
"Miss you don't need to take your shoes off please go in normally." They said politely.

Aki's face had gone bright red she was so embarrassed about what had just happened as she slipped her shoes back on. Some of the other passengers were laughing lightly at her which made her feel even more stupid then before. She stormed on later when she got her shoes back on. "JACK ATLAS YOU ARE SO DEAD" She screamed as she threw herself at Jack preparing to rip his head off.

Yusei ran over and pulled her off Jack. "Aki calm down I will handle Jack don't get upset. Just relax it is only a small mishap it doesn't mean much."

Aki was breathing heavily but she started calming down as Yusei let her go. "Sorry Yusei she could a bit angry since Jack is making it a joke that I haven't travelled before." She let out a little sigh before taking her seat.

"Jack stop it you really are beginning to grate on everyone and I want this just to be a good holiday." Yusei snapped back at his older friend.

"Oh relax Yusei I was only having a laugh besides we don't get to enjoy ourselves much remember?" Jack laughed.

"Just try not to get yourself killed by the others." Yusei sighed before taking his seat. This was it the start of the holiday they would never forget.

*Later at the hotel*

The six friends had entered the lobby were they were just checking in they had agreed on three double rooms so Rua and Ruka were sleeping in one room, Jack and Crow had agreed mainly out of the amusement they would get by letting Aki and Yusei share a room. So they would share a room whilst their dream of Aki and Yusei would share the last room.

They found out they had the last three rooms in the hotel. So at least they had the right rooms. Or so they thought. Rua, Ruka, Jack and Crow went into their rooms they were huge all with a huge wardrobe, table two huge beds and a small bathroom with a huge bath/shower, sink, mirror and toilet.

Aki and Yusei's room was practically identical even with the most exotic painted walls. However, they only had one huge double bed like the ones couples slept in. It was already late at night and they were tired from jetlag so they just wanted to sleep but they had problems.

"So umm Yusei what shall we do? I'm not sure about this." Aki asked him.

Yusei shook his head. "I suppose I could sleep on the floor if you aren't comfortable I won't do anything anyway but if you really don't want me to sleep in the same bed as you then that is fine."

Aki looked down she felt somewhat selfish. "No Yusei it is ok I trust you if you say you won't try anything I will believe you anyway I will get changed in the bathroom see you in a few minutes." Aki said as she walked into the bathroom with some kind of nightgown.

Yusei got into the bed already he was only in his boxers since it was the only way he slept at night was with boxer shorts. After a few minutes Aki entered the room wearing a black nightgown which although looked small it fitted her perfectly. The rims around the bottom were designed different to the soft dress and it looked like a small dress on her. With little frails on it there was no denying she was very pretty looking.

Yusei blushed heavily at the sight of her there was no denying she was very good looking normally but this made her look even more beautiful than normal as she slowly got into the opposite side of the bed. Aki noticed that Yusei wasn't wearing anything minus his boxers.

"Remember Yusei just because we are sleeping in the same bed doesn't mean you can try anything." Aki said she was partly blushing herself as she turned away to hide it.

"Didn't come to my mind Aki." Yusei replied before turning his back on the amazing beauty which was Aki Izayoi. He began to pant almost dog like as he remembered the image he had saw. Aki's long slim legs her entire slim like figure which was almost that of a models, he long flowing magenta hair touching her soft snow like skin just above her perfect breasts. What was wrong with him? He couldn't understand this feeling was it love?

"Yusei are you panting?" Aki asked him not turning to him.

"Umm no Aki must have been the air conditioning. Goodnight Aki." Yusei struggled to get out before pretending to fall asleep.

Aki smirked to herself amused by his behaviour. "Goodnight Yusei"

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