By Gabby Reisz

The white Down comforter wrapped around my naked body, sending chills up my spine. The pad of paper on the bedside table had 'Mariot' scribbled across the top. I had awoken with a stir in what looked to be the Honeymoon Suite.

The pounding in my head nearly sent me back to the pillows. I glanced at the clock. 4:46am. My stomach cringed and my eyes fluttered helplessly. I was hungover, afraid, unmovable, and had no knowledge of my location.

My ears were still ringing, but not enough to hear the light beats of a running shower. Oh shit, someone else was there too. After running my fingers through my greasy hair, I stretched my bare legs and slid off the bed. Though my feet hurt, I took the baby steps to the bathroom.

I was startled to see a bathtub in the center of the room. Now I knew it was the Honeymoon Suite.

I attempted to tip-toe, but failed miserably. I was too tired and nauseous to walk in a straight line, too hungover to even focus. The generic light purple walls only fueled my headache and almost made me topple over.

Before opening the door to the classy bathroom, I looked back at the bed and that Down comforter, only wondering what happened the night before. I sighed and continued on into the bathroom.

I heard cheerful humming hiding behind the tan shower curtain only feet from myself. Taking slow steps towards it, I prayed to myself it was the best boyfriend in the world. I hoped more than anything it was.

Gripping the curtain with my right hand, I felt my arm go limp. I had almost lost all feeling when I threw the curtain aside.

Holy Shit.

"Ah! Grace! Why are you naked!?" Alex shouted. Terror shook his entire gorgeous face. He seemed more shocked to see me then I was to see him.

"Why are you naked!?" I shouted back.

"No shit, I'm in the shower!"

"Where the fuck are we!?"

"I don't know! Why are you asking me!?" Alex said confused.

"Why are you taking a shower?" I asked.

"Maybe I feel a little dirty!" He defended.

"Are you hinting that we-"

"I don't know!" Alex shouted. The wrinkle between his eyebrows deepened in fear.

"Would you stop yelling! My head is killing me!" I said, rubbing at my temple.

"Well maybe you shouldn't have slept with me!"

Alex's shouts were hitting me at a low blow. I didn't handle yelling well.

"JESUS ALEX PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON!" I said. Only after realizing that we were shouting completely in the nude.

Alex shoved the shower curtain rudely back in place. I felt horridly rejected. In shame, I walked back to the bedroom where awful doings had taken place. The room was a mess of clothing and empty champagne bottles.

I lifted the clothes that were obviously mine from the floor. A little black dress, panties and a strapless bra. How classy of me.

My cell phone alerted with a buzz, making me jump. Eleven missed calls, all from Jack and only one from Rian. Ignoring responsibility, I dialed Rian's number instead of Jack's. I let it ring while I slipped on yesterday's clothing.

"Hello?" A pleasantly familiar voice I identified as Rian Dawson asked.

"Oh thank God it's you Rian! Can you tell me what is going on?"

"Grace? Are you okay?"

"Oh yeah, I'm fine. But I'm having trouble remembering what happened last night."

"You don't? Our show in Sacramento? The after party got kind of crazy." Rian explained.

It all came back to me instantly. The small club, the high heels, the provocative dancing. Through my hazy memory, I do remember Alex being quite flirty, and Jack being somewhat distant.

"Oh, I think I remember now."

"Is Alex with you?" Rian asked.

I inhaled quickly. I loved Rian like a brother, but I was still hesitant for him to know about my excursion with Alex. I blinked a few times before responding.

"Why would he be?" I tried to act shocked and slightly offended.

"I don't know! He didn't show up last night and I still haven't heard from him." He said.

"Well I'll keep an eye out for him."

"Thanks, oh and Grace? Where are you again?" Rian asked.

Thinking quickly I answered, "I'm at this small crappy hotel. But I have my wallet, phone and everything, so no need to worry about me. I'll get a cab to the bus."

"Okay, the bus is in the parking lot at Arco Arena."

"Okay, see you in a few." I said, closing my phone.

With my head still buzzing, I flopped down on the bed, completely exhausted. What the hell had I done?

Suddenly the restroom door flew open, and a still naked Alex walked through the entry way. With a hairbrush in hand, Alex was chanting the words to his favorite Journey song.


"Alex, put some God damn clothes on."

(A/N heheh end of the first chapter! More coming soon :] Paix)