A/N: This got sparked off by numerous counts of Rei being described as catty and such, which suits him actually. By the way, KY stands for Kuuki Yomenai, which literally means "unable to read the atmosphere". I thought it suited Akira under those situations...

Disclaimer: If I actually owned this thing, Akira and Rei wouldn't just be kissing...

"Look, it's all your fault. Happy now?" Akira fumed at the feline furball circling his feet blissfully. It licked its paws and gave Akira such a loving look that he almost snapped. Grabbing the bag of groceries he'd just paid for, he stormed out of the convenience store with as fierce a look that he can manage, his pockets full of mud and a cat trailing closely behind him.

The rain was barely letting up as Akira strode down the sidewalk, bag slung over his shoulders. He was not looking forward to having to wash his uniform now torn and absolutely filthy – the culprit is currently still bent on following him home. "If it wasn't for you, I would not have fallen into the ditch trying to save your sorry ass! Now leave me alone!!" He shouted irritably at the cat, who just stared at him with a sorrowful look that sent shivers down Akira's spine.

The cat followed him back anyway.

"Looks like I've got no choice, do I?" Akira sighed in defeat while he dried himself. He didn't feel a need to worry about the cat, which seemed healthy and fit enough to stalk him all the way here. Just then, he noticed the cat eyeing his towel enviously; he'd forgotten that it was still wet and dripping all over his bedroom floor. "Woah! Stay there! If you're going to stick with me the least you could do is to not ruin my room." Dropping his towel, Akira frantically dug through his wardrobe for a hair dryer, which he vaguely remembered being rusty from misuse but it'd still work for situations like this.

Moments later, the cat was snug and warm under Akira's old jacket, with a bowl of warm milk held in front of it to boot. "I guess I'll be taking care of you now, kitty." Akira set the bowl down and stroked the cat gently while it licked at the milk.

"Well, first I gotta name you don't I? What would be nice...?" Just then the cat squirmed out of the jacket and literally dragged Akira's bag over by the little bell that hung on it, before thrusting it into Akira's lap. "Wha- hey! Don't play with that! It's...oh, I think I know what to call you now!! I'll name you 'Nyan-ko' then, since that seemed really popular among my classmates." Akira said excitedly while pulling the cat onto his lap to stroke its body. He could've sworn the cat gave him a mutilating glare and shrugged while it curled up into a rather tensed ball of fur. Being the KY person that he is, Akira supposed the name was alright for the cat.

Akira yawned and stretched; it was only beginning to darken outside but somehow he could feel the weariness down to every bone in his skinny frame. "I think I'll be getting some sleep now. You're sleeping with me, right?" Akira said as he carried it up onto his bed. Nyan-ko seemed to be fine with it, if not a little too overjoyed to lean further into Akira's embrace.

It doesn't seem too bad to live with. Akira thought as he drifted off to a peaceful sleep. For the first time in ages, the night didn't feel so lonely anymore without his family.

Akira was woken up by a vague 'poof!' sound next to him. Groggily, he cracked an eye open and received the greatest shock of his life.

Instead of a tea-colored feline, Akira had woken up next to a stunningly pretty boy with pale gray hair and completely in the nude. Akira had his arm around the boy, and their legs were entangled too.

He did the most sensible thing he could think of at that moment: he screamed, dislodged himself as far as he could from the stranger, and tumbled head first onto the floor.

The resulting crash woke the strange boy; he popped his head out from under the blanket and yawned lazily while Akira could only stare at him. Slowly, the boy opened his eyes - Akira noticed they were gray - and turned to look at the dumbfounded Akira who was still in a heap on the floor. "Good morning," the stranger flashed a dazzling smile that caused Akira to forget how to breath momentarily, "did you sleep well last night?"

"Umm, well, that..." Akira fumbled for words while the stranger(still naked) started crawling in his direction. "Hey NO! GET AWAY FROM ME!!" Akira shouted as he scrambled away blushing furiously. Seeing the wounded expression on the stranger, he decided to soften his tone slightly, "Who are you anyway?"

"You were the one who saved me yesterday right?" The stranger tilted his head to one side and gave Akira a queer look. "I'm the one you named 'Nyan-ko', you know, the cat?"

"...Wait, do you expect me to believe that you're really the cat I picked up yesterday? It doesn't make sense no matter how you see it." Akira pointed out. Nyan-ko just gave him a smirk and suddenly a cloud of white smoke appeared around him with a soft 'poof!'. It smelled of vanilla, though somehow it wasn't particularly pleasant to the nose.

When the smoke cleared and Akira was done coughing, he couldn't help but gape at the cat ears and tail that stuck out of Nyan-ko's head and back, and somehow Nyan-ko had moved closer to him while he was distracted. That sneaky- Akira was in mid-thought when the catboy suddenly jumped him. They both fell backwards and Akira was pinned underneath. "Well, do you..." Nyan-ko started licking the back of Akira's ears and Akira's heart nearly stopped; he could feel a sudden rush of blood coursing through his face.

"...believe me now?" Catboy finished the sentence and nibbled on Akira's earlobe. Just then, his instincts kicked in and Akira shoved Nyan-ko away and rolled out from underneath. "You... I... Get out..." Akira panted, "I can accept that you were the cat but-" He stopped suddenly as the catboy's expression slowly fell.

"Is living with me...such a bad thing?" Nyan-ko asked with a shaky voice.

Akira felt his previous determination wane considerably;Nyan-ko looked as if his heart had been shattered (were those tears staining that angelic face that Akira saw?). Not wanting to hurt him any further, Akira reached his hand out and stroked Nyan-ko's head. His hair was surprisingly soft to the touch. The last of Akira's reluctance drained away when the other boy leaned into his touch like a little child, "No, I guess it's not. You can stay, provided that you stick to a few rules." Almost immediately Nyan-ko's head perked up, all sadness replaced by so brilliant a smile that Akira felt his eyes sting from the brightness. This guy...he's definitely a weird one.

"So... if we're going to stay together, you'll have to start calling me by my name properly." The catboy said happily.

"I already gave you one - it's 'Nyan-ko' right?" Akira scratched his head. He's sure going to take a long time to get used to this.

"Well, no. I didn't have a say in that so it's invalid," He licked his tail and grinned. "My name's 'Rei'. Please take care of me from now on, Akira-sama."

Akira nearly had a heart attack there and then - he was sure he hadn't told Rei his name yet!