Chapter 14 An Ending!

She opened her eyes expecting to feel rough hands pulling her out. What were her parents going to say? Would she be kicked off the team? Was it illegal to break chains? Yes Umi it's called trespassing and breaking and entering. Her mind told her, "Right," she said softly and looked around. When she saw that she wasn't in Tokyo her mind went numb. Where could she be? If she wasn't in Tokyo? Okay I know this answer, then her mind woke up, "Oh gods…"

I didn't will myself here! She screamed at her mind, I don't want to be here! But you did, her mind reminded her, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Then before she knew it she was racing down the familiar halls. The halls of the palace in Cephiro. When her mind got hold again she was in front of his door. This is why you came back, it told her, you have to tell him. It doesn't matter if he doesn't love you back, but he has to know. She slowly reached up and knocked on his door.

"I know! I know!" he shouted as he opened the door expecting to see Fuu and Hikaru. What he saw made him rub his eyes and swear he was delusional. Umi was standing in front of him. Her hair clung close to her, and she was soaking wet. She had a bag slung over her shoulder and was looking desperate. She must have run because she was breathing heavily, and her eyes were red from crying, "Umi," he whispered.

"Do you really think I should tell him?" she cried looking pleadingly at him.

"What?" he whispered.

"You told me that I should tell the one I love that I love him. Do you really think that?" she demanded looking at him desperately for an answer.

"Yes," he choked, "Umi what is this about?"

"Aishiteru," she whispered, and his eyes widened.


"It's you Clef it's always been you. I could just never tell you because I didn't think you'd love me back. I was just a child, but I couldn't stand not being here. We came home and I went to the Tokyo Tower. When I opened my eyes I was here, and I knew that you had to know," she looked down as she spoke.


"You don't have to say anything; I understand," she turned.

"No you don't," he grabbed her wrist and spun her around. They were so close she could feel him murmur against her ear, "Aishiteru."

Then she couldn't breathe.

He reached in and kissed her softly, and when they broke away she was stunned. She wasn't sure she would be able to breathe again. She blinked fiercely then looked back at him. She was about to say something, but he stopped her with a kiss. This one was full of passion and fire and if he hadn't been holding her close she wouldn't have been able to stand. He always did like quiet; a small smile curved on her lips.

After a long time, he took her hands and led her inside, "Was it raining?"

"In Tokyo," she managed to whisper. The warmth he had just given her still made her pulse race.

He sat her on his bed and looked at her, it was going to be hard to do this, "Umi…"

She didn't like beginnings like this.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"I was scared," she whispered, and he looked at her gently. She turned away from those eyes.

"Don't do that," he begged and knelt in front of her turning her so that her eyes looked into his.

"I was afraid that you wouldn't love me back, that something would go wrong. I don't know," she muttered, "And then Hikaru and Fuu turning on me…"

He stopped her by kissing her lightly, "I've loved you for a long time, and I was scared too. Now that you've become the brave one I'm not sure that I deserve you."

"No, you do," she whispered pulling him close to her and kissing him cautiously. He kept her there and kissed her harder, "You do…this is all I've ever wanted."

He looked down at her lovingly as she lay on his bed. He pulled her hair down so that it fell over her shoulders and ran his hands through it.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down. His kissed her with all the desire and need he had felt for four years.

She slipped off his headdress and smiled to herself. She didn't know why he wore it; he was gorgeous without it, but then…she smiled again, he was gorgeous anyway, "Now I know," she laughed, and he smiled at her then kissed her again. All there was the rest of the night was gentle kisses and a soft caress.


She stretched and found herself being held protectively by her love. All her memories of the past night came back to her, and she blushed.           

"What do you mean you felt Umi-chan's presence?" Hikaru asked innocently outside Clef's door.

"I don't know, but I felt her. I think she's here," Fuu knocked on Clef's door.

Umi cursed and shook Clef awake. When he heard Fuu he muttered.

