I don't owe Twilight, nor any of the characters as much as I wish I did.

Sorry if it's short, I'm new to this, but I have a lot of great ideas. (:

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I'd been stuck at this job for three years, two weeks and four days. Not that I'd been counting or anything.

I had gotten a job at this gossip magazine as a last resort. I wanted to write and this was the only place that would hire someone without experience or who wanted to write about international affairs in Los Angeles. So here I was, three years, two weeks and four days later writing about celebrities and their mischiveous outtings with a significant other. Half the time I wondered if anything I wrote was true, but it was money and experience until I (hopefully) found a better job that would allow me to write what I really was passionate about.

"Bells, have you finished that article on Masen?" Alice's head pokes around the corner of my cubicle.

"Almost. I just have to put the finishing touches on it."

"Hurry up, Boss Lady is letting out some steam today and I would hate to see you be her helpless victim."

"Thanks for the heads up, Alice. I'll be sure to finish up before lunch. I'll bet she would just love to criticize my work," and with those words Alice skips back to her desk.

I remember when I first met Alice. I was just settling into my cubicle when she came bouncing in announcing that she and I were going to be best friends, which had come true, along with another friend, Rosalie, who wrote about the automobile splurges celebrities had done. Alice wrote on the fashion of the rich and famous. I got stuck on the new and old relationships of the celebs.

I found it slightly ironic that I was writing on relationships when I barely had any experience in them myself, but somehow the readers always enjoyed my spiteful views on each relationship I was forced to write about.

I pulled out of my thoughts and turned back to my comptuer with a sigh. I had to write about another new flame for Edward Masen. The dude certainly got around, I couldn't deny that. This week would be about Tanya Denali, one of this co stars on his new movie, Rising Above it All. Currently, the two were dating, but I gave it about a week until I had to write a new article on another girl for him, and with one more period I ended my story and sent it to Boss Lady before packing up and heading to the elevator.

"Hey, Bella. You heading out?" Mike was an overeager co-worker. I had tried desperately, and numerous times, to make him understand I wasn't interested in him. Unforunately, he had just responded with even more eagerness.

"Yes, I am," I replied warily. I just wasn't in the mood to put up with him today. "But only for lunch. I bet Boss Lady has a million changes she wants me to make to my article."

Of course all the man heard was, "But only for lunch," He preceeded to ask me if I wanted to join him, or if I wanted to accompany him to the restaurant down the block.

"No, thank you. I need to make a couple stops before I even think about eating. I'll probably just grab something from one of the vendors." The elevator doors opened and I stepped out on the lobby, finally escaping Mike. For now.


I walked outside and headed down the street, looking for something to please my hunger.

"Bella!" I heard my name cry out and turned to see who it was.

Rosalie came walking down the steps, looking gorgeous as usual. I still hadn't managed how she didn't have a boyfriend.

"Want to go to a party tonight?" I looked at her warily. She knew I wasn't into parties. "Oh, come on, Bells. It'll be fun, and if you don't like it, then you can go home. I promise."

She did make a good point. Besides, I had nothing going on tonight other than a date with my couch and favorite book. Maybe something exciting would happen tonight.

"Great!" she said, already knowing my answer, "I'll come get you at seven and Alice will probably already be there."

"What? Rose, no--" I started to say, but she had already left. I sincerely hoped I wouldn't regret my decision to attend the party.

I continued down the street, contemplating a hot dog vendor when an antique necklace in one of the store windows caught my eye. The necklace had a brass chain on it and a brass heart pendant on it. It appeared to me that there was writing engraved on it, but I couldn't read it from the window. As I stared at the elegant, but simple, necklace, I tried to decide whether I even wanted to know the price of the antique. I finally decided to at least ask the store clerk, and headed towards the door when I heard,

"Mr. Masen! Wait! What's going on with your new movie? What about the rumors about sexual relations between your co star? Mr. Masen!" A guy carrying a camera questioned, following a man running from him in a Lakers sweatshirt and baseball cap. The man in the baseball cap paused for a moment, probably trying to find a way to escape the obnoxious man, when he saw me about to enter the store.

It was like a lightbulb went off in his head and I saw the plan forming before it even happened.

"Oh, shit," I mumbled.

The baseball cladded man quickly strode over to the door and grabbed me, kissing me full on the mouth as a man ran past us searching for the one and only Edward Masen. Who just happened to be kissing me at that moment.