Chapter 5: Our first summer – The start of something special!

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I felt something soft tickling my nose, it was moving slightly but it was enough to make me smile. I also knew that my chest felt heavier than normal, not that I minded I knew what was going on although it all felt like a dream.

I smiled slightly at the feeling of being tickled. "Aki" I laughed, I had a feeling she was doing this on purpose. Still I didn't mind in fact I find it amazing, to think she was in my arms whilst we lay in the same bed. I slowly opened my eyes, finally able to see her. Even first thing in the morning she was beautiful, although she probably wouldn't admit it herself.

"Yes?" She asked in her playful innocence, although she already knew what she was doing. Aki would refuse to say it, plainly because she wanted me to pleasure her with my new boyfriend kind of attitude. To me there was no better woman then her, she was gentle and kind but at the same time tough. She would stand up for her right, and she was finally evolving so quickly as a person. I couldn't believe this was the same girl I met in the Damion Area.

"Can I ask the bold question, of why are you tickling my nose with your hair?" I smiled, it was true she had got one of her bangs and started to brush it under my nose. I had a feeling that Aki just wanted me to be up.

"Well I had to make sure this wasn't a dream, so what better ways to make sure you are real?" She smiled, before gently sighing and burying her head in my chest. "I really can't believe I'm waking up next to you, and not only that but we are actually waking up as a couple."

I could feel my smile widen, she had a very good point. It was almost too good to be true, this was the first time I had been in a relationship and I must admit it felt good. Not only that but if I had to be with anyone, I would have chosen Aki. She was what I would call the perfect woman for me; she was beautiful, tough, kind and not only that but we had a bond that was greater than any other I had. I wanted to cherish this bond as long as I live on this world; I knew that a relationship would have its ups and downs. However, I had a feeling we would be able to sort it out regardless.

"Funny thing isn't it love? It can creep on you when you least expect it, mind you when you finally accept it..." I started before I was cut off by Aki's lips, as they fell on mine. These smooth perfectly shaped lips, just added to the many things I loved about Aki. I wrapped my hands around her, and pulled her on top of me. Her kiss had me entranced, it was soft but passionate which is just what I would say Aki was like as a person.

We pulled away and I felt my cheeks burn, I guess it was still a shock to my system being with her and feeling her lips on mine. Still there was also that feel that I wouldn't change it for the world, I was happier then I have ever been in my life and I also knew that she was as well.

I laughed lightly, "You can never go back to being the same." I finally finished my sentence.

Aki smiled back at me, before pulling away from me. It seemed so odd I was pretty much enjoying her company, and us sharing each other's body heat. She had just picked out her clothes for the day, seems that she was eager to go which in my opinion was fine but I did wonder where she wanted to go.

She didn't say anything as she left for the bathroom; I was now confused about her sudden get up and go. Still I didn't see much point just lying here. I got out of bed and found my own clothing, and put it on. I was wondering still about Aki, but I'm sure she was just excited that it was our last day and wanted to enjoy the sights once more with me.

Aki came out of the bathroom dressed in a basic white shirt and white skirt; I was wearing a light blue shirt and matching shorts. Even in pale colours Aki looked beautiful, I couldn't believe it took me this long to acknowledge her beauty and everything about her. I guess the saying that love is blind is a true statement after all.

"I hope you don't mind, but I've been thinking before the others get up. Maybe we could simply spend the day together? I wouldn't normally ask but considering this is our last time, and we didn't get much time to ourselves. Maybe this would be the best option" Aki said smiling at me, I didn't know what to think. Even my face showed a look of concern; I mean I wasn't sure if I really wanted to leave the others. Seemed unfair to Ruka and Rua to be stuck with Jack, then again Jack is the kind of person you don't want to spend a whole day with, most of the time.

"I know you are worried about the others, mainly for leaving the twins with Crow and Jack but you have to relax. You can't always be with everyone and try and please everyone, you do that every moment of every day. Just for once think for yourself, and just relax." Aki suddenly spoke up, probably due to the look I was giving out. I had to admit she had a solid point. I had always tried to make others happy, but I always put my happiness aside for others. Maybe this once wouldn't be so bad.

