Diana Kent stood in the empty living room of their apartment in Metropolis and sighed. She could not believe after living in it for the last seven years that they were finally leaving it. They would be moving in with Martha in Smallville. Ben had passed away a year ago and Martha was alone now. Clark had been worried about his mother on her own. Although she was a strong seventy-year old, the farm was getting too much for her. She had been on the verge of letting go the farm hands and selling off the acres that surrounding the farmstead when Clark stopped her.

He had spoken earnestly to Diana about it and the possibility of them going and living there. It would provide them with the privacy they needed seeing that their family was growing and Clark was quite ready to leave the Daily Planet. Especially since his last novel had hit the top ten best sellers list and he had an advance for a second one. He would try to get the farm up and running again. In a time where food security was vital, any kind of farming venture was seen as a godsend in filling the nation's food basket.

It meant Diana would have to leave her job as lecturer. But she could teach in Smallville if she wanted to. Diana had to think that option over as right now she probably should not be teaching anywhere. Her hand went to her swollen abdomen. She was six months pregnant and Clark had confirmed they were having twins. She knew it anyway from the way they moved within her. He couldn't keep it a surprise if he tried. However, she didn't want to know the sex of the babies. She wanted it as a surprise. And judging by how much motherhood took out of one, especially when one had a five year old who had the ability to break the floor with the stamp of a foot or burn down a room with a flash of the eyes, she appreciated that she might need the quiet of Smallville and help of Martha for the birth of twins.

Clark had been superb but he was a working man and still helped the JLA even though he had put himself on the reserve list when their first child had been born. Now the prospect of Kryptonian-Amazon twins coming into the world put a different flavor on things. They could not look after three children in a Metropolis apartment and they needed more time to devote to them.

So Diana agreed. They would go to Smallville. Martha had been overjoyed at the prospect of seeing her son and grandchildren everyday. Clark had spent the last five months extending and renovating the farm house. With the JLA's help they had installed a top of the line security system and Clark had extended and reinforced the basement. The walls were five feet thick of an alien metal so it could become a place that they could spar and keep her Themysciran and his Krytponian weapons and technology.

Diana smiled wryly. Well, she couldn't spar for another three months. She hoped the time flew quickly because in her last trimester she was prone to getting a bit cranky. She had not had much of the troubling symptoms during either pregnancy. Her appetite was healthy. In fact, Clark teased her at the amount of food she ate, saying she would eat him out of house and home. She didn't really start to show until the fourth month and even then she was as active as ever. The only thing she could not do was her League duties. It was annoying not being able to help but she knew why her husband, and family and friends were so astringent when it came to her remaining safe.

She sighed and then smiled as the front door opened and she saw her husband walk in. He bore a little boy of about six in one arm and held a carrier bag in his free hand.

The little person was Jonathan Kent, their first born.

Diana saw he was asleep with his head on Clark's shoulder. Diana's eyes softened. As Clark came to her, her hand reached out tenderly to brush the child's black locks off his forehead. "He's asleep, huh?"

Clark smiled teasingly. "Yeah, like a well fed bear after his feeding frenzy. He really enjoys going to the deli. They spoil him something rotten there too. Stuffing him with pizza and ice-cream. Must have gotten it from your side of the family. They'll miss him."

Diana laughed softy and carefully took her son off Clark into her own arms. "My baby has a good appetite as well he should. So what did you get?"

Clark lifted the bag. "I got sloppy joes and apple-pie...I told Ma not to cook."

She nodded. "That's sounds good. Is that all?"

"The pickled squid and a tub of sweet corn ice-cream," he concluded, his expression clearly showing that he was still bemused at his wife's cravings. At least it had graduated from the sardines in brine and raw oats she had wanted when she was having Jonathan.

Diana licked her lips. Should she have one squid now? Seeing Clark's expression she grinned and changed her mind. It would keep until they flew to Smallville.

Clark asked, "So ready to go?"

Diana looked around wistfully. "This is it?"

Clark put an arm around her shoulder and kissed her temple. "This is it."

