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"JACOB! WAIT UP!" Harry could barely keep up with Jacob even on his broom stick.

Jacob just sped faster, Harry was afraid to lose track of him. Cedric Diggary followed close by.

"Harry!" He called.

"Cedric, I'm going to lose track!" Cedric tossed Harry a ball, that he caught with practice. Harry sped to catch up with Jacob, he searched the whole forest and found the russet brown wolf lying there. Harry landed next to him.

"Jacob…" he was still holding the ball Cedric gave him. He slowly stepped closer to him… he thought he saw a drop of water the size of a base ball drip to the ground. "What is it?"

Jacob stood up and walked to the forest to phase. Even though they were all boys here, he didn't want anyone to see anything. Except Nessie, but as she argued they had to wait until they were married, as much as he wanted to.

When he finally put on his pants, he went back to Harry trying to stand tears. He did for a second then they poured, he couldn't even stand up. He had to lean against a tree for support then slid down the trunk.

"Nessie… I've been going in circles… What if she doesn't wake up! I'm going to lose her—,"

"You're not!" Harry argued.

"You wouldn't know." Jacob's voice cracked as he spoke. "I love Nessie… more than my own life. I can't bear to lose her. Ever. You wouldn't know the feeling Harry."

Harry held up the ball Cedric gave him, not quite sure what it was. When he handed it to Jacob, there was a little puff coming on the inside. Harry knew what it was right away. (AN: I don't know if something like this is actually in the book… never read them and I haven't seen some of the movies in a while. Just trying to go with the flow here)

"It's a tele-ball!" Jacob gave him a questioning look. "We can communicate with the others using this."

The smoke turned into a picture that became Carlisle's face.

"Hello Harry." He said.

"Hi Carlisle. Did Renesmee get up yet? Is Jasper and Emmett home?" Carlisle shook his head.

"No. Don't be surprised if you see them though. They're out there some where. I also heard that Draco brought some one with him…" Jacob groaned.

"There's MORE then one?!" Carlisle nodded.

"Alice said he brought Alec…" They heard a high pitched gasp in the back ground.

"OH NO! NOT AGAIN!" They heard Alice squeal.

"WHAT?!" Jacob demanded.

"Carlisle! Give me the ball!" Carlisle did so, Alice's perfect face came into view.

"Jacob, Harry. Draco and Alec have a coven of new born vampires now! It's rapidly growing! Alec already has a mate who goes by Nicolina."

"CRAP!" Jacob growled. "How big is it?"

"Well… now it's 10…no, 11 now." Jacob banged his head against the tree he was leaning against.

"What does that mean?" Harry asked.

"It means another battle Harry. Only more… no, maybe at about the same difficulty as the Volturi."

"That's right. Where are you now anyways?"

"We don't know." Jacob said. "I just… needed to rest for a minute. I wish I didn't have to worry about Nessie."

"She'll be fine Jacob." Alice reassured him.

"How would you know?"

"Trust me, I do." Alice grinned. Then stared into space again. "Well, Em and Jazz are on their way. Let us know where you are when you find out. Don't worry, Renesmee will be fine."

"Thanks." The ball went back to it's clear form and Jacob handed it to Harry. Jacob stood up, Harry turned his head to see Emmett and Jasper.

"I thought we smelt something." Jasper said.

"we found their camp." Emmett grinned. "Planning some kind of attack for our place tomorrow. Of course, Alice should know that by now."

"We better get home." Jasper said.

"… Do we all know what to do when we start? It'll be the same way with the Volturi… minus Renesmee's part. Go for the easy kill." Jasper said. Everyone nodded, Fred and George were grinning widely, throwing more fire balls sounded just as fun as the first time.

They were all dismissed.

"I want to stay here." Jacob whispered to Jasper when everyone except the Cullens left. "I want to protect Nessie from any harm before she wakes up."

"Jacob, we need you more then anyone else on that field. Your pack knows right?"

"Yes, but they can go without me." Jacob argued. "I want to be there when she wakes up. She may during the battle."

"Jacob…" Edward said over hearing his conversation… half from reading his mind. "There… might be…"

"What?" Jacob was worried. Carlisle was in the same room as Renesmee and he called him over. Jacob took her hand when he went inside.

"Jacob… There's only a 75% chance she'll wake up…" he whispered. Jacob froze.

"You mean…"

"Jacob… she's dying… im sorry."

"Is there anything you can do?!"

"Yes… but you wouldn't like it."

"LIKE WHAT?!" Carlisle took a deep breath before answering.

"Changing her…" he whispered so quietly, Jacob could barely hear it.

"I don't consider that an option Carlisle."

"Neither do I. But still, there's a better chance she'll live." Jacob was suddenly angry.

"The other way is to kill Draco, but he's the fastest vampire I've ever seen! Possibly faster then you!"

"I'll fight then… as long as I get to kill Draco."

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