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Summary: A collection of stories based around Team Guy and its members. General fluff as well as NejiTen, LeeHina, and a variety of other things. First up- Some GuyTen father/daughter fluff.

The Curry of Love
By: Reggie

Chapter 1: Love at First Sight

At eighteen and already almost a Jounin, Might Guy was ready, willing, and able to do missions. Which worked out perfectly when there were some for him to do, but since he'd completed his last one three whole days ahead of schedule—a new record!—no one was prepared to give him a new one right away. He'd just have to sit and wait until something could be found. And, seeing as how missions were always slower in the winter time, he could be stuck in Konoha for a while.

Above all, Guy hated to wait. Nothing changed when you sat around and hoped for something to happen. He wanted action. He wanted the chance to prove he was worthy to be called the rival of Hatake Kakashi. He wanted to be out there doing good! Instead he was going to be stuck here long enough that he would actually have to go grocery shopping.

It was an activity which he loathed, because it meant he was stuck here for too long to live off take out. It was a miserable feeling in deed. He didn't want to stay here, particularly this close to Christmas time. He loved the holiday itself, and the atmosphere it gave everything, but…it wasn't like there was anything to keep him here in Konoha when he could get that atmosphere where ever he was.

He was so lost in making plans for how to keep himself entertained while he waited for the next chance to use his talents that he didn't notice the small figure approaching him until he felt someone reaching into his weapon's pouch.

Instinct took over then and he whirled, dropping his groceries, to grab hold of the offending hand in an iron grip, other fist already cocked to punch whoever was trying something from him. He froze, grip instantly loosening as his eyes caught up with his body. He wasn't facing an enemy ninja trying to attack him, or even Kakashi trying to incite their next challenge. He was facing a small child who was flinching away from his still raised fist, his wallet clutched in her hand.

She was tiny, he would have said no more than five-years-old, if even that, and so dirty he wasn't sure whether the short hair on her head was naturally brown or not. Her clothes were faded, torn, and obviously too small, leaving her bare hands and feet exposed to the bitter cold. The skin of her arm under his hand was like ice!

This was too much for the young chuunin, and Guy lowered his fist as he dropped down in front of the little girl. "It's all right; I'm not going to hurt you."

A pair of large brown eyes opened, and from this distance he could see the bruising on the little girl's face. It clenched his heart to look at this pitiful child, wondering what had happened to her. "Hello, little one. What's your name?"

She shivered as the cold December breeze bit through her threadbare clothing, but she looked steadily up at him, fearless now that his fist had been lowered. "My name is TenTen," she said through chattering teeth.

Guy was impressed that her lips weren't blue yet. Was she an orphan or something? Someone should have been watching her, not letting her run around in cold like this.

He frowned and followed those brown eyes to where they were gazing longingly over his shoulder at the groceries he'd dropped. Oh. "Are you hungry, TenTen?"

She nodded and Guy released her. He quickly gathered the few items that had spilt, putting them back in the bags and scooping them with one arm. He then turned around and offered his arm to the child still standing there. "Why don't you come with me, and we'll find you something to eat."

Either no one had bothered to warn her about the dangers of going home with strange men, or else she could sense he meant her no harm, but in either case she held up small arms to him, and Guy picked her up with his free arm, tucking her as much inside his vest as he could. It felt like someone has strapped a large ice cube to his chest, and he shivered in sympathy before hurrying to his apartment at a much faster pace than he had been traveling before.

It was only a small two bedroom apartment, paid for with the money his parents had left to him when they had died eight years before, but he called it home. And right now, it was big enough and warm enough for both of them. Guy kicked off his sandals, setting the groceries on the counter before walking into his room and digging through his drawers. People always insisted on giving him clothing, like he couldn't shop for himself, so he had plenty of shirts and things that he had never worn. They would pretty much drown the girl, but for now it would have to do.

A soft blue shirt now in hand, Guy headed toward the bathroom and set her down on the floor, handing her the shirt. "You okay to wash up by yourself?"

She nodded her small head, which he gently patted before showing her how to turn off the water when she was done and turning it on to an okay temperature for her. Once satisfied that she was settled, he turned, heading back to the kitchen to whip up something to eat. He wasn't a particularly good cook, but he refused to use pre-packaged meals and he managed alright. By the time he heard the water turn off, he'd managed to make some miso soup and had some rice on to cook.

The small face that peered at him from behind the bathroom door was heartbreaking, the short, wild dark hair and dark eyes making the marks on her pale skin stand out even more. It was obvious, even to him, that someone had deliberately hit this child.

He smiled, kneeling down again, hoping it did something to make his six foot frame a little less intimidating. "It's alright, TenTen-chan, come on out. Lunch is almost done."

Her tiny feet made almost no noise on the carpet as she walked forward, the hem of the shirt touching the ground, while the collar almost fell off her slim shoulders and the short sleeves all but covered her tiny hands. From this distance, it looked like she might be running a fever, which wouldn't surprise him. Tiny as she was, she probably didn't get much to eat, and it was so cold out…

With a gentle smile, Guy reached out and started rolling up her sleeves. "Where are your parents, TenTen-chan?"

"Home," she said simply, like that explained everything. He supposed that, in its own way, it did.

He put a hand on her forehead and found it warm, and he winced as her small body suddenly shook with coughing. Looks like he wouldn't have to worry about what he was going to do for the next little while after all. Scooping her up gently, noting but pretending not to how she flinched at his touch before relaxing into it, he set her down in a seat and dished her out some of the simple meal.

His heart wanted nothing more than to go to the Hokage and demand that he find this little girl a home where she could really be cared for. In cases of abuse, the Hokage had the power to order an investigation by the Uchiha clan and could remove the child if evidence was found of such atrocities.

But…Konoha's orphan system was already horribly overburdened from the Kyuubi attack only three years before, and it was likely Sandaime wouldn't remove her until someone actually wanted her. Because some place was better than having no place at all.

Watching her dig into her meal like it was the last one she'd ever have, Guy wished he could take her. She was so tiny and helpless, and his sense of justice demanded he take care of her. Except that he was gone so often, for so long, and who would look after her then? He was only eighteen-years-old, and he could really only claim Kakashi as the only person that might miss him if he died. He just didn't have the means to take on a child like that.

But that didn't mean he couldn't do something while he was here, right now. Once the meal was finished, he would tuck her in bed and make a quick run to the drug store for children's medicine and maybe some clothes and books as presents for her. He couldn't fix it all, but he could do a little, and he would.

Neither of them knew it, yet, but that day was the start of a family.