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Elizabeth returned to jealous glares. Of course, practically everybody in the school knew that she was going out with Will Darcy by now, due to Lydia's obsession with gossip, but that didn't stop the disbelievers. Liz found that she was surprisingly oblivious to the glares and whispers. All she cared was that she was with the person she somehow knew that she'd spend her life with.

Will had turned out to be quite the romantic. Even though they were next door neighbors, he still drove her to school everyday. Even Charles wouldn't do that for Jane. He walked her to her first class, and was waiting outside the door for lunch. Then, they had the rest of the day together, taking full advantage of the fact that they were paired for Journalism class. Jealous glares in that class were nearly twice the amount Liz got anywhere else in the school, at any time of day.

Seeing as Liz had spent most of her middle- and high-school years fending off attention, you'd think that she hated all the attention she was getting now, as Will's girlfriend. However, the opposite was the case. She found that the 'in-crowd' wasn't really as snobby and shallow as she thought they were -- they just liked to shop a lot. Of course, she couldn't overcome all her prejudices towards certain people in the group, nor could those same people overcome their pride and have a decent conversation with her. Still, she spent more time with Jane, and she got to be with Will and Charles.

Anna and Caroline were not forgotten. They had always been relatively popular, and could have spent their time with the 'in-crowd' if they had cared to do so. Now, the entire Bingley/Darcy family could be found with the elder Bennet sisters at the popular table. Ah, thought Liz, I still can't seem to get past calling this table the in-crowd. Liz's reveries were broken by a certain voice.

"God, she's not sitting here again, is she?" said Collin. He was one of the certain people that Liz simply could not get over her prejudices for. Collin used to be quite nice to her -- in elementary. Then, in middle school, his character had started a one-eighty degree turn, and by the time they'd gotten to Netherfield High, he'd become a condescending jerk.

"Collin, according to the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, I can and may sit here if it is my wish to do so. Leave, if you don't want to be seen sitting with me, because I'm in the middle of a conversation."

"Geek, I can't believe you're calling this a conversation. Why would I ever want to talk to you?"

"Joy, the jerk has spoken, and to Liz Bennet no less. I wasn't talking about you, genius; I was talking about the transfer and reception of ideas between my boyfriend, sister, her boyfriend, our boyfriends' sisters, and myself."

Collin appeared confused by Liz's last sentence. "Yeah, well," he spluttered, "whatever. You're not worth shit, Bennet."

"Neither are you, Wickham," she replied sweetly. She turned back to her table, which had been watching. Since Collin was the supposed 'King of Comebacks,' they had all been watching to see what would happen. Liz's eyes narrowed dangerously when Will picked up the $10 on the table.

"You weren't betting on me, were you, Charles, Will?"

"No, sweetheart, it's very inappropriate to place bets on ladies of excellence."

Liz sighed and let it drop. She knew that Will would never admit to placing wagers on her, and that she'd never believe him when he said that he hadn't been placing bets. Soon, the whole matter was forgotten as Jane changed subjects skillfully.

The rest of the school year passed in a blink. Time seemed to blur -- Liz marked time by special events. Jane's surprise birthday party, Lydia finally seeming to settle down with one boyfriend, George Wickham (who was much sweeter than his brother, Collin), and, of course, prom with Will. Liz could remember every detail of that event.

June 21
Yesterday was so much fun! Lydia dressed Jane and me up, and we did each other's makeup, but Lydia wouldn't let us look in the mirror until she was finished torturing our scalps -- or at least my scalp. I wish my hair was as easy to style as Jane's.

I ended up in a deep purple dress -- Lydia wouldn't let us see our dresses until we had to put them on. It's a beautiful silk affair, halter top and a good four inches above the knee but still modest, considering this is Lydia we're talking about. Jane was wearing soft pink, of course -- Lydia's always said that any other color is an insult to Jane's blonde hair-blue eyes coloring. Brown eye shadow, very little mascara, natural pink blush, and clear lip gloss for Jane, her eyes were seriously bluer than cobalt. No kidding. I had really pale purple eye shadow (barely noticeable, because Lydia says that I should focus on my lips more) and tons of mascara, because I've got really wimpy lashes. Same blush as Jane, but really pink, shiny lipstick. Jane had strappy brown heels, really delicate to go with a delicate dress, and I had black pumps.

Then, Will and Charles came over, and we waited for George to pick us up in the limo. There was the whole corsage-picture-weeping-mother affair, and then we got in the limo. Lucky us, we each got an entire row of seats to ourselves, but we stayed all together in the front, talking. We arrived, more pictures, and then dancing and good food, and Lydia and George went for the alcohol, but the rest of us wanted to stay sober for at least the first few hours.

I think Will almost felt bad for being my only dance partner, pretty much. Collin's been nicer to me lately, we danced for one fast song, and of course I had to dance with George and Charles. All the other songs that I danced for were with Will, or they were girls only. We went back to the limo early, and I'll just say that things got very steamy....

I'm worried about Lydia. When I was dancing with George, he got this look in his eyes, the sort of look that boys get when Jane and I are out shopping and don't realize that we already have boyfriends. The lust/possessiveness look. And it occurred to me that I'd seen this look on George many times before, I just chose to ignore it. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I don't like it. George isn't a known player, but you never know. There's not much I can do but wait for more concrete evidence – God knows that jumping to conclusions kept me from Will for half the school year.

Liz sighed. Now, there was only graduation left in the school year, then summer, and then Will would be off to college. College on the East Coast, Ivy League, a law school called Yale. She was proud of him, for getting accepted into Yale, but she did wish that he would stay in California for a year, take his first two years in the UC system instead of in the East. Then, they could apply for far-off colleges together.