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Ivy makes her way down the beach, her friend Fir walking beside her. She was enjoying a peaceful day in her island. It was very nice there, the sun warming her feathers, the ocean so fun to swim in. She was the only penguin there, but she still had many friends. She was especially close to the hutias, who took her in and gave her a home when she first showed up at the island.

Fir found a coconut on the sand and showed it to Ivy.

"I got us some lunch." She said enthusiastically. Ivy smiled; she could always rely on her little hutia friend. Ivy takes out the knife she always carried with her and makes three holes on the coconut to take out the juice. She lets Fir drink some of it before her; after all she had been the one to find it. They pass the coconut between them until it runs out of juice, than they take it with them in search of a rock to crack it open with. It was such a peaceful place in the island. There were very rarely humans in it, and everything was covered in nature. Ivy walks down a very familiar spot on the beach. She could remember that that was the very first place on the island that she had seen. It was all a blur to her but she still knew that it was like it had been the first day of her life. Fir had found her and asked her if she was okay.

"Who are you?" Ivy had asked confused.

"I'm Fir," The young hutia had told her smiling warmly "who are you?"

"I…I…" she had struggled to remember

"Ivy?" Fir had finished. Ivy had nodded relieved that she had an answer. Fir had taken her to her home and presented to her family who gladly took her in. Ivy still lived with them; they had practically become her family. Basically everyone in the island was. Everyone enjoyed her company and liked to hear her when she sang at night. Ivy was glad that the animals of the island liked her despite the fact that she was the only penguin.

Fir points to a boulder nearby. She takes the coconut from Ivy and rolls it against the boulder. The coconut makes hard hollow sound but doesn't break and instead rolls back to them stopping with the three holes facing them.

"Well, that didn't work." Giggles Fir, Ivy doesn't answer. There was something about the way the coconut looked that seemed familiar.

"What are you looking at?" asks Fir amused.

"Does that coconut seem a bit, like, I don't know…like you've seen it before?"

Fir looks at the coconut with interest.

"Well, it's not the first coconut we've seen before, is that what you mean?" Fir looks confused. Ivy shakes her head.

"I mean, doesn't it seem to you like…like…a bowling ball?" the strange word comes from her beak unexpectedly. Fir seems even more confused.

"What's a bowling ball?" There were no such things in the island. Ivy struggled to remember where she would get such a word. A strange flashback of a young penguin comes into mind. He still had his down feathers, and he was a bit odd-looking. She could remember how she once had had her down feathers too. Still, she didn't know how the image of that boy and the bowling ball came together. She goes to sit on the boulder to think. Fir goes to her.

"Are you okay?" she asks worried. Ivy nods her head absentmindedly; it was all coming together, though a bit slowly.

"Do you still want to eat the coconut?" asks Fir. Ivy shakes her head. This was a bit puzzling to her, but she felt that it was important. The boy had given her the bowling ball; a dog had thrown it to a fox, but why? She could remember a fight, boys, yes there were more boys. One also had down feathers and he carried something in his arms, a clipboard, yes, that's what it was. The other was a bit short, and he was always smiling cleverly. The fourth, the fourth was clearer to her. He was the tallest of them all, somehow she felt a sudden surge of worry for him. Of course, he had been hurt, his head had a deep cut, he was asleep and she had been so angry. The dolphin had laughed at him and she had wanted so bad to hurt him back.

"If Shimmy doesn't make it…"

Shimmy. His name was Shimmy, her brother. He brother?! Ivy gasps out loud.

"What is it?" asks Fir, she was sitting next to Ivy waiting for her to talk. Fir was a very perceptive girl, and she knew that right now Ivy needed time to think before she could answer.

"Was I ever…" Ivy doesn't know what to say. The uncompleted question floated in her head scrambling all of her thoughts. Fir sits quietly, waiting.

