I do not own Kim Possible, or any other Disney character. I'm just borrowing them for my own view of alternative tales.

Kim Possible: Aftereffects

By LJ58

Part 6:

"Just try to give us ten minutes," Kim told Ron and the others as she led Team Go away from the battle. "It's critical that we aren't interrupted," she told him.

"You got it, KP," Ron nodded, tightening his grip on the Lotus Blade.

"For an amateur, you're not bad. Just do what you have to do," Will told her, resetting his weapon's charge.

Even Hana had moved forward, having taken a laser from a fallen weapon, and looking grim as the young child stood beside her brother and his wife.

"This is so not the homecoming I had planned," he told them with a weak smile as the creature roared again, and Kim raced back behind several trucks with Team Go. She obviously needed time and space, and Ron was going to see she got it.

"Go for the head," Will shouted at those around him as half his men aimed with him.

"Good idea," Ron agreed, and the mystic blade in his hand became a large spear as he hurled it toward a huge, multifaceted eye.

Only to see a claw intercept and snap the mystic weapon in two.

"Okay, plan B," Ron said, and mentally summoned the weapon back to his hand that reformed a sword as the pieces came together at his urging.

Will gaped at that, but kept firing the deadly lasers at the creature that only lifted massive claws to deflect the blue light from its body, keeping it from doing any real harm.

"Okay, now this is just getting annoying," Ron grumbled, and raised his hand as he formed a large boomerang, and launched it.

This time the creature roared in pain and rage as it struck just under the joint of one 'knee,' and thick, yellow blood spurted from the wound.

"Finally," he growled, and caught his weapon as he prepared to launch it again.

But had to duck as a massive foot tried to stomp him.

"I think you have angered it," Yori grinned.

"Yeah, like that's a good thing," he exclaimed as he rolled and ducked as the ground shuddered and shook as the thing tried to trample him as the agents had to fall back to avoid being crushed, too.

"Look at it this way, Ronnie," Hana laughed grimly as she easily dodged the huge limbs. "We are buying Kim time."

"Oh, yeah. Gotta look on the bright side," he told his giggling sister, wondering if she weren't just shy of loopy at times.

Even as the creature continued to advance, threatening not only Ron and the agents, but the few trucks still trying to break the living barricade around them, a golden glow flared to life from a street not far off that was bright enough to light the darkness all around them.

The massive head turned toward that light, and screamed in genuine rage now as the defenders had to clamp their hands over their ears, it was so deafening.

"Wow, she's really pissed off now."

"Possible does have that affect on some people," Will agreed. "Apparently, it works on aliens, too."

"Definitely, dude," Ron agreed, thinking of certain nine foot tall, green aliens they had met.

"Looks like our time is up," Yori said, realizing the queen was now blatantly ignoring them to head for the golden glow.

"Man, I hope KP is ready," Ron said, catching his mystic boomerang again that was now being batted away with the same ease his spear had been earlier. It was as if once the thing spotted an attack, it could just neutralize it.

Not good, he realized grimly as it stalked toward Kim. Not good at all.


"Shouldn't we be helping," Hego asked as they turned a corner, and stopped in the middle of the street where the aliens around them simply stood and watched. It was almost as eerie as watching them charge, Kim felt. "I mean…."

"Hego. We are. Now, listen to me. All of you. I don't have time for detailed explanations. The short version is these bugs are an intergalactic predator that go planet to planet devouring all life. Everything. It's how they survive. They won't leave until every last living thing is gone, and the world is a barren rock."

"My God," Mego actually whimpered.

"But one of the races that encountered them devised a defense. They created a super-being to fight it, and defeat them. Then they launched their creation out to precede the creatures so any other sentients the bugs found would have a chance to defeat them, too."


"Us, Wego," she told one of the twins. "We are all pieces of a whole. That comet was actually a spacecraft carrying a special symbiote that could unleash that super-being. Only when it exploded, it was fragmented, and unable to form into a complete being."

"So we need to come together somehow," Hego frowned. "To create this....being?"

