A/N: My first one-shot! I got this idea in my head last night while watching 'The Nanny'. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own SWAC, or 'Old Time Rock n Roll' by Bob Seger!


It was a rainy, dark afternoon in California. I had just got off of work, and was headed to my mansion in Bel Air. I was simply exhausted from working on set at the Falls. Sonny and I were bicker-flirting almost all day, and I just wanted to go home, turn on some music, and relax.

I arrived at the pristine piece of property that I lived on, too large for one person. Sometimes I wish my family were here, but that's never going to happen. They're always jetsetting around the world to here, and there. The only time they come home is.. well, never. But I wasn't going to let that get me down. It was Chad time, 24/7.

I relaxed for 10 minutes or so, when I got bored. My iPod was sitting in it's little iPod speakers, and I turned the song to something else. I took off my shoes and put on my aviators, and yes, I know how cliche this is.. I slid into the slick foyer of the mansion on my socks, complete with broom, and starting lip-syncing to 'Old Time Rock n Roll'. It was a great song, so I just starting rocking out. Air guitar, dance moves, you name it. What I didn't notice was that someone had slipped inside of the house while I was in my whole 'rockstar' mode. I finally noticed the person standing by the door when she burst out hysterically laughing after I ran and slid on my knees, broom still in hand.

"Hey!" I yelled, propping my aviators on top of my head. "Who's here?!"

"Me," the feminine voice giggled. "I'm over here."

I whipped around, to see a red-faced Sonny giggling like crazy.

"Wh-wh, why are you in here!?" I said, blushing furiously. "I-I-I was jus-"

"I had to drop off your script, since all of your castmates are too lazy. But this, this is funny!" she exclaimed.

"You just caught me at a bad moment." I said seriously. "I was just.. rocking out."

"I can see that, Chad." she said, imitating my air guitar.

"Out, Munroe." I said sternly, pointing towards the door.

"Ugh, whatever Chad. Bye!" she exclaimed, before bouncing out the door.

Phew, that was close.. BACK TO ROCKSTAR MODE!