"Clef open up!" Fuu shouted.

"I've been getting that a lot lately," he mumbled and stood.

Umi jumped up and hid in a closest. He laughed at her, "One minute!" he called to Fuu, got changed and opened the door.

"Where is she?!" Fuu demanded.

Umi tried not to laugh from the closest. This was definitely not the Fuu she had left behind. She had given up on trying to be polite. I wonder why she's so cold to him? Umi asked herself, but figured she'd know soon enough.

"Where's who?" Clef asked innocently.

"Don't play dumb! Umi-san!" Fuu shouted at him, and he tried to contain himself.

"I have no clue what you're talking about but if you're going to harp on me every day could you do it at later hours?"

"She's here and if I find out that you did something…" Fuu trailed off as Hikaru slowly led her away from the room.

"Sorry to disturb you Guru," Hikaru told him as he shut the door.

"Do drop by again," he said sarcastically.

Umi almost fell out of the closest she was laughing so hard.

"What may I ask is so funny?" he tried to be serious.

"What did you do to make her so mad? I've never heard Fuu be that impolite in my life!" Umi was crying she was laughing so hard.

"She blamed me for you leaving. She knew that I loved you, and she blamed me for not telling you and convincing you to stay," he said quietly, and Umi immediately stopped.

"How did she know?"

"She and Hikaru were spying I assume," he mused then smiled at her, "You should most definitely go down to breakfast and tell them you're here. I'm pretty sure there will be some very happy people," he helped her up, and she smiled.

"Yeah you're right," she sighed.

"But not as happy as I am," he kissed her neck then let her go change and go to the breakfast hall.


"UMI-CHAN!" Hikaru bellowed and threw herself at Umi.

Umi smiled as she embraced her two friends, tears coming to her eyes. She had missed them so much.

"Puu," Mokona jumped up to her, and she smiled at the little fluff ball.

"Hi Mokona," for once she wasn't hostile to the little creature.

"Jeez Umi you've been gone so long we didn't think you'd ever be comin' back," Caldina told her, and Umi smiled.

"I've seen a lot of really awesome places, but I realized the only place I belonged in was Cephiro," she said and beamed at them all, "I mean I couldn't ever leave you guys."

"So you're here to stay?" Fuu whispered, and Umi nodded.

"Permanently," but then she thought of something. How will my parents know? Her eyes looked downcast.

"What's wrong?" Persea asked, and she shook her head wiping tears.

"My parents are going to think I was kidnapped or something."

"Oh no they won't," Fuu shook her head, and Umi looked at her curiously, "Did you come last night?"

Umi nodded.

"Did you break into the Tokyo Tower?"

Umi blushed and nodded again.

"Then there will be a full out search for you this morning. Your parents will see the security cameras and know what happened assuming you told them."

"I did," Umi smiled, "You're a genius."

Fuu took her turn at blushing, "No."

"Sure you are," Hikaru laughed, and all three were laughing when Clef walked upon them and smiled. He didn't say a word and just took his normal spot at the table.

"You are so lucky," Fuu pointed a finger at him, and he grinned.

"So come on and tell us what happened to you," Ascot urged, and she sat down as a plate was handed to her.

"Well I went to see the world. I saw Moscow, and Beijing, Florence, Rome, Paris, England, Cornwall, Madrid, Berne, Philadelphia, New York, and Seattle. I went everywhere, the last place we went was Seattle. I was so sick all the time; I missed you guys so much. Then one day after a match I was trying to sleep when these two girls grabbed my fencing sword," she saw Clef look down and laughed slightly, "And it turned to water in their hands. I almost got kicked off the team, but the coach, I convinced him that they weren't sleeping enough. I swung my sword and let him hold it, but not swing it, and he was fine with it and apologized for believing their crazy stories. Anyway after that we went back to Tokyo, and I couldn't stand it any longer. I wrote a note to my parents and went to the tower. I broke the chains with my sword which by the way," she looked from Clef to Persea, "You are both going to explain to me how it evolves. I closed my eyes and was thinking of Cephiro when I heard the police rush up the steps. When I opened my eyes I was here, and that's how the story goes," Clef noticed she left out quite a major portion and smiled to himself, that would be there secret…for now.