She sighed. "We've been happy here haven't we, Kal?"


"So many good memories for us here. Marriage, Jon's birth, your book…I hope whoever lives here next is as blessed."

Clark nodded. "We've been very fortunate. Funny how life is coming full circle too. I began on Smallville and left it for the big city and now I'm going back to my roots with a family of my own."

She added, "And Themyscira started closed off to the outside and now we have an Embassy and Jon has been given the recognition as one of the tribe. Mother can't wait for him to turn eight to start training."

"Yeah…I'll bet." Clark got an elbow in the rib for that.

"Phillipus will be doing it and rest assured she is fair. Besides, Jon is getting stronger and stronger as he grows and, I think its best he learns a little discipline in order to keep his powers under control. We don't know how many more powers will manifest. He's already gotten our flight, strength and your heat vision. Last year when he threw that tantrum he stamped his foot into the floor, and thank Hera you were here to repair it and the neighbors below us were not in. Not to mention when he accidentally burnt his Uncle Bruce's 1905 copy of The Art of War. Phillipus is neutral and we are inclined to be a bit soft on him because he is our little miracle."

Clark admitted. "Yeah it is hard trying to discipline him when he looks up at you with that quivering lip and big blue eyes. I feel like a monster when he cries too."

She said, "Two more coming soon. We'll have to learn to be stronger."

Clark smiled. "So we will. Come on, Mrs. Kent. Let's go."

They took a last look around the place and then went out to the balcony and took to the night sky.

Ten Years Later

Jonathan Kent inspected himself in the mirror and straightened his black jacket and tie. It was his Junior Prom and he was looking forward to it. To everyone he was one of those souls born under a lucky star. He was blessed with looks that turned every young girl's head in the state, which was odd according to Smallville folks since his parents were plain, homey looking people. At sixteen, he already was six foot and had broad shoulders. Coupled with eyes that were a sapphire like blue and chiseled jaw and cheek bones, he was like an artist's dream. He wasn't the most popular boy in school but was generally liked and admired. He didn't take the normal path the popular boys took like Captain of the football team or drove a showy car or hung with any particular groups. But he was smart. He was on the debate team and ran the school newspaper and took the lead in organizing events that would raise awareness or funds for a cause he supported. He was often jokingly known as the budding socialist by those who found his intensity at such a young age funny.

But how could they know who this earnest boy was? No one knew his father and mother were two of the world's greatest heroes. Who instilled in him to value truth, compassion and kindness at a young age. He would accompany them on their flights to some of the poorer places in the world where he could see with his own eyes and understand that human suffering was still evident. That people were also resilient in the face of poor odds and all they needed was to be empowered to help themselves.

He had royal blood. A grandmother who was an immortal warrior Queen and there was a place he visited every summer. It was a paradise where he was being trained by the best warriors, and also exposed to classical works and the mystical beings that his mother grew up with.

The Fortress of Solitude where he interfaced with his grandfather, Jor-el. He learned about his father's heritage and understood, even at this tender age, that his life was not going to be like the other people he went to class with.

There was Grandma Martha, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Zatanna, and their son, Thomas, who along with one Rex Stewart, were his closest friends. People would be astounded to know that the people who often descended upon the Kent property were actually JLA members and even Amazons. All in all Jonathan Kent's life was unique and he was never going to be normal per say. But he was surrounded but unique people, be they human or meta human, and they made life special.

Tonight he was allowed to just be a guy who got the girl he liked to take to their prom. Kate did not know his secret and if there was any drama in his life it would be the difficulty to keep it from those he cared about. But he knew at this point in time he couldn't tell anyone. Apart from his parents, there were his two siblings to consider. They were only ten years old and both had varying degrees of their parents' abilities. They had to be protected.

There was a gentle knock on the door.

"Come in."

He turned to see his father walk in. Clark Kent was forty five years old but when he was at home and did not have to walk around with glasses or over sized clothes and a hunch, he looked no more than thirty. He was a power house of a man that stood at six foot four and Jon always felt small in his presence. He carried a camera in his hand and a little box.

