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It was a very warm day The Joker woke up to, and he had gone down the stairs from the bedroom he shared with Harley to the kitchen to get a tall glass of ice water. After he had refilled it for the third time, he stumbled back up the stairs and went into their bathroom to splash even colder water onto his face. He growled loudly as the iciness tingled into his cheeks and around his eyes, washing the slight perspiration from his bare face. He picked up his glass of water and walked over to the bed where his Harley still lay on her stomach. He smirked when he noticed that she had kicked the thin sheets off the edge of their bed and small light beams that shown through their blinds were shining across her naked body.

The Joker gently sat himself beside her and moved a few strands of hair from her face. Her lips were in a slight pout and she was hugging her pillow close to her cheek. The Joker leaned over her ear and began to sing, "Raindrops keep falling on my head…" He brought his glass of water over her head and tilted it a little, making the cold water crawl to the edge. "But that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red…"

Harley squealed and quickly lifted her head, wiping the water from her eye with the back of her hand as The Joker chuckled. "What the hell…?" she murmured sleepily.

"Morning…or should I say…evening…" he replied before taking a big swig of water.

Harley groaned. "That was mean," she said with a small whine.

"Aww," he playfully cooed with a piece of ice in his mouth. He suddenly laid himself over her naked body and moved her hair away from her neck. Harley gasped loudly as she felt his cold lips meet her smooth skin and she squirmed as he took the ice between his teeth and traced long lines down her neck and between her shoulders. She heard him finally crunch on the ice and placed gentle kisses down her backbone. "Turn over, baby," he whispered.

She rolled onto her back and Harley moaned as his cold tongue met hers. He bit her bottom lip as his fingers glided down her stomach and over her hips until they found their target. Harley arched her back as he massaged her and kissed her neck. "Oh…Puddin'…" she whimpered. "Just like…that…"

She felt him position himself over her and felt him force his way inside her, making her hands grasp onto his shoulders. He let out deep grunts as he delivered quick thrusts against her, and Harley's nails dug deeper into his skin as she cried out. Soon, The Joker grabbed a handful of her thick, blonde hair and pulled her head back, greedily biting her neck as he finished with a satisfied growl.

They lay on the bed and breathed deeply, their sweat mingling within the bedsheets. He looked into her bright eyes and stroked her forehead with his thumb and grinned. She smiled back as he suddenly looked toward their window and noticed that the sun was setting. He sighed and looked back at Harley. "We gotta go to work, baby doll."

Hours later, in the dark of night, they were walking into a quiet hole in the wall Italian restaurant where they were escorted to a booth by a man with slicked back hair and a tight blue collared shirt. "Wait here," he grunted as he walked away from them, leaving them in the corner of the restaurant with stares from the rest of the shady crowd of characters that Luigi Valentino called his 'Family.'

The threatening glares were directed at The Joker while a few leers found their way to Harley's curvy body in her black and red bodysuit. Nervously, she edged herself closer to The Joker and he placed his arm over the seat of the booth and stroked her shoulder with his thumb. "Don't look so tense, Harl," he muttered.

"I can't help it, Mistah J," she whispered back. "These guys are giving me the creeps."

He couldn't help but chuckle at the irony that she was trying to seek protection from a man who was considered creepier than any Gang Land thug. "You're so cute," he said.

Harley suddenly burst out laughing, turning the heads of everyone else as a man in a red and white pinstripe suit made his way over to their table with a confused expression. "Uh… Joker?"

"Is there anyone else?" The Joker replied as he motioned for Valentino to take a seat. "Lou…this is…Harley Quinn…my…"

"Most beautiful assistant, no doubt," he said, a charming smile crawling across his face. He took her left hand and gently kissed it. "My pleasure, Miss Quinn. Might I say, the rumors are true? You really are a work of art…the Mona Lisa has nothing on you."

Harley sneered and wiped her hand on her thigh. "I hate High Renaissance," she remarked and cuddled deeper into The Joker's side as he put his arm around her waist. She gently placed her hands into her lap as the men began to talk. She knew better than to speak unless The Joker allowed her to; after all, this particular job was specifically designed by him and he just needed to round up some extra muscle. This was where Valentino and his men came into the plan.

Surround the site of the job, distract the Bat, and meet in a hidden spot the next day to split up the loot. Easy enough, but The Joker would always end up putting a permanent 'smile' on their faces and a bullet in their skulls, leaving the entire night's spoils to him and Harley. He did this to every poor sap that was thick-headed enough to think that they would be able to share anything with The Joker.

Harley looked around the restaurant and spied the only other woman in the room. She was cleaning high ball glasses behind the bar and was looking down at her work with a look of gloom on her face. Harley sighed and couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor thing when their eyes met and she noticed the faint hue of purple on her cheek bone. The girl suddenly smirked and looked away when a muscular gentleman approached from behind her and forcefully pulled her toward him where he laid a sloppy kiss onto her cheek. He walked away from her, but not before he laid a loud smack on her bottom, allowing a few of the other men in the room to let out a devious chuckle.

The girl's cheeks turned redder than the blouse she was wearing and Harley could have sworn that she saw a tear crawl down her cheek as she threw down the bar towel and quietly slipped toward the restrooms.

"Earth to Harley," came a whisper in her ear that made her jump in surprise.

"I'm sorry, Mistah J?" she said, giggling.

"You were asked a question, Pumpkin," The Joker said, his dark eyes shining into hers.

Harley looked over at Valentino and smiled. "I'm sorry, Mistah Valentino. I didn't mean to be so rude," she said sweetly as The Joker smirked at Valentino and the man in the tight blue shirt that had seated them earlier.

"I was just asking if you were a good shot like your boyfriend says you are," Valentino grinned at her. He suddenly held her hand again. "It's kinda hard to believe that delicate hands such as yours could be equipped to pull something as heavy as a trigger."