"Exactly," she said, and held out her hands. "Form a circle. And summon your power without actually using it."

"You mean our glows?"

"Right," Kim nodded at the Wegos. "Only you need to focus it in the center of our circle. Only by combining every last bit of our power can we reform the being sent to help us. Now, time is short, guys," she said as they heard the creature howling in fury from not far away. "You ready?"

"Ready," Hego told her, taking her hand as Shego had already taken the other.

"Guys," he glanced to his brothers. "Hero-time," he told them all, but looked pointedly at Mego.

"Why not. We don't have a chance on our own," Mego agreed, and took Hego's hand as the Wegos joined hands before grabbing Shego, and then Mego's outstretched hands.

"Now, focus," Kim told them, starting to glow a bright yellow. "Everything you have. Everything!"

"Holy," Mego's eyes rounded behind his mask as a golden sphere began to take shape around them, and a swirling rainbow ball began to form in the center of the circle they formed.

"Concentrate," Kim hissed, her own eye closed even as her eye patch suddenly flipped itself up, and her new eye opened.

And the creature shrieked in fury as it charged them, knocking aside, or crushing anyone or anything in its way.


"Kim," Ron shouted, having followed the queen bug right toward the group now shrouded by a glowing light as something blindingly bright began to pulse in the center of their circle. "Look out!"

Two things happened as Ron shouted, staring in helpless horror as the huge bug headed for Kim, and the other heroes. A massive limb rose to start down, obviously going to try to crush at least some of those colorfully clad heroes.

Just a half second before the pulsing ball of energy exploded.

The queen roared as the force of the radiant explosion sent the bug flying almost fifty feet to land back near where she had first appeared, crushing a great many of her own. Ron turned from tracking the creature's sudden flight to stare at the nearly fifteen foot creature that looked like a bipedal tiger with huge fangs and claws and transluscent silver fur that shimmered like a rainbow. Glittering golden eyes stared down at the heroes, and Kim looked back with that freaky eye she had kept covered until now that was glowing just as bright.

Then the 'tiger' turned and charged toward the queen only then starting to clamber back to its feet.

"Ron," Kim shouted as the alien bugs all charged on cue again, and the fight was on once more. "I need you to do something," she told him as she charged through the horde, Team Go right behind her.

"Anything, KP. But what was…..?"

"Later," she cut him off. "This is important. Get Hana, and go back to their ship. The queen is only a manifestation of the hive mind controlling these things. Destroy the ship, and you destroy the mind, and hopefully these things are toast."

"I can do it, but….Hana?"

"Ron. We both know she isn't just a normal little girl. Trust me. You'll need her. Go!"

"On it, KP," the monkey master nodded grimly, and turned, sword in hand, to start cutting his way back through where he had been.

"MIss Possible," Hego paused to punch one of the big aliens aside. "What do we do?"

"We buy our defenders time to win, Hego. Mego. Shrink them, and then stomp them," she instructed him.

"But I can't….!"

"Yes, you can," she said, and turned his eye on him. "It's easy," she assured him as his eyes rounded as her golden glow orbed, and his mind opened.

He grinned. "You got it, Kimberly," he grinned, and suddenly grew five feet to match the alien's height, and then grabbed two, and shrank down, taking the pair with them until they were barely three inches in height.

Even Shego gaped as he grew again, leaving the bugs behind to be easily crushed.

"Shego, you know what to do. Wego," she turned to them. "The army needs manpower to get through the blockade, and get these people to safety. Help them."

"You bet," both young heroes grinned.

"Go, Team Go," Hego shouted as they reached into the fight.

"Gah," Shego howled indignantly at that annoying cry as Kim actually laughed.

"You missed it, and you know it, Shego," she said, before she used her TK to flatten another bug while forming dozens of spheres around the nearest bugs' heads before snipping them off.

"You're nuts, Possible," she shot. "Now cover that damn thing up. It's distracting me."

Kim laughed, but pulled her eye patch back down without using her hand as they continued to fight their way back to Will's band as Wego multiplied behind them to offer physical assistance to load civilians, drive trucks, or just take up fallen weapons where the beleaguered GJ agents or army had fallen.