Clark smiled. "You clean up well, son. I think you'll just about not shame Kate."

Jon grinned. Both knew that was an understatement. Jonathan always looked good and tonight Clark had to admit his son would break more hearts. Fact all his children had inherited Diana's ability to stun. Modesty forbade him from thinking he contributed much.

"Thanks, Dad."

Clark held out the box. Jon looked up. "What is it?"

"Cuff links. Grandma sent it up. They belonged to grandpa. Let me help you." Clark put the camera on the dresser.

Jon put out his arms for his father to slip on the links. Clark began conversationally, "So…you're seventeen, and going to be a senior soon. I know you and Kate are close and most likely have strong feelings for each other…"

Jon rolled his eyes. "Dad, you told me about the birds and bees already and I know, if we choose to have sex, I have to wear that red sun device and should wear a barrier because she is human and I'm half Krytponian, half Amazon."

Clark gave him a wry look. "No, I wasn't going to say that. If you choose to have sex I know you would try to be responsible. But what I wanted to say is that when you choose to have sex, I hope you would be truthful to the girl you choose to be with but right now…"

Jon put his hand on his father's steely bicep. "I know, Dad. I'm not ready for sex yet or to tell Kate my secret. So you don't have to worry."

Clark looked at him skeptically. "You say this all very confidently. I was where you are once. I know how hard it can be to want someone and not give into temptation. I mean haven't you been curious how she would take it?"

"Yes, it's hard but you managed it and so can I. My family's safety is what is most important and how Kate would deal with it is a concern, yes, but right now I just want to go to the prom and have a good time with her and my friends. So can we drop this subject now?"

"Fine. I wasn't trying to be nosy or anything…I am your Dad and I worry for you…"

"I know and better you than Mom trying to pretend she isn't interested and then embarrassing me with very blunt questions. Though I know you two must have plotted this 'chat'," he grinned.

Clark smiled but did not deny it. "Well let's go down so Grandma and Mom can see you. They've been dying to come up and help you dress but I stopped them."

Jon laughed. Clark picked up the camera and said, "Say cheese."

Jon gave a mock Superman pose with his arms folded and the picture was taken.

Diana and Martha Kent sat in the living room waiting for Jon to appear. Martha was eighty and a bit frailer but her eyes still sparkled with life and humor. Diana looked no older than twenty five. Martha was doing a bit of needle work in an old fashioned rocking chair and Diana was sitting between two children about ten years old on the couch watching television. One was a girl, Lara, with mahogany ringlets and the other was a boy, Lor, with silky black locks. Both had brilliant sky blue eyes. And both children were engrossed in the cartoon on television, not as interested as the women in the significance of the night.

Diana heard footfalls coming down the steps and she got up quickly and went to the kitchen. By the time she came back, her son was being regarded adoringly by his grandmother as Lara was dancing around him, very impressed by Jon; whilst Lor looked at his brother with a kind of disgust.

Lor was at that age where he did not appreciate girls or girls who took his brother away from the house. Imagine Jon wanted to go on a date when he could be watching reruns of that show Dad had introduced them all to, Thundercats, or playing battleship as they used to do.

Lara sighed. "You look so beautiful, Jon."

Martha smoothed his lapels and agreed mistily, "He's looks so grown up. He's a man, Clark."

Clark smiled. "That he is."

Lor thought it wise to point out with a roll of the eyes, "Boys don't look beautiful. They are handsome or good-looking."

Lara said haughtily, "Anything can be beautiful, Lor."

"Not boys."

Diana, carrying a transparent box with a small arrangement of roses and baby's breath, said, "Well, in fact, sweetheart, boys can look very beautiful in my book. And Jon looks very fetching. Here is the corsage for Kate, darling."

Jon took it with a smile and accepted his mother's warm kiss and hugged his grandmother. "Well, I should go," he decided, as the two women looked a little too close to tearing up.

Clark said, "Wait. Time for a family picture. Come on, everyone. Gather around in the hallway. Lor, get over here now."

