This story is a continuation that I authored based on the discontinued "Brave Face Sewn On" by Fights. For her own reasons, Fights chose to discontinue her story and eventually take it down completely. It dealt with traumatic issues and many people found it difficult to read. I was challenged by the story. Yes, the subject matter was harsh and the story contained a rape scene but in no way was this intended to titillate or entertain. It was a means to explore many important themes and ideas about betrayal, survival and forgiveness. I found myself wrestling with the ideas and decided to write a continuation to help me work through my thoughts. Fights gave me permission to do this and has acted as an unofficial beta for this story.

I am happy to report that Fights is planning to continue her story. She is re-editing and reposting it at livejournal. If anyone is interested in reading the original story, send me a private message and I can send you the contact info.

I recommend reading it but I'm going to provide a brief summary of "BFSO" below to catch readers up to where this story begins.

-In the reboot universe, the Enterprise is well into its five year mission.

-Spock and Uhura have maintained their relationship and have been trying to officially bond and conceive a child. They haven't been able to do it, Uhura has had several miscarriages and Spock's pon farr is approaching.

-Spock needs to find another person who he can bond with to survive. He identifies Jim as compatible.

-Spock and Uhura convince McCoy, who in turn convinces Starfleet to approve a bonding between Spock and Jim. They deliberately don't tell Jim till the last minute because they don't want him to fight the situation.

-Spock approaches Jim when he is already losing himself to pon farr. He shows Jim the possibiltiy of a future with him and Uhura that involves Jim giving them children. Jim panics and runs to McCoy, who has sworn to help S and U and they have Jim declared compromised. Spock takes over the ship and Jim goes on the run aboard the Enterprise as a fugitive.

-Martial law is declared on the ship and the entire ship basically goes into lockdown as Spock pursues Jim over the course of about five days. When Spock finally catches Jim, he is completely out of his mind and forces a bonding while raping his friend.

-Jim is badly injured and is taken off the ship to recover in a hospital. While he is gone, Spock and McCoy attempt to figure out what caused them to do what they did, especially McCoy who really can't understand his own actions. Jim undergoes physical and mental therapy in the hospital but eventually is forced to return to the Enterprise, not as the captain but as Acting-Captain Spock's spouse. He arrives wanting to stage a rebellion.

-Spock and Uhura attempt to get Jim to fall in line with their relationship, through many means ranging from gentle persuasion to attempted brain-washing. McCoy is consumed by guilt and Scotty and Chekov join sides with Jim to cause problems aboard the ship. Spock retaliates by repeatedly throwing them in the brig.

Okay, the summary hardly does "BFSO" justice and I'm sure by the end of that you'r thinking "huh", "what" and "why". I had all those thoughts which was why I was so bothered when Fights choose to discontinue. "NDRS" attempts to explore the motives behind these actions and to look at why good people sometimes do bad things. It also deals with the possibilities of forgiveness. However, it does include potentially painful and difficult issues so please be forewarned.