The Joker glared at Valentino's hands as they caressed Harley's and his ears burned as he began to caress her fingers.

Harley sneered again and sighed as she looked at The Joker. He winked at her and she slowly turned her head to the sleaze ball in front of her. Suddenly, she rose out of her seat and came over to Valentino's side and whispered something in his ear. He gulped and looked at The Joker, who just grinned at the now perturbed man in front of him. "That settles it, I guess…Joker. Miss Quinn…I'll see you later." he said as he got out of his seat and walked to the kitchen.

"What did you say to him?" The Joker asked Harley in a stern tone as they drove to Gotham City Bank an hour later.

"What does it matter?" Harley asked back as she loaded her gun while she sat in the backseat. He watched her move as Bobby and Sly sat in the front, trying not to listen to their conversation, as they knew that it would turn into a heated argument.

"Well, something he was doing to your hands must have prompted you to go whisper some sweet nothing in his ear," he replied.

"Oh my, God," she groaned under her breath. "It wasn't anything like that."

"Then tell me what you said."

"It isn't important. Don't worry; I wasn't…leading him on or anything…"

The Joker sighed. "Oh, sure you weren't…tart."

Harley looked over at him with a surprised, disgusted expression. "What did you just call me?"

"Tart!" he shouted back at her. "You've got some kind of balls to pull that shit in front of me, Harley!"

"Hey! I was nearly going to break his arm in half because of the sexist undertone of his question! But I didn't because I didn't want to make it worse for the job tonight! So…you're welcome!"

He stared back at her with threatening eyes. "Don't raise your voice to me, Harley," he said in an eerily calm tone. "Cuz you know, as well as anyone…that I will break your arm in half."

Harley huffed and looked out her window as they continued to drive. As they all sat in an uncomfortable silence, she thought about the young girl behind the bar that was too embarrassed to even finish her job cleaning the glasses that were sitting in front of her. She could only wonder exactly what the muscular man that had degraded her in front of everyone did to her behind closed doors. Harley knew how she felt. The Joker could have a temper with her sometimes; it always came from nowhere, too.

Harley bit her lip to keep a tear from escaping her eye. Although she always tried to think of the gentler times between them, the images of certain nights, whether after a failed job or just an instant whim of cruelty, would creep back into her mind. The night he broke her nose…the morning he slammed her so hard against the bathroom counter that her lower back ached for weeks…the night he had beaten her so much that she couldn't do anything but curl up in a ball on the floor. This only made him angrier and he kicked her repeatedly in the stomach, stopping only to prop her onto her knees and pound furious thrusts into her as she cried into the carpet, her elbows beginning to burn from the friction of the fibers.

"Let me out," she demanded to Bobby.

"Excuse me?" The Joker said.

"You heard me, dammit! I want out!"

"Harley, we're almost there!"

"I don't care! I want out of here!" Bobby slammed on the brake as he heard Harley open the door. She jumped out of the backseat with her bag over her shoulder and stomped into the street.

"Where are you going?!" The Joker shouted as he caught up to her.

"Somewhere far away from you!" she yelled back at him.

"We don't have time for a temper tantrum, little girl!" He finally grabbed her arm. "Get your ass in the car, Harley."

"No! Get your hands off me! I want my life back!" Harley pried herself away from him and then felt his fist fly into her jaw. She emitted a short scream and then lifted her eyes to him.

He noticed that he had busted open her bottom lip and it was bleeding onto her chin. Harley didn't see the slight change in his expression as he began to speak. "Harley…baby…"

She spit into his face, leaving big drops of her blood to mingle with his white paint. They stared at one another until The Joker took a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed the spit from his face. "Fine," he muttered. "Just…just…fine, Harley…if that's what you want…" He looked at her and Harley thought she saw a tinge of dejection in his eyes, but chose to ignore it when he slowly walked back toward the car.

Without looking back, he shouted to her, "You didn't have a life when I met you, Harley. Remember that…" With that, he slammed the car door behind him and drove away.

Harley trotted down the street and stopped when she heard someone closing up the local deli for the night. She didn't feel like spending the night in the streets so she stomped toward him, her gun aimed at his head. As he turned to see who was coming closer, she let her finger pull the trigger and the man fell onto the concrete, dead. She took the keys from his hand and huffed to herself, "Delicate, my ass, Valentino."

Two hours later, she awoke from her light slumber to the sound of police sirens. She opened her eyes and, from her uncomfortable position behind the deli counter, saw the familiar flashing of red and blue lights shining off the wall next to her. She had gone against the police before, but not without The Joker by her side. He always knew how to get them out of a tight situation like this. She wanted to come out shooting, but she stopped herself.

You said you wanted your life back, Harl, she thought to herself. Maybe this is your chance. Turn yourself in. That'll be the first step away from all this...away from…him.

Harley sighed and left her bag and handgun behind the counter as she slowly stood up, her hands in the air as she walked out of the store.

"Freeze, Quinn!" came the Commissioner's commanding voice. "Where's The Joker?"

"It's just me," she replied, stifling yet another tear. "I swear…search the place…just…me…" She sniffed and bit her lip as she pulled off her jester's cowl and let it fall onto the sidewalk.

Gordon motioned for his men to search the deli and he personally placed Harley's arms behind her back as he placed her wrists into cuffs. He escorted her to the police car and helped her into the backseat.

Before he closed the door, Gordon sighed and told her, "I'm…going to have to take you to Arkham, Miss Quinn. It's only…well, because of your affiliation with The Jok—"

"Quinzel, Commissioner," she said. "Harleen Quinzel."

As I said, this isn't a oneshot. Chapters to follow. Stay tuned.