"But, Dad, Lion-O is going to fight Mumm-Ra…"


"Aw, man…"

Lor dragged from the couch and joined them. Lara stuck her tongue at him. He glared.

Clark made everyone stand around Jon and took several shots because Lor was pulling faces in the first couple. It took Jon to begin tickling his brother for him to roar with laughter and lighten up. Finally they got a really good picture.

Diana said, "Kal, you need to be in this."

Clark nodded put on the self timer and put the camera on the smooth top of the staircase post and he grabbed up Lara to her delight and the picture was taken.

Clark gave Jon the keys to the car. "Drive safely."

"I will…"

Martha, Lara and Lor trooped back into the sitting room.

Jon opened the door to leave. "Okay, I'll see you later."

Diana blurted out, "And don't feel you have to do anything to prove you are a man…"

"Oh jeeze, Mom!!"

"I'm just saying…you have to be careful. You and Kate aren't like your Dad and I…we don't have to worry about getting hurt when we…"

"Dad, make her stop…

Clark put his arm around her and covered her lips with a hand. "Honey, too much information. Have a good time, son."

Jon closed the door with a weak grin.

Clark moved his hand. Diana elbowed him. "I was only trying to reinforce what we discussed."

"My love, children usually don't want to know their parents are having sex. Even at seventeen. Especially at seventeen."

Diana sighed. "He's a young man now. With a mind of his own. Oh Kal, time is flying so fast. But he is a good child. We're so lucky."

"Yes, Jon is a good kid but kid no more. Pretty soon he'll be asking to start the super-heroics and you know we can't say no. The best we can do is guide and support him. And we still have those two inside to worry about."

She leaned her head on his shoulder. "Shame we can't keep them babies for ever."

"Would you really want that? Think of the never ending poop and sick."

She laughed. "No. I guess not."

"Let's go in. I think I need to play battleship with Lor so he won't feel so down."

They went in and joined the rest of their family.

Twenty Years Later


Diana landed on the concourse of Themyscira with the customary greetings from myriad sisters. She had come to spend the weekend with her mother as Clark was away on a deep space mission. She was in her Wonder Woman outfit as she was back to full time service on the Justice League as well as being Ambassador to Themyscira when Artemis resigned the post to return to the Bana-Midghall to lead her people after the death of Queen Anahid. Artemis had come a long way in getting back into the good graces of her sisters by her bravery over the years as well as showing she had gotten over her mistrust and hatred of the outside world.

Diana was able to do her duties this since her three children had grown up and left home. Jon was thirty seven and had followed in his father's footstep in journalism. Currently he was employed as foreign correspondent with the CCN group in Asia. He was engaged to none other than Helena, daughter to Bruce and Zatanna. Lor was serving in the air-force. He was a pilot and Lara had taken up medicine. All three had followed into the super heroics. Lor and Lara were known as Nightwing and Flamebird. Jon was the new Super Nova. They all wore masks unlike their father and mother, thereby making life simpler and not having to adopt false alter-egos. The world was better in many ways but still far from the utopia they all dreamed. Until then the children would have to wear masks. Luckily for her and Clark, they were able to do away with the glasses and acting and live as their true selves dividing time between the Fortress, Themyscira and their rustic home in the Rockies. Clark's books had been so successful, they could comfortably live off the royalties and, well, she was a royal princess. Money was not an issue.

She walked up to the Palace, eager to see her mother again. They had lost Martha twelve years ago and Diana missed her immensely. Coming to Themyscira was a way to get that maternal connection she needed even as grown up as she was.

Hippolyta was in the Senate and Diana waited quietly at the back of the chamber for the business of the day to conclude. When the Senate disassembled Diana was greeted by Mala, Phillipus, Penelope and many others with great warmth and enthusiasm.

Nothing had really changed in terms of how anyone looked. The Amazons were immortal and looked the same as they did the day Superman fell upon their island. Hippolyta walked towards her daughter and embraced her.

"It is good to see you, Diana." Hipplyta studied her curiously. "You look very well."

"And you, Mother."

