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I'm truthfully sorry that I've just come back into the writing world, uploading stories and leaving them with only one (sometimes two) chapters to their names. This is the reason that I am posting this. There are several events going on in my life right now, none in the least bit influential towards my writing. In fact I'm walking a very thin line bordering depression. You may have figured this out (or you most likely haven't) Trevor was based on a very realistic person in my life. This person inspired me in so many ways and I felt that I had changed for the better because of him-so when the idea was brought to my attention to add him in, I welcomed it, thinking nothing more than the best. But of course, the best doesn't always come through and hopes can't always be relied on. I fear that were I to continue writing in my current mood, Trevor would be dead and I can't do that (only because his life is prior to the rest of my already concocted story line.) I am not only sorry to have gotten your hopes up with this sequel, but I am also sorry for my own lack of self-preservation. When you have a gut feeling, whether its bad or otherwise good, it's always wisest to accept it for what it is and listen to it. I had that feeling but I ignored it and now it's just messed up right now…But enough with my sob story because I can guarantee that no one wants to hear it, let alone keep reading anything else I have to say. So please, if you can find it yourselves to do so, just bear with me for awhile until I have get my writing back on track because I certainly hope to do so soon.]

-For those of you who were so great as to keep reading however, I would like to leave you with this; the official unedited first chapter of "My Heart's Keeper." I promise to finish this just as soon as I stop concocting ways to take Trevor out of the story when I so desperately need him to stay in for the sake of future chapters...

I stood before the window, my frame outlined dimly in its' glass. Past my own reflection, where the forestry seemed to flourish, I knew was where I should have been. Instead I remained, a quiet reminder that I was tearing the family apart. I didn't like knowing that something so simple as a decision could effect everyone that I loved, well mostly everyone that I loved. For, no matter how big your heart, no matter how strong, there would always be someone or something, that would keep some out of your instinct to love. Perhaps had things been different and I wasn't so hopelessly willing to give up my humanity, things would have been better. Even so, I couldn't help to regret the decision I had made so long ago because, regardless of the assumptions that were made of me, I had still found my way back to Edward and for that, I would never seek redemption.

Rosalie and I would never be friends, that point was established from the first time I stepped through the Cullen's front door and that would never change until I stepped out that same door and promised to never return. I couldn't help that and I had never expected that I might want to; not until I realized just how much I would need her on my side. Rose was viscous at best. One thing that would always be true of her was her venomous tongue, something that I no longer believed had anything to do with the vampire life she had been brought into. She was like a rattle snake, always prepared to bite, though she held back until the perfect timing presented itself. Once I had returned to the Cullen family, my every intention set on staying, she had found her timing. Neither Edward, nor myself, had taken any consideration into her prior hatred towards me; perhaps this was where we had gone wrong.

I had in no way doubted Trevor's will to maintain our more vegetarian life style. He hadn't been exposed to the taste of real blood and so that drawing temptation wasn't as persistent as it was for Jasper or anyone else whom had once experienced it. I was proud of him, but it didn't help when I hunted with him. Rosalie, I knew, disliked that I was the only person that Trevor would hunt with; not because she wanted to hunt with him. No, it was something much more. She had believed that Trevor only wanted me because he liked me and, as she assumed, had liked me since the moment we had met. Even were this to be true, it didn't matter. What Rosalie couldn't seem to comprehend under all of her blond curls was that it took two people to create something as beautiful as love and I had already found my better half; I didn't think of Trevor to be that.


I drove up, careful not to announce my presence. This was our evening, just Edward and I, and I had my own intentions...It was sometimes helpful to know that Edward didn't have access to my thoughts, that kept any surprises I might have been planning out of his view. I had stayed for a month and surely that alone was monumental to our relationship. I wanted him to know how much I loved him, wanted him to see through my shield for once and know how much I needed him. I didn't feel that my staying had been enough to prove myself to him, though I knew that we had withstood the hardest part, if only we could climb over the mountain that remained...

