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My heart ached of longing. Edward had left me for dead. I didn't like to think of it that way, but in all honesty that was how it felt. This wasn't the same ache that I would experience when he left for his hunting trips; this was something entirely different. He left me feeling broken an utterly unwanted. This was in no way similar to the past. I had let him in and now I was the one to be hurt. It didn't matter that my better judgment had always warned that it was wrong for him to love me; I let him in and now I was the one paying for it.

But that was why I was here, I convinced myself. It didn't matter how much my chest ached when I breathed or when he was mentioned, because I would never be able to bring myself to regret having had met him, for he had also brought me closer to Alice and I would always love her as though she were my sister, because in many ways, she had been. But as I looked at the City's Iron Gate, I couldn't stop that familiar voice in my head from growling its counsel.

'Bella you don't know what you're doing,' that beautiful velvet voice hissed in my thoughts and I smiled as I took another step forward, for once completely at ease with my decision. It wasn't that I was now trying to get back at him by coming here, rather that I was still just as reluctant to give up on the life that I could have had.

"Hello, Miss." A guard greeted. His stance was casual though I could see through the gate that he was eyeing me carefully. Although, I assumed that in my current mental condition, I must have looked bad, even though bad seemed to be a sick overstatement of my physical appearance.

"Hello." I tried. My voice sounded unusually guarded as though I was hiding something and I assumed that though that was entirely true to the point, it wouldn't be reassuring to the guard in the slightest. Putting on my best 'comforting' face, I looked up to meet his gaze and gasped at what I found there.

"We've been waiting for you." He said. His irises were a nauseating black, leaving me reeling. I had only seen irises like that on the rare occasion that Edward refused to leave me so that he could hunt and only once more when I had met Laurent in our meadow; the last image didn't seem comforting in the least bit when I faced what was yet to come.

The guard stepped forward, grabbing my arm firmly within his strong fingers, though it wasn't his cold touch that caused me to shiver. I assumed that the end would only come that much faster now, as I was in the hands of a vampire much unlike the ones I was accustomed, but this was only to be expected. Even in my desperation to cling onto my future, my appalling luck had still managed to catch up with me.

He pulled me along roughly, sighing when my human pace slowed his own and I wondered why he didn't just end my life then and save himself the hassle that was me. Only when he had finally come to a dark alley did I question his actions.

"Where are you taking me?" I demanded attempting to pull away, though I knew it was useless even as I tried.

"To Aro." He answered simply and I arched my eyebrow in questioning as he removed the cover of what appeared to be a drain. The hole was small and black though I could guess as to what was expected from me. My only question was why was I scared? Hadn't I come here to see Aro anyhow? I mean, surely this was more convenient than anything I had planned. Perhaps it was just the prospect of my coming so close to something that I had been wanting for so long and be facing it blinding.

I swallowed back my refusals and edged closer. The guard grabbed both of my wrists this time, holding me so that my feet were dangling just above the pit of darkness before he dropped me down and I worked to withhold my screams.

Even so, the experience had been short and in all entireties, not that bad either. I soon came crashing down onto cold, hard stones that should've been beneath my feet had I been anyone less accident prone than myself. I peered up cautiously and noticed that the drain I had just made my less than grateful entrance through had a feint light shining down that slightly illuminated where I stood. Almost as suddenly as I noticed it, the light vanished until the guard had made his own way down. Not to my surprise, his landing had been graceful and he immediately grasped my arm again, to tow me along.

The sound of my staggering footsteps echoed through the black space; it sounded wide, but I couldn't be sure. There were no sounds other than my frantic heartbeat-which I had yet to calm- and my feet on the wet stones. The only exception to this was just once, when my escort sighed impatiently from beside me.

I wanted desperately to know where we were-where I would finally get to plead for what I wanted; as if that would somehow make it better, to know in advance. I knew I would beg and plead until Aro granted me the one thing that Edward refused. What I didn't know was if Aro would be so willing to accept me…

At the end of the tunnel there was a grate—the iron bars were rusting, but thick as my arm. A small door made of thinner, interlaced bars was standing open. As I and the guard stepped through the door I could hear as the grille slammed shut with a clang, followed by the snap of a lock. I was too afraid to look behind me.

On the other side of the long room was a low, heavy wooden door. It was very thick—as I could tell because it, too, stood open.

We stepped through the door, and I glanced around me in surprise, relaxing automatically.

We were in a brightly lit, unremarkable hallway. The walls were off-white, the floor carpeted in industrial gray. Common rectangular fluorescent lights were spaced evenly along the ceiling. This hall seemed very benign after the gloom of the ghoulish stone sewers.

Before I could take in anymore of this unfamiliar room, I was being pulled along to an awaiting elevator. I listened as the heavy door slammed shut behind us and a bolt was slid into place.

Maybe coming here wasn't in the best of my decisions. Of course, Aro would never grant me the one thing that Edward had so long refused. Why would he allow me to become one of them when I was nothing more than a silly human who knew too much?

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