"How are the children?"

"All very well and they ask after you. They will all be here for Anthesteria. It's their favorite festival."

Hippolyta took her hand and they began walking out of the Senate. "I will be very glad to see them. Tell Jon I long to meet this Helena of his."

"Oh, can he bring her?"

"Need you ask me at this stage, my daughter?'

Diana smiled. "Thank you."

"Are you hungry?"

"Actually I am…"

"Let us go and have refreshment."

They were seated on the terrace of Hippoyta's apartment when food and drink were brought in. Diana's reached for the rolls and butter. "Mmm, nothing like fresh baked bread and real butter."

Hippolyta took up her goblet and nodded. "Indeed." She waited until the attendant left them and then casually asked, "So, Diana, pregnant again?"

Dian choked and spluttered. "Whatfff?"

Hippolyta put her wine down and picked up a bowl of sliced fruit. "You mean you don't know?"

Diana stared at her mother with bewilderment and began, "I'm not pregnant…"

"Have you looked at yourself in the mirror?"

"What has that to do with anything?"

"You're glowing. You have that radiant look you get when you're carrying Kal-El's child."

"But…but…I can't be…"

"You mean you and Kal-El have stopped doing the act of the beast with two backs?"


Hippolyta reminded her slyly, "Diana, you and Kal-El rocked my Palace two weeks ago when you came to visit."

Diana had the grace to blush. "But I am drinking a contraceptive tea. It's been thirty years since the twins!!! We didn't plan for this!!"

Hippolyta's brow quirked. "Did you plan for any of your pregnancies?"

Well, no. They didn't. But that wasn't the point! She said lamely, "I have adult children…Kal and I were hoping to do some traveling off world…I don't know how he will feel…"

Hippolyta put her spoon down and asked, "Daughter, how do you think Kal-El will feel?"

Diana's expression softened. Her husband was a loving, patient and understanding man. Her hand went to her abdomen at once. "He will love it as I will."

Hippolyta smiled. "Well, congratulations are in order. Another addition to the tribe. You and Kal-El are favoured with long life. This child is another little flame to help light up the world and he or she is blessed to have you two to nurture it."

"Are you sure, Mother? It is only two weeks. Normally even Kal wouldn't hear the heart until week three. You can't be mistaken?"

"I am no physician but I know my daughter. We will call Epione to examine you."

Diana looked to rise. Hippolyta waved to her to sit. "After we eat."

Diana waited eagerly for her husband on the porch of their cottage tucked in the Rocky Mountains. She knew he was back by his short call from the Watchtower. She couldn't wait to see him. To tell him her news. She was in her customary white tunic and sandals with her tiara and bracelets.

The sun had set by the time Diana saw the crimson cape in the distance. Her heart sped up. She rose to meet him in the sky.


Clark caught his wife in his arms as she launched herself at him and gave him a passionate kiss.

"Mmm…that's a welcome any man would relish…Missed me, huh?"

Diana held him close. "Yes…So much!!"

They held each other floating down to the grassy slope that led up to the steps of the cottage. Diana looked up at him. Her face and eyes instantly alerted him to something.


"I have something to tell you."


She took his hand and rested it on her stomach.

His eyes widened. "Oh my…Honey, really?"

Diana's lips smiled. "Yes, we're having another baby."

Before she knew it she was hoisted off the ground and swung around. Diana squealed like a little girl. Clark looked up at her as he still held her in his arms. "Wow. I don't have any news to top that."

"You don't mind, Kal?"

"Why would I mind?"

"I don't know…We hadn't planned it and it'll mean almost starting over for us…"

He brought her toes down to the grass and kissed her.

He said huskily, "No. It's just part of living and loving you which I would never trade for anything else."

She sighed. "I love you, Kal."

They held each other tightly.

"So have you told the children?" he asked his cheek against her hair

"I was waiting for you."

He drew back and suggested, "Shall we go drop in on them, Mrs. Kent?"

"I would like nothing better, Mr. Kent," she beamed.

Hand in hand they flew to seek out their children.

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