"Alright lets go" I finally replied after a long silence so I could think. I really didn't think it would matter if I did think for myself, and worry about the others for one day. Besides this was the start of something special, and I was sure not going to waste my time with Aki worrying about the needs of Jack and Crow, or anyone for that matter. It should just be us two, besides what could be the worst that could happen.

We decided to leave the hotel and leave for the town, the atmosphere was calm for a town. People were just going about their daily business; it was like Neo Domino but with a lesser population. Aki seemed happy with just the feeling of being with me, and the fact that she was in a place where people wouldn't judge her. She was happy and in turn this made happy, which is something that I felt was missing for a while. Working hard with the WRGP back home and the whole Accel Synchro thing didn't make things easy, in fact the only times I had been happy was when I was helping Aki out with her license. Maybe I was getting soft, but still I didn't care. Aki was special to me, and I wish that we could stay like this no matter what happened to us.

"Yusei" Aki called out to me, I was only half awake lost in this moment so it took me by surprise. She laughed at my sudden jumpiness, even her laugh was that of an angel. "You really have to pay better attention." She laughed. "Anyway, check this out. Why don't we get our fortune told?" She said pointing to a tent which was supposed to be of a fortune teller.

I looked down into her hazel eyes; she had that look of childlike innocence in them. Like a dog wanting something, typical puppy dog eyes I guess you could call them. This seemed a little bit unlike her, though I still had more curiosity on why she of all people would believe in fortune telling. I mean Carly was understandable but Aki?
"Since when do you believe in fortune telling?"

"I don't really, but hey it could be interesting. So what do you say?" Aki replied to my question, I was quite surprised but I did like the way she was a mystery. A mystery I wish one day I can solve fully. Nodding to her question we both walked in, what was inside didn't surprise me. It was fairly similar to those typical fortune telling places, also with the decoration but there was something a little bit more glamorous about it.

"Well this is certainly something I couldn't have foretold." A female voice which sounded strangely familiar spoke from the shadows. Both me and Aki turned to see who it was, the answer not only shocked me but Aki looked completely taken back.

"M-Misty" Aki stuttered out, her eyes widened. We hadn't seen Misty since the Dark Signer incident so this was a real shock to us. Still I have to admit it was good to see she was well.

"You seem so shocked Aki, that isn't like you. Well unless Yusei here has anything to do with it of course." She replied smiling at both of us, I could feel a smile coming on my face too. I didn't know Misty as personally as Aki, after all since the Dark Signer event they had kept in touch fairly often. I guess Misty was just another new friend Aki made through that terrible incident.

"Misty it has been a while; I see that you are still keeping busy after all this time." I finally added seemed unfair to not get involved after all.

"As have you by the look of it Yusei," she said in a very jokey manner, implying much more then I had believed at first. "Anyway I only do this as a small hobby, more than a job. For two people that are awfully close, you don't really tell each other much do you?"

Aki looked kind of hurt by that comment, "Well we have only being dated since last night, and it isn't like I have had time to tell Yusei everything about me."

"I know Aki, I was kidding. So I'm guessing you two are here to find out about your futures, hoping of course you will be together." Misty laughed. "I see you are already following orders Yusei, oh that is a good start."

I knew she was kidding but still, it made me seem that I would simply bend over, and take orders from Aki for the rest of my life. This wasn't going to be the case; I would be there for Aki. Besides I'm sure Aki wouldn't use me like that. After all I would be there for her too.

"I will confess I do not know about your futures. You two are very special people, with a lot of possibilities and hope. If you two truly want to stay together, I'm more then positive you will."

That was one thing I had never had expected. By the look on Aki's face she couldn't quite believe the answer either, well I knew that I wanted to stay with Aki. I wouldn't want to leave her; after all we had been through. I wanted to make sure she was happy and even if we have our ups and downs, we will be able to find a way of solving them and move on.

"If that is the case, we will make it happen. I owe so much to Yusei; he gave me hope, light and most importantly his love. I wish to make it happen; our future will be something I will keep fighting for. No matter what may come between us I will always find my way back." Aki said after a long silence, her words were as passionate as many of mine had been. She really meant it; my heart was skipping several beats. I had never imagined Aki would say something so strong; however, I was delighted with her. This proved how much she had changed in this last year.

"Aki...She's right I will also make sure Aki is happy. I love her more than anyone else in the world, I never knew my parents and I never held as strong feelings for a person then I have Aki. If Aki is as serious as she says she is, then I am as well." I smiled as I turned to her. I now knew that nothing was going to come between us.

