It had been a week since Edmund and Lucy had returned to England from their last journey to the magical land they love. Eustance, to their surprise changed and no longer was a pain. But they too had been different after they knew they would never come back. Especially Lucy the poor girl was not happy like she usually was. Edmund noticed this and asked his older siblings about it, but they just shrugged it off and said she would get over it. But he hated seeing Lucy this way, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. He knocked on her door. He heard Lucy sigh as she opened the door.

"Oh Edmund, what are you doing here?" she asked barely above a whisper.

"Can I come in?" He asked. She nodded. Edmund sat on her bed and she just stood by the closed door.

"so how have you been?" Edmund asked to try an ease the mood. Then out of no where she burst into tears. Lucy slid down the wall then put her knees to her chest. She was well enough 13, but Edmund still managed to pick her up like he did when like he did when they were little. Edmund sat back down on Lucy bed with her in his lap. She was still crying, but not as much as before.

"We have spent many wonderful years there, And though it hurts, they don't need us anymore." Edmund told his baby sister. She only tightened her grip on him, and his on her.

"But they will never forget us, nor us of them." he continued. This time the crying stopped.

"We will always have our memories, and no one can take that from us." he finished. She lifted her head and locked eyes with her loving brother, he kissed her forehead and stroked his thumb across her tear stained face.

"Thank you Ed, love you" Lucy said then she kissed his nose. Then she got a familiar smile on her face. Edmund turn off the light and told her good night. Then I happy thought came into his head. She's back.