A/N I do not own Doctor Who's characters or anything like that.


I do own the Doctor's younger sister, Rawnie.

(I dreamt her up in 2006) And she is based on me! =)

The Doctor sighed quietly to himself as he flicked a switch on the TARDIS control panel.

Not that he needed to. There was no-one else in the control room but him.

Ever since Donna had, disappeared...No! He thought Disappearing insinuates Donna could be found, could come back.

But ever since Davros and the Crucible and the DoctorDonna metacrisis Donna's dead.

Yes, Donna's dead. The TARDIS 's ancient engines ground abruptly to a halt. Weird, what IS she doing??? He checked a couple panels and dials before flicking a few more switches hopefully.

Rawnie held out her TARDIS key, grinning hopefully as it pulsed warmly in her hand as she ran full

pelt at the recently materialised Spaceship. "DOCTOR!!!" she gasped as she grabbed the handle and pushed the key into the slot and turned it.

She eagerly yanked the key out and pushed viciously against the wooden door – half falling through the door she spun round and shut the door quietly.

Jostling her heavy bulging backpack to a more comfortable position turned to observe the view

before her. Her grin widened a startled ( regenerated she noticed with dismay) Doctor. She ran up the ramp to hug him .

The Doctor looked at the girl before him , tallish, long blond hair, skinny, and deep blue eyes that looked so... strangely magical and were filled with laughter and she was grinning manically. He knew her from somewhere. But he couldn't quite place her – oh well he thought no sense in beating about the bush...

"Who the hell are you?" Her grin died on her lips. So he didn't remember her. Figures, she pondered bitterly.

Her run slowed to a walk as she approached him. "You don't remember me?" she swallowed hard, crap I didn't think it would be like THIS, for Pete's sake keep it together.

She shrugged out of her backpack and dumped it – nonperplussed beside the captain's bench.

"Rawnie. Doctor, Rawnie."

The Doctor, whose eyes were already as wide as saucers grew wider still. He stepped backwards, tripping over her backpack, he landed with a large thump on the captain's bench, Rawnie's hand stretched out the towards him – a natural reflex.

Although the Doctor said nothing Rawnie could here the in turmoil of his thoughts, Rawnie? No! She's dead. Dead as a doornail. Urgh! I've NEVER said that before and hopefully never will again... everything was so silent, even the TARDIS seemed to be holding her breath.

"My sister." He breathed. He suddenly heaved himself up and the spell was broken "Died. In the Last Great Time War. I saw it. I saw her disappear the last year of the War, into the jaws of The Nightmare Child...just like Davros."

"I didn't! And if I wasn't Rawnie how could I know this. My thirteenth birthday. You took me to visit Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. And we were trapped in the throne room surrounded by Mummies that had been activated by The Cat's Eye, oooh, so long ago , and I took hold of your hand"

she took his hand gently in hers , he stared down at them, her hand fit as perfectly in his as Rose's had. As Rawnie's had "And I said one word, one word, d'you remember, I said "Run"" she finished, realising she'd been whispering.

The Doctor breathed out. The exact word he'd said to Rose.

"Rawnie." He breathed.

"Hello. And here if you don't believe me...look!" she grinned and pulling out a long thin chain on which dangled a hemispherical clock encased in a blue dome with golden patterns swirling along the casing. "I escaped, with this."

"The Vortex Manipulator"

"Yep. My birthday present .My beautiful little space-hopper."

"Not like my sportscar." He teased at their old joke. One he'd shared only with Captain Jack Harkness and Martha Jones. He hugged her close.

"I bounced." She announced quietly.

He laughed. She didn't join in. "What ?" he asked oblivious.

"I bounced in time to see it." The Doctor breathed out, he knew what was coming, the bottom had dropped out of his stomach and into his red Converse All Star trainers. "To see what?" he asked patiently through clenched teeth.

Her blue eyes were cold and clouded now . "To see the inferno beginning."