AN: Who says that Twilight fans can't like Harry Potter? Who says Harry Potter fans can't like Twilight?

I always thought about what Renesmee would say if she ever met Harry. This is what I had. I may not continue but if I get some encouragement then maybe. Enjoy!

"She's here!" Fred said running toward Hogwarts' gate. Harry and Ron gave him a confused expression.

"Hermione," Ron whispered. "What's he talking about?" Hermione rolled her eyes.

"The new girl." She said. "She's here for the rest of the school year. She's from Forks, Washington or something like that."

"But what's with all the fuss?" Harry asked. "I mean, she's only here for a few months!"

"Rumor has it that she's the prettiest thing on the planet. People want to see for themselves." Hermione sounded more annoyed then excited.

Jealous. Harry thought.

The doors finally opened, in came Dumbledore. All the guy's faces fell.

"As some of you may know," he started. "Ms. Cullen is a new student here. Her parent's requested, she's here to learn and teach. Since professor Lupin is no longer teaching here at Hogwarts, Ms. Cullen is here as a replacement."

"It's Renesmee, sir." Said a voice. A bronze haired girl with chocolate brown eyes put her hand on Dumbledore's shoulder.

"Of course." He said as he stepped aside as a suggestion to "take the floor". She smiled, Navel fainted.

"Ah man, she's hotter than I thought." Draco Malfoy whispered to his friends. They all nodded in agreement, then he hit one of them in the head, he gave out a quiet "ow".

"Bloody hell Harry! Look at her." Ron whispered. All Harry could do was nod, Hermione started to leave the room rolling her eyes.

"um… hi everyone." She said, a little shyly. "um… yes, I'm teaching and learning. I teach about the knowledge of werewolves and vampires. If you need anything, I'm in the Gryffindor house."

"Thank you, Renesmee." Dumbledore said. She nodded and stepped back. "Ms. Granger!" Hermione had her hand on the door when she heard Dumbledore call her. She rolled her eyes, but put on a fake smile and turned to him.

"Yes, Professor?" she asked in a sweet voice, trying to cover her annoyance.

"Will you take Ms. Cullen to her dorm, please." Hermione wasn't pleased with his request.

"I'll take her!" Malfoy shouted before she could answer, or even protest. Everyone groaned.

"That's very kind of you Mr. Malfoy but it seems that you're on Slytheran. Not to mention" he paused and started to chuckle. "You're a guy." Everyone laughed a little. Malfoy groaned.

"Will do professor." Hermione said. Everyone cleared a path for her, guys giving glares that she just ignored. When she finally met up with her face to face, she put a real smile. She noticed that Renesmee was about an inch taller than her.

"I'm Hermione Granger." she said simply.

"I'm Renesmee Cullen." She held out her hand, Hermione just stared at it. She then dramatically turned and once again, everyone made the pathway toward the stair case. When they left, and the door closed. Everyone just stood there, staring at it.

"Get to your houses, its bedtime everyone!" Professor McGonagall. Everyone suddenly started rushing.

"Aw man! Harry, a teacher and a student?" Ron said.

"Yeah." Harry said he suddenly bumped into Malfoy.

"Great having another girl on your team Potter?" he said.

"Malfoy, I certainly want nothing to do with Renesmee." He really didn't. If it meant having to put up with Malfoy, especially. He wasn't convinced though.

"Listen. If you or your red haired friend ever go near her, I'll personally—" Dumbledore came in and interrupted his threat.

"I'll personally will have you both in detention." Malfoy glared at him and then headed toward his house. Ron and Harry did the same.

Renesmee started unpacking. Hermione was reading her potions book for an upcoming test, but she could help but notice.

"No books?" she asked. Renesmee jumped to see that she was finally talking to her, and that her nose was out of the book.

"Um… no. I've um…had experience. All my knowledge is here." He tapped her head and continued to unpack.

"So, you've seen a vampire?" Hermione asked in disbelief. She laughed.

"Seen one? I live with them Hermione!" She took out a picture of her family. She pointed at them one by one and said their names.

"That's my…step-father, Carlisle and step mother Esme. Then my step brothers and sisters: Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett and…" she paused before continuing. "Edward and Bella." Hermione didn't seem to notice her pausing. She was staring at the picture. They were all… beautiful. The thing was, they all had golden eyes… not chocolate brown like Renesmee's. She first took the consideration of her saying "step" but… they all had golden eyes… except her.

"So… are you a—" Renesmee ignored the question to come, took the picture and posted it upon a shelf. Hermione then saw another picture, of someone with dark russet skin, and black shaggy hair. His eyes weren't golden or chocolate brown. He looked about the same age as Renesmee… but he was extremely tall, even leaning against a white house.

"Who's he?" she asked, taking the picture in her hands. Renesmee paused before answering.

"That's just Jacob." She said as she took it back and put it beside her bed. Hermione shrugged and left the room. Renesmee stared at the picture; she didn't notice that Hermione came back. When she did, she quickly pushed the picture face down.

"Sorry." She said. Renesmee blushed. Hermione understood by the way she looked at Jacob's picture.

"I was wondering…" Hermione decided to change her question. "Can I… borrow some toothpaste? I'm all out." Renesmee was unsure but she got out her toiletry bag, which she didn't unpack yet, and then gave it to her.

"Thanks." She said. "Good night."

When Hermione left, Renesmee closed the door and changed into her pajamas. She didn't have a wand, since she was not learning magic. Or an owl. She was only there to teach, and learn potions and history. All the boring stuff. She couldn't even communicate with her parents in anyway… or Jacob. And here she was with a bunch of wizards, none of her kind. No one she can talk to, Hermione didn't seem to be very welcoming. Everyone else just wanted to know her because she was… pretty. All didn't know that she was taken. That her looks were wasted, because she had… Jacob: her imprint. She could have 3 eyes and he would still love her.

She sighed and stared at the picture… but then put it under her bed. She would not lose focus of her task because of the one she loved, a distraction. No, she would not fail Edward again. Not after what she has been through before she came.

She cried herself to sleep on her first night at Hogwarts.