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The large, rambling, three-story colonial house sat silent for the first time in months. Its previous owners had fled in terror in their attempt to escape the hell they once called home. At first it seemed like any normal house, but it's residents soon found out it is far from that. Like any monster it sits and waits silently, anticipating to strike, usually it will go after the weakest of it's prey first. But sometimes the victims are lucky enough to escape with their sanity , other times, they are not as fortunate . *


A group of teenagers and a dog stood outside what would be their summer vacation home they rented for a few months. The hot summer sun beat down on the house and was glaring off the white trim; While the dark shingles were absorbing the sweltering heat. The property was surrounded by evergreens growing all around the narrow grounds. Not too far away was a boathouse and a wooden bulkhead that stood against the Amityville River.

"Like, is this where we are staying for the summer?" The scruffy beatnik asked, as he warily looked at the huge house. "Well, sure this is it!" The blond man replied, the enthusiasm bellowed in his voice. "Isn't it great!?"

"Um, doesn't it seem a little dull compared to some of our other vacation spots?" A voice spoke up. It was Velma, she had been standing there, silently observing the house.

"Naw…Well, I mean…you guys really don't like it?" Fred mumbled, sounding slightly hurt.

"No, no, I think its beautiful," Daphne came over and put her hand on his shoulder. "I think it will do some good to have a nice, quiet, relaxing vacation this year."

"I couldn't agree more," Having someone on his side brought back some of his confidence that this would be a nice place to spend the summer. "It even has a swimming pool. Plus there are a lot of restaurants near by too."

"R'great!" The mention of food caught the Great Dane's attention, as well as Shaggy's. He couldn't argue with that; And had to admit his friends really knew how to win him over.

"How'd you find this place anyway?"


The conversation had drifted on and Shaggy's mind started to wander; Something about this place was bugging him. It felt like something was watching him, like a pair of unseen eyes staring into his soul. The thought made him shudder.
But no one else seemed to have a problem with the house--Not even Scooby, who was now sniffing around some near-by trees watching the playful chipmunks hop from branch to branch.

He looked back at the house for a moment when he saw something that made his heart jump--in the upstairs window it looked like one of the curtains was drawn back-- and what looked like two beady red eyes were peering down and watching them. He blinked several times, not believing what he saw. But almost in a millisecond the pair of eyes had vanished and the curtain looked untouched again.

Maybe its just me? I'm just imagining things . He tried to convince himself and shook the thought off his mind. After all, it seemed like everywhere they went they ran into trouble. But that doesn't mean something would happen here too--Or does it?


The humidity hung heavy in the air as the sun was setting, taking it's lighted glow along with it. Some dark rolling clouds could be seen on the horizon, predicting a nasty storm was going to hit.
But luckily the gang was just about done unpacking; There were only a few more things that needed to be put away.

"R'here, rake rhis r'one, roo." Scooby said as he piled another suitcase into Shaggy's arms--which were already overflowing with stuff. He scowled at the dog from behind the huge heap. It would be a tricky task to lug the stack up the stairs without toppling it over--Shaggy let out a sigh at the thought.

One good thing was that he had a lot of experience when it came to carrying heavy objects. Quite often when they were out solving a mystery and when he and Scooby would run into trouble the Great Dane would jump into his arms and he would have to run while he carried the dog. Now being that Scooby was far from a Pekingese, or some other small dog, he figured the suitcases should be easy enough.

He did, however, feel slightly relieved when he had reached the top of the stairs, his arms were starting to grow a little weak. He sat the stuff down to rest for a moment and inspected the upstairs.
It gave off a chilling vibe, it was so dark and depressing , as if something evil was lurking in the shadows waiting to attack. It gave Shaggy an unsettling feeling, he wanted to get back to the rest of the gang as soon as possible, so he began to hastily put away the stuff.

Whew, at least that's the last of -- His thoughts were cut short when he felt something brush past him. It was icy cold, sending chills racing down his spine. He couldn't help but shiver--even in the ninety-degree weather.


The sound of someone saying his name made him nearly jump out of his skin.

"Are you done putting that stuff away?"

He recognized the voice this time--it was Velma. She was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking at him. He also couldn't help but noticed that it felt hot and stuffy again.

"Like, yeah.." He mumbled as he headed downstairs towards her.

He made his way into the living room and slumped onto the sofa, lost deep in thought as to how that was even possible. But he couldn't come up with an answer. He didn't remember seeing any open windows that could of let a breeze in or anything like that…
Scooby jumped on the couch and nuzzled his owner's hand trying to get his attention, but the lanky man just absentmindedly scratched the dog's ears, still lost in thought.

"Did you hear me?"

The voice made Shaggy look up. Daphne was standing in front of him, he had not even noticed she was talking to him.


"I said, would you like to go get a pizza with us?" She repeated, looking slightly concerned that he had not jumped up when she had said 'food'.

"Oh..um..Yeah! Of course!" Coming back to his senses he realized just how hungry he really was, it had been almost all day since his last meal. Plus, something about this house creeped him out and he really didn't want to be left alone inside it.. But he would soon find out that even your friends can't protect you from all types of evil..... *

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