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Uncomfortably Numb

Eyeing the body up and down-staring at it with hunger filled eyes. It had a mind full of bad intent.

It had been such a long, long time since anyone has set foot in this house. But now that these foolish people were here, things would start to change…..
It had stayed dormant for far too long…the years just wasting away. Just waiting for someone to come along. And finally they were here.

The scruffy haired man seemed like the wisest choice. He seemed like the one that would be easiest to dominate. The way the fear radiated off him, like heat from the sun; the way he squirms in panic; Oh and the way he screams so helplessly-How It loved it. And now It stared intensely at the body that laid on the floor- it was lifeless, except for the rise and fall of the chest. The other humans crowded around like a flock of birds, high pinched wailing sounds echoed throughout the room.

They kept saying the word 'shaggy' over and over-or was that his name? Odd.

Now was the time to make the first move. Although it was a little disappointing that this lanky man had slipped into unconscious. Pity he couldn't put up a fight anymore. It was kind of fun watching him struggle…

But maybe this was better. Now It didn't have to worry about him getting away anymore..Phfft…not that that was a challenge. It was only toying him for now. It took pleasure in watching him suffer.

But now the games are over. There are things that need to be done.

It needed him. So it could get to the others.

There was no time to waste now-and with that in It's truly evil mind, Itslid past the other humans and the canine unnoticed. Reaching the body…..

Shaggy's eyes groggily opened up, the pain followed in suit.

His arms felt like he had sandbags holding them down to the floor, and his legs felt weak- like he had just ran a mile. His neck burned like a fire had been build under his chin.

He looked up at his friends who were all staring back at him with the uttermost concerned looks on their faces.

"Oh thank God your awake!"

He tried to focus and figure out who was speaking, though his mind was running slow.

"Back up and give him some room," Another voice rang out.

The questions bombarded him from all around the room. He tried to answer them; but when he did it seemed that only more would arise from what he said.

Shaggy's friends meant well; there was an honest concern in the air amongst them- but their curiosity was too strong. They couldn't help but ask questions. The only one who sat silent was the Great Dane, with his head resting on his master's leg. The only thing that matter to him was Shaggy's safety.

"Can you tell us what attacked you; I mean, what did it look like?" Velma inquired, as she stood in front of him, along with Fred and Daphne. He almost felt like he was being integrated for a crime. Sitting under the bright lights and getting asked a million questions.

"I-I'm not sure," He searched his mind-trying to remember. "It, like, really didn't look like anything…it was more of a black …cloud."Shaggy could tell by the perplexed looks on his friends faces that they weren't sure what to make of this either. They had never dealt with something like this before. But he couldn't hide what had happened any longer, it was clear that weather he told them or not it was still going to torment him. The faster they left, the better- for all of their safety.

"Is that was gave you all the scratches and tried to choke you?" Wide-eyed Daphne asked, clearly very startled.

Shaggy nodded. His mouth too dry to speak.

"Freddie…Maybe we should leave here…" The redhead clutched onto the strong blond man's arm, hoping he would protect her if anything decided to leap from the shadows and attack.

Fred nodded approval. His eyes sweeping over his friends, "Daphne, I think you are right. We should pack up immediately…"

The voices from his friends suddenly faded and a more sinister voice filled his head. He felt his ears began to grow hot; and a prickly sensation began to crawl down his throat.

Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Scooby lifted his head and gave Shaggy a questioning look.

But the beatnik wasn't aware- he wasn't able to focus on any of his surroundings.

The room was spinning. He felt like something was clawing at him from the inside out.

A foul urge crossed him mind. It was an urge that had never crossed the hippie's mind before: To harm his friends; to cut living flesh until it oozed with blood; to kill with no mercy. To choose his victims wisely and accordingly.

One seed of pure evil is all it took. A seed planted in the mind; it would spawn and grow- and soon the real fun would start…..

"Guys. Wait. We can't leave yet…."

A pure devilish smirk spread across his lips as the words slipped out.

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