Ivy shakes her head trying to clear her mind. Was she ever what? Someone else? That was impossible. She had been living in the island all of her life, had always been Ivy. But… but, she knew that it hadn't really been all of her life. When she first showed up she had at least been 4 months old. No one knew where she came from, not even her, and she hadn't placed much thought on the subject because to her there had been no before. When she showed up no one asked questions, they just took her in; they had always been trustworthy of everyone. There had never been any reason for them to lie, or worry, because there were no problems on the island. Yet, Ivy remembered that before, while she had been with the boys in her mind, there had been mistrust, worry, and fear. She had been afraid for her brother, so mad at the dolphin for doing it that she had hit him many times. Suddenly something pulled her down, there had been no floor below her, air had been blowing against her and she had suddenly felt a hard hit all over. The dolphin, Blowhole, had tried to get back on the plane, by flying; she could remember that that was what had made their fall less painful. She had clung to him when she realized that he could fly, but he hastily threw her down. She hadn't been able to get out of the water. It had been everywhere, so dark and she hadn't been able to tell up from down. Than everything had gone black. When she woke up she was here, she wasn't afraid, or worried because she had felt the sunlight and nothing else had mattered, nothing else had ever been as far as she knew. Fir had found her and helped her. She had become her friend. Ivy realized though, that somewhere she had a brother, and she had to make sure he was all right. She stands up suddenly searching around, hoping to maybe see him walking towards her out of the tall trees before her.

"What are you looking for Ivy?" Ivy didn't turn.

"Ivy?" Ivy turns and sees her friend Fir looking very worried. Ivy? No, she wasn't Ivy. Shimmy had never called her Ivy. He had called her Annie.

"Ivy you're starting to scare me." Whimpered Fir. Annie blinked in the sunlight trying to get all of her thought together. She wasn't who she thought she had been. Not Ivy, but Annie, the Annie that had a brother to take care of, who had had other penguin friends, the Annie that needed to get out of this island to find them.

"I need a boat." She says. Fir looks relieved that she had finally answered, but puzzled that she had asked for a boat.

"What do you need a boat for?"

Annie looks at her hutia friend and takes a deep breath.

"I think…I think that…let me start from the beginning." Annie tells her friend all about who she was, the memories finally flowing freely from a place deep in her mind where they had been locked all this time.

Shimmy sits in his car. There was no one taking a mission that day so he was allowed to cruise around the city. His phone rings, suprising him. Had he forgotten to make an errand? He picks up the phone.

"Shimmy here." He says waiting for the impending reprimand from the Commander.

"Shimmy I need you to get back to the base right now." Says Commander South unexpectedly.

"Why sir?"

"There's someone here who wants to see you." replies Commander South. His voice sounded different, a bit choked and gruff at the same time.

"On it." Shimmy turns the car around and heads back to The Base. He could only guess at who was waiting for him. Perhaps his favorite crew was taking a break from their mission to visit? Though he hadn't seen Kowalski or his friends in a while now. Either way, perhaps it would be something nice, perhaps a visit from an old friend. Shimmy whistles as he enters the receptionist was nowhere in sight, which instantly made Shimmy worried. The front desk was never left unattended. His steps speed as he goes into the elevator. The sound of it's descend makes him nervous so by the time he's in the hallway he's practically running. He barges through the door of Commander South's office, not even bothering to knock. Commander South was sitting calmly at his desk. In front of him sat a young penguin. She seemed to be about seven years old, when he burst through the door her eyes looked at him shining brightly. He didn't know who she was. He stepped forward slowly, feeling very awkward. Commander South only smiles at him silently. Shimmy turns back to the strange girl, hoping that maybe she will explain. Her eyes fill with tears as she stands. Her eyes. He knew them. He saw them every time he looked in the mirror and every time he thought back on the way his dad had looked. But there was only one possibility, and it couldn't be real, could it? How many times had he searched for them, hoping that perhaps it was all just a nightmare, that she was playing hide-and-seek like they used to. How much time had he spent trying to find a way to get her back, going to beaches during all of his free time, hoping that maybe she would come out of the water and tell him she was okay. How much guilt had he felt for not being there to help her? How much time had he been feeling that tight feeling like he needed to cry but was never able to?

"Annie?" whispers Shimmy unable to really comprehend who she was.

The girl nods her head.

"Glad to see you again Shimmy." Says Annie hugging the brother she hadn't seen in too many years.