"Then in that case, my work wasn't really needed. However, I'm glad that you two will be happy. Now go on enjoy your day and I hope one day we will meet again." Misty smiled at both of us, I may not know much about her, but she was one of these people I could tell would be a friend soon enough.


We were on the plane back home, the day had been very peaceful and before the mad rush to the airport. Me and Aki had been enjoying our time together, even now on the plane she was resting her head on my shoulder, whilst her hand was gripping mine.

I could see Jack smugly walk over towards us, I had a very odd feeling it was going to be another stab at us. I was right. "So Izayoi seems I was right, I had a feeling you would get your claws into Yusei. Not to mention Yusei being weak to accept it."

Aki to my surprise smiled. "Hey Jack I must admit I like your hair, can I have it?" She smirked before reaching out for Jack's hair and pulling it off. The only parts that remained were the sides, the rest had gone. I felt my mouth curl up into a smile, before I burst out laughing along with Aki and the twins.

Jack's face was bright red, through embarrassment and anger. "Izayoi why you!" he screamed out, this wasn't wise now the whole plane was laughing at him.

Rua had stolen the wig from Aki and now had it on his head. "Hey look at me; I'm the one and only Jack Atlas. No one can beat me since I'm the king." He mocked Jack as he did the typical poses of Jack. Although it was mocking I was enjoying it, it did show off Jack's personality off perfectly. I was glad to see Rua enjoying himself.

"GIVE ME BACK MY HAIR, YOU LITTLE BRAT" Jack shouted as he chased Rua over the plane. Even I couldn't believe the silliness of the situation but regardless it was great entertainment, this was one holiday I would never forget.


It was late at night possibly early morning, when I heard a knock on my door. Who could possibly be knocking at this hour? Well regardless I was the only one up and I decided to get it, after all they were continuously knocking. I reached out towards the handle and opened the door.

"Aki why are you here?" I asked in surprise. Aki had appeared at my door wearing a black dressing gown and red slippers. I couldn't understand why she was here, but if something was bothering her. I had to figure it out.

"I...I couldn't sleep" She stuttered out, I had a bad feeling of this. "I know it seems weird but I find it hard to sleep. It seemed that when you were with me, I could simply fall asleep. Now it feels odd sleeping by myself again."

I smiled back at her, "Aki I understand that you must feel awkward. After all we have only just become a new found couple. However, this is something that you have to cope with. If you become too attached, we will have the same kind of relationship that you had with Divine." Aki's eyes widened at the mention of Divine's name, I knew that would get her worried. "Tell me the truth Aki; do you see Divine in me?"

Aki looked uncertain and worried about my question. It seemed like she was thinking hard about this, I couldn't deny it slightly hurt me to think she was thinking hard on it. "No...No I don't, you are everything Divine wasn't. I have full trust with you, and I know that unlike Divine my trust in you isn't going to be betrayed. You don't want to use me like him, you've been there for me in times of need. Unlike most of the time I had to fight for myself. I know I had feelings for Divine, but I see they were all because I was unstable, and if I had of listened to him I would still live a life of solitude and regret. Not thinking, not really living. That is why I feel safe with you, why I love you."

"Thank you, this was the kind of thing I thought you would say. You have developed so much since the hospital incident, I'm glad you are thinking for yourself. This proves you can be independent as well, and you can grow stronger. You may not believe this, but that will also strengthen this relationship. We will always have each other in times of need however; we can also see that even alone we will be ok." I replied my smile widening, seeing Aki smile from what I said made me feel much happier then I could imagine.

"I understand what you mean; I guess this was something you were expecting. How on earth do you know these kinds of things?" She laughed lightly.

"Let's just say that I know how your mind works, it is the way a caring boyfriend must be. Now come on I best get you home." I said as I offered her my hand, which she took with great pleasure.

"Well I'm glad I have a caring boyfriend like you then, ok lets go home." She replied before kissing me softly, wow her lips were so smooth and delicate. This was the thing dreams were made of.

As we walked outside, I looked up at the full moon and then at Aki. Her beauty shone in the pale moonlight, the shine she had was like that of a radiant Goddess. I could tell that even though it was the end of this holiday, it was the start of something a whole lot more, something very special.

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