"Your sword," Persea looked from Umi to Clef, "Evolves the more you learn to trust yourself, your skill with your own emotions."

"You said it wasn't like that!" Umi shouted at Clef.

"No," he corrected patiently, "I said that it wasn't like your swords here and indeed it's not. Here your swords evolve when you care so passionately about something you would die for it, pour example, your friends, but this one evolves when your own emotions for your well being are strongest."



Umi's mother picked up the note from Umi as she turned on the TV and made a cup of coffee.

She wasn't really listening as she read the note;

Mom and Dad~

I went over to the Tokyo Tower, for old times sake. I'll be back in the morning. See you soon



She shook her head sadly, knowing her daughters pain though she tried to hide it. There was a reason she had left this world that she seemed to love more than anything, "Cephiro," the word traced her lips again, "What is there for you Umi?"

"A mysterious blue haired girl carrying a fencing sword broke through the thick chains of the Tokyo Tower last night and when police tried to grab her they found that she had mysteriously vanished."

Mrs. Ryuuzaki dropped her daughter's note and sunk in front of the television as her husband walked out to hear the statement of a policeman that had been there.

"It was so strange. A tear streamed down her cheek. She was young, with long blue hair and almost looked like a creature of another realm. She had a sword that was jeweled with sapphires and amethysts that didn't even looked scratched though it had just ripped through solid steel. She touched the window in front of her and then vanished, bag and all, just… gone."

"Umi," Mrs. Ryuuzaki whispered as her husband held her.

"I hope you find what you need there," he whispered as he tried to silence his wife's sobs.


Umi sat smiling as she overlooked the ocean, the breeze playing with her hair. She remembered Celes' words.

"I'm glad to have you back Water Knight. I knew you would trust your heart."

She was so glad to back in Cephiro, and they all saw it. None of them had seen her this happy in months, and they weren't sure that just being back was the only reason. They became especially suspicious when Umi escaped to the seaside, and Clef was eager to follow her.

He stood behind her now, "You like an angel."

She blushed and turned, "Don't be dumb."

"I was being realistic," he sat next to her and wrapped a hand around her waist as she put her head in the crook of his neck breathing in his scent. They watched the sun set safe in each others arms.


Hikaru giggled viciously.

"Sh!" Fuu hissed.

"Gomen Fuu-chan," Hikaru mumbled.

"Oh so that's what she's so happy about, okay," Fuu stood, "I have enough information now. He was extremely lucky. Let's go Hikaru-san," they stood and left the two alone.


"Will I always be this happy?" Umi whispered, and Clef held her tighter.

"I know I will as long as you stay this close to me," he kissed the top of her head before the both retreated the palace where they met many congratulations. Umi blushed, and Clef glared at Fuu who returned his glance with a sweet smile. Umi kicked him lightly.

As all the commotion died down everything in the palace got back to normal, except for the fact that they began to see a side of Clef that they didn't know existed, but he wasn't the only one. Fuu felt more comfortable around them and so she let herself go, though she was still the most polite of the three.

All in all, they lived happily ever after.

*okay finished! Ha told you this would be the last chapter! The Happily Ever After part was a bit cheesy, but I couldn't think of any other way to end it at the time. Oh and by the way pour example means for example in French, it just seemed like something Clef would say *shrugs* yes Madame Spitzer I hate you too…uh huh… I know I write too much in your class it's because you're a slave driver and force us to do boring things… uh huh I know don't worry I don't like you either *smiles sweetly* one last thing! I just wrote a songfic! My first! And if any of you can stomach them this one is Umi and Clef who else? It's called Cool on Your Island, and I would appreciate some feed-back arigato and ja ne!*