I skimmed the front grounds carefully, eying any particular location in which Edward would be able to catch a glimpse of me. My intentions were as follows:

1.) Shimmy around all windows, avoiding all glimpses that Edward might catch of me

2.) Climb through upper-stair window to carefully position myself within the confines of Edward's room

3.) Wait roughly two seconds for Edward to catch whiff of scent and appear

4..) Present to him, well thought out gift

-Not the the most tactful of lists, though it would surely do. Regardless of how well my intentions went, or how observant Edward managed to be, I would still have to provide him with what I had been working on. Originally I had considered several gift ideas, a new ring for our vows (helpful in the long run, though not the best present), a necklace (ha, how momentary that had been; what man wants a necklace?), idea number two lead to idea number three: a dog chain...(Hmmm, original, though not in the least bit, Edward's style.) The real question was what could I get someone who had enough money to buy the entire continent and still have remaining money? That was when I really considered it. Where Edward liked spending money, I had always preferred more subtlety towards gifts. Instead of spending a dime on something I wasn't even sure he wanted, why not show him something he had always wanted?

"Edward, I didn't mean to upset you; I only meant to have a rational conversation!" Rosalie seemed to plead but I kept walking, urging myself forward and keeping my prying ears away.

"Rational? What the hell is rational about you accusing my fiance of having an affair?" Edward fumed and that pulled me up short as I skidded to a stop and turned to face the outside wall. There was a tree just off to the left and I leaped onto the branch that would provide me with the best view, though still keeping my location secretive. "Please, Rosalie, go ahead; I'd love to hear you talk your way around this one." But Edward was engaged to me! He didn't have another fiance and I suddenly felt betrayed. How could Rose possibly accuse me of having an affair? For the love of all things holy! I saved her from the Volturi and this was the only thanks that I would receive for my efforts?

"I've seen the way he looks at her, almost hungrily; almost like you used to. He wants her and since you've already staked your claim, he sneaks around, courting your precious Bella. I'm sorry if I've offended you but the only reason you refuse to discuss this with me is because you know that I'm right but you're too afraid to face that kind of reality."

"No Rosalie, I believe I know Bella so much better than that. It doesn't matter that Trevor has taken a liking to her because she hasn't done the same. I don't' care what he thinks or what he does, because I know that Bella would never hurt me. We've gone through a lot with our relationship and if it could survive everything we've gone through, all the hardship and separation, than I know I can be sure of her faithfulness and I won't make the same mistake twice. I won't doubt her, Rose."

I worked to stifle my cry of relief, but within only seconds I had realized I was too late as my lips parted and a gracious squeal poured out. Instantly my hands clamped down, one above the other, over my mouth but as the window was suddenly filled with Rosalie's horror filled expression and Edward's more stunned one, the effort was futile and I shook out of my stance, removing my hands and ran to Edward's window. I lept through in a daze, landing carefully on his wooden flooring though I didn't move; I waited instead.

"I would never hurt him, Rosalie." I whispered, knowing full well that she would hear me.

...:::End Flash Back:::...

"Bella?" A silky voice called from behind me, braking through my revelry. For a split-second I almost mistook it to be Edward's and I turned around anxiously waiting to be met with his golden eyes. Instead, just inside the doorway stood Trevor, as though the mere consideration of him in my thoughts called out to him. He chuckled and flew to my side, patting the top of my head.

"Now don't pout Bella; it's not a good expression on you." He mused lightly and I rolled my eyes, slapping his hand away.

"I was not pouting."

"Sure you weren't princess; whatever helps you sleep at night." He responded and I glowered at him. Even were it necessary to sleep I certainly wouldn't have to convince myself of what expression I had or had not been wearing; a statement so ordinary and yet so far off the mark, his had been.

"Okay, Okay, I give; never mind. Besides, I didn't come here to make you upset. I was just wondering if you would come hunting with me...?" Trevor finally concluded and I froze up. This was exactly the one thing that Rosalie had been waiting for and yet, how was it possible for me to deny him? He was new to our more vegetarian lifestyle, he was new to being a vampire in general. How could I not go with him when in staying I could very possibly be forfeiting a human's chance at life because of his more uncontrollable urges? It seemed that he had been thinking this as well as he grinned.

