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Chapter 1: Back to Cephiro

"We have to get back to Cephiro!" Hikaru shouted. It had been a year since they had last seen Cephiro, and they were almost eighteen. The portal had mysteriously vanished a little over a year ago.

"Oh Hikaru-san you've been saying that for the last year. We've tried," Fuu looked away, "Ferio," she whispered.

"We need to try harder then!" Hikaru whined. She was determined; she couldn't stand being away from Lantis anymore. 

"We wish it was that easy Hikaru," Umi told her friend softly.

"But it is that easy!" they were going to argue with her again, but they were tired. Missing Cephiro so much made them all tired and sad, "Cephiro is a place of will right? Well we have a strong will to go there! Now all we have to do is believe we can get there!" Hikaru held up her hand.

"Hikaru please!" Fuu snapped letting her anger show, "I just want to put it behind us. You're hurting us more by going on like we can go back."

Hikaru looked hurt, "I'm sorry Fuu-chan," she whispered.

"We all are," Umi whispered.

"Umi-chan! Fuu-chan! I just miss it so much!" Hikaru shouted and ran to their embrace.

"We all do Hikaru-san," Fuu added that bit of affection, and Hikaru cried harder.

They closed their eyes as the tears fell down their faces.

"We have a lot here though too," Umi looked on the bright side, "We have our families, and our studies and our friends. We will always have each other."

"Umi-san is right," Fuu tried to cheer Hikaru up.

"Yes but it's not fair! We get so attached to Cephiro! So in love with it and the people there and then they rip it away! What kind of sick games are they playing?!" Hikaru let her tears flow freely.

"Sh…Hikaru we'll always be here for you," Fuu and Umi said together, and in a flash of red, green and blue light they opened their eyes in a meadow. A floating castle hung above them.

Fuu and Umi's jaws dropped.

"Yes I'll always have you guys," Hikaru was muttering miserably; her eyes still closed, "Guys?" she looked up at them then turned. Her jaw dropped and there was a long silence before she jumped into the air.


Umi and Fuu put hands over their ears.

"Are you done Hikaru?" Umi snapped, and Hikaru nodded letting nothing dampen her spirits.


Clef's head snapped up, "Magic Knights?" he whispered, "No it can't be," he shook his head.

Ferio was walking in as Clef spoke to himself, "Guru Clef?" he asked softly, "Did you just say that the Magic Knights are back?"

"No no no Prince, not at all," Clef waved his hand, "Of course not. Just a dream, just a dream."

"Of course," Ferio muttered miserably, "A dream that is too good to come true."

"Majesty, Guru Clef," Lafarga walked in addressing those in the room. He looked slightly flustered.

"Yes?" Ferio asked slightly intrigued.

"Uh…I'm not sure how to say this…uh…" he couldn't find the words.

"Do you know where Mokona is?" Ascot asked walking in. He was in charge of the little fluff ball for the moment. He noticed the tension and turned around, "Never mind."

"Mokona!" they heard a tiny very excited voice bellow.

"You little fluff ball you jumped on my head!" another voice much angrier came after that.

"Good to see you again Mokona," the last voice hit him hard. Sweet and innocent, could it be?

"Uh…the Magic Knights are back," Lafarga offered.

Ferio's eyes widened then as the information hit him he ran out of the room with Clef and Lafarga close on his heels. When he found the three girls he stopped; she was still as breathtaking as ever. Corrective eye surgery had let her shed the glasses and her hair had turned almost a strawberry blond to a reddish. She was still thin and her hair was a bit longer, "Fuu," he whispered fearing if he spoke any louder she would be a hallucination and would disappear in front of him.

"Ferio," she smiled back at him.

"What is all the com…" Lantis stopped when he saw what was in front of him. Hikaru was taller now, almost as tall as Fuu. The years had done her good, and her hair was in that infamous braid still only now it was longer. She looked in good health and was just as energetic as always.

"Lantis!" she shouted wrapping her arms around his neck.

He faltered for a moment hugging her back gently, "Hikaru, Magic Knights," he addressed them all.

"How did you get back?" Clef asked with narrow eyes. He had grown; he was a bit taller than Ferio but still small to Ascot. His staff looked to be about the right size now instead of being too tall.

After a minute of trying to figure out who he was the Magic Knights responded, "Oh! Guru Clef! Well we wanted to get back," Hikaru began.

"And then Hikaru started balling," Umi put in.

"Umi-chan," Hikaru blushed.

"Well…" Umi laughed.

"And somehow we ended up here," Fuu finished for them.

"I can't believe this," Ferio sighed.

Fuu laughed behind a delicate hand, and Ferio grinned.

"Shall we show the Knights to their rooms then?" Lafarga asked.

"Knights?" Caldina asked coming from behind them. She stopped and stared, "You were right, Knights," she ran and hugged them all, "You're, like, back!" she shouted.

"They're probably tired though Caldina," Lafarga told her softly, and she nodded.

"We'll catch up later. I'll take you to our rooms," she offered, and they walked after her explaining their story as they did.

The others watched them go with starry looks in their eyes.


Umi was glad to be alone. She sat on the window seat and looked over Cephiro. She was tired of being happy for them. She loved them; they were her best friends. She could act happy around them, but she didn't feel it. Didn't they deserve to know?

"To know what?" she muttered miserably, "Oh yeah I'll go up to Hikaru tomorrow. Gomen Hikaru, but I don't want to be here. I want to go home. I'm not that selfish."

She put her head in her arms and cried. She hated being alone. Hikaru had Lantis, Fuu had Ferio. She had no one; she was alone. She knew Ascot felt for her, but she couldn't return the feelings. She didn't know what to do. She was alone and cold. She started to shake and scowled at herself for being so self centered. For them she would be strong; she would keep being strong.


"Ferio," Fuu looked away from the sunset they watched on the wall and looked into his brilliant eyes.

"Hai?" he pulled her closer to him loving the feeling of her near him, and glad to be able to feel it again.

"Ashiteru," she spoke softly.

"Ashiteru Fuu-chan," he kissed her softly, and they turned back to the sunrise safe in each others arms.


"Lantis," Hikaru sighed. They were in the gardens, and she was smiling that same smile that fed him.

"I'm glad you're back Hikaru."

"I'm glad to be back," she laughed and stood taking his hands.

"What?" he asked standing up.

"I want to see something, stand up," she instructed.

He did; he still towered over her. She looked slightly down, "Hmph." She glared, and he laughed.

"You will never pass me up, Hikaru," he assured her.

"Yeah but…" she sighed.

"You're my little fire faerie," he whispered bending down as she reached up to meet his kiss.


Umi slammed her fist into the wall angry at herself, "Stop feeling sorry for yourself!" she screamed at herself, "It's getting you nowhere. Just because you're alone doesn't mean you can't be happy."

I'm so jealous, she thought as she smiled, but I'm happy for you two either way…