Kittenn: I realized that Nakamouri's gang get no love, so I decided to shed some light onto them. Hope you all think next time before you insult the poor Kaitou Kid taskforce and their abilities!

Not Just a Joke

Just you try arresting a phantom thief! Then you can realize that the Kaitou Kid taskforce isn't as incompetent as they're made out to be.

The Kaitou Kid taskforce were almost a joke to the rest of the police force, even though they did get actual work done whenever there wasn't an upcoming heist.

As soon as a note from their favourite phantom thief arrived though, they seemed to be useless. They'd make plans, round up helicopters, and everything else they found fitting to prepare before a heist. Then the night arrived and Kid would do some unexpected magic trick and screw their carefully made plans, get the prize and escape on his hang-glider or by mingling into the crowd. They filed a report, and went back to normal police work. Kid's jewel would end up in one of their morning papers, coffees, or somewhere else unexpected, and usually soon after that they'd receive another notice. They'd regroup and start the process all over again.

It annoyed the rest of the force to no end. The taskforce never once came close to capturing this phantom thief, heck, sometimes they seemed to help the Kid more than they hindered him. They'd loose at least a week's work every month on the criminal, sometimes two. The rest of the force all thought that they could do better in the place of the group in place, but the higher-ups insisted that who was there was the most competent people they could find.

It was true though, no matter how much anybody else denied it. Against normal criminals, the Kid taskforce was very good at their job. Kid though, was another matter. It would have been better for them to hire magicians than these police officers, the rest of the force would think.

Of course, this speculation was wrong too. Sure, magicians would be very helpful with uncovering what was behind Kid's tricks, but the task force settled with Hakuba. Hakuba was good at what he did. Sure, he was probably a little obsessive-compulsive… okay, maybe more than a little, but that was what made him good.

The difference between the taskforce and Hakuba, trained magicians, and the rest of the taskforce was clear though. The taskforce was made mostly of people who'd been chasing around Kid for years. While Hakuba could probably tell them everything from what the precise length of Kid's shoelaces were to the exact time it took him to pull off his trick, the taskforce knew things more personal. They knew what emotion each of his smiled meant, and what to look out for when that smile was plastered on his face. If he had a bored smile it was best to look out for pink smoke bombs. If he had a mischievous smile on it was more likely he'd use flash bombs to get his point across. If he was looking mysterious then he'd be more likely to disappear into thin air or do something that was thought to be impossible. If he was happy he'd jump off buildings and fall longer before pulling out his glider than when he didn't.

The taskforce knew Kid. Their plans took into account technicalities. They didn't cover what Kid dealt in though. They couldn't predict what kind of magic tricks Kid would use until he was staring them in the face, and when he was it was too late to plan. Just act. And Kid was ready for their every act.

The Kaitou Kid taskforce were the best people they had to go after Kid. The thing was, even their best wasn't good enough. Kid wasn't a normal thief. How could they really combat him?

Kid was a magician. And when you go to a magic show, you never know what you'll see.