"I'm sorry. If I'd have thought that I would need to go hunting I would have left with the rest of them."

"No. No you wouldn't have." I said. I knew full well that Rose was still hostile towards him and if he had of gone hunting while she was there, he would be putting himself at risk and I knew that deep down, I didn't want him to do that either.

"Yeah, you're probably right," He grimaced, "But, is that a yest then, Bella?" I couldn't say no. I knew in that instant that I desperately wanted to stay home, for reasons that I couldn't begin to fathom, but there was no easy out presenting itself and I didn't have a choice.

"Yeah, let me just change..." I answered finally, watching as he rolled his eyes at my comment. I didn't need to change, though I knew Alice would much appreciate it. It was more that, I was trying to buy my time, just long enough that I could find the reason to my reluctance.

"You know where to find me." He said, shrugging as he exited through the door he had entered from and I did know where to find him; he would be where he always went, Carlisle's study. I reached through the closet that Edward and I shared, grabbing at the first silken shirt I found. It was navy, the color Edward had always claimed I looked best in and I smiled as I slipped it on over my head.

Before leaving the room I grabbed a sheet of paper and found a pen just of to the side and began writing:


I'm certain that you'll arrive back home before I do and I can't wait to be back in your arms again. Trevor had to go for a hunt and I couldn't let him go alone, so I've tagged along with him. Don't let Rosalie get any ideas. The only reason he couldn't go hunting when you did was because she would likely bite his head off. -Hmm, not a very good joke was it...Well anyways, I love you always.

Forever yours,


With this accomplished, I then made my way to Carlisle's study, finding Trevor pacing the room anxiously.

"Your throat aching that bad, huh?" I asked as I knocked on the wooden door. Trevor's body flinched before his steps faltered; I hadn't thought I'd scared him, though I certainly must have. I found it rather odd however, to find him in such an anxious turmoil, as he had normally been adverse to it, not to mention that he was always quite observant as to whether or not I was near him.


"Your throat hurts pretty bad, doesn't it?" I repeated.

"Oh, yeah, it does." He said, peering down at his feet. I watched him carefully, wondering what it was that had him so anxious. I wasn't sure, but I believed that my apprehension was somehow linked to whatever it was that he was experiencing as well.

"Well...we should get going then; I want to be here when Edward comes back."

"Why? So you can prove to him that we weren't doing anything? If he truly loved you, you wouldn't have to prove yourself." I stared at Trevor in shock. I had not said this, nor had this been my attention that he had so quickly come to assume. Even if I did want to prove something to Edward, it would have nothing to do with my relations with another; with Edward, I knew it wasn't necessary.

"No! You know full-well how much I've missed him and I can't help that I want to be here to welcome him home. Trevor, " I began more calmly now, "I don't have to prove anything; there isn't anything to prove and even if there were, I don't believe Edward would care, so long as I was happy." For the most part, what I spoke was true. Edward would stop at nothing, take away nothing, that made me happy, even if it hurt him. The only contradiction was that he would care if there had been anything going on between Trevor and I, regardless.

"Sure, sure. Let's just go." Trevor mumbled as he snatched my hand from where it had been resting at my side, and dragged me down the stairs. Judging by his sudden haste, he must have been suffering to want so desperately to leave. He hadn't stopped tugging me along behind him, until finally we breached the cover of the surrounding forestry.

With a quick breeze and a shift in air, I stiffened. This wasn't right, this couldn't be happening. I yanked Trevor back, his body shielded behind my own and I snarled ferociously. No one was going to get past me and implicate Trevor's life; not after I had just come around to saving it not long before.

"Darling, Bella!" A familiar voice cooed of complete satisfaction. A shiver claimed my body and I wished fervently that Edward would come to my rescue. I waited momentarily, praying that he would storm through the underbrush and reclaim me from my crouched position, but he wasn't coming, I resigned. He was too far away even if he tried.

He would be too late and I would be entirely, dreadfully, alone.

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