Meanwhile, Mego was gleefully trampling bugs he shrank as easily as he once shrank himself as he easily dodged any attacks by simply becoming to small to hit. Usually taking more of the bugs with him as he went.

Hego's fists, always powerful, now impacted with force enough to crush the exoskeletons of the seemingly imperious bugs. Now they were badly injured by every strike, and the alien insects began to actually falter as they started hesitating, and then even pulling back from the four heroes who were cutting a deadly swath through their ranks.


"What is that," Will shouted as a massive silvery tiger-thing leapt out of the darkness to slam into the queen before it could completely regain its feet.

"I believe it is on our side," Yori exclaimed as the claws flashed, tearing into the things armored exoskeleton as if seeking vital organ.

"Fall back," Will shouted to his people as the aliens rolled around, crushing whatever might be in their way as they battled with genuine ferocity as yellow, and blue-green blood began to fly.

"Yori, Will," Ron called as he cut through the last few bugs between them. "Where's Hana. I need her."

"Here," Hana shouted, dancing away from one bug with a grim smile as she somersaulted off a yawning still stretched out from a wall still standing, and simultaneously fired at two more bugs, severing their legs to leave them helpless in the streets as another agent removed their heads.

"Hana, Kim wants us to destroy the ship. She says if we do that, these guys are helpless. You up to it?"

"You bet," his sister smiled. "Let's go."

"You might need it," Will tossed a belt he tore from an injured agent he was helping limp back from the battle lines to her. "The cartridges are laser charges. The round spheres are explosives."

"Thanks," the seeming child grinned.

Will, used to unusual children by now in his world, didn't even think twice about the seven year old that was actually outfighting the bugs far better than his own people.

"Yori, fall back to Kim's position, and help guard the people. Right now….."

"Go, Ron-Chan," she said with a tight voice. "We will do what we must. As will you."

He smiled, then hugged her fiercely to his side. "I'll be back before you know it."

"You had better," the ninja woman told him. "I still wish to share our American style honeymoon."

"You bet," he said, giving her a quick kiss, and then nodding at Hana. "Ready, sis?"

"Always," Hana beamed, and they both charged into the night beyond the battling aliens.

"Amateurs," Will grit out grimly as he followed Yori back to the mass of refugees surrounded by what remained of GJ's agents as they fought for survival in what had rapidly become a no-man's land. "I'm always surrounded by amateurs."

"Will! Duck," Kim's voice shattered his distracted state as a jagged shard of a steel girder flew through the air to impale the alien that had risen up behind him.

He spun, firing at the already dying thing, and turned to Possible only to see the gore-spattered redhead was already lost in the seething mass of insects that actually seemed to be trying to get away from her and her new team.

That was…..hopeful.


"Do you notice that none of them seem to be bothering with us," Hana asked as they moved ninja style through the deserted airport, noting a distinct lack of any bugs in their area as they sought out the massive ship that had brought the creatures.

"They probably don't think we're a threat," Ron grinned, the Lotus Blade still clutched in his hand as Hana carried her laser in one small hand, the equipment belt looped over her small chest.

"Or they're already all gone, and don't think anyone would be dumb enough to try this," Hana suggested as they saw the rising silhouette of a huge, honeycombed rocky sphere.

He wasn't sure how, but something told him this was more than a spaceship. It was the remains of what had once been a living, vital planet. And that if they lost, this was Earth's fate.

"You ready," he said, instinct guiding him to a large hatch that gaped open before him. Not so much a hatch, as a wound in the rocky ship. It looked as if something had just….chewed through the stone to create a passage.

"Right behind you," Hana winked.

"Cute," he drawled, and went inside.

He had wondered about light, but there was a weird, crimson phosphorescence on all the walls that gave just enough light to see. He led Hana into the eerie spacecraft/hive, and again felt that niggling instinct that had him taking one passage over another when he came to mazelike turns in the dimly lit hive that seemed to be abandoned so far.

Of course, why would the aliens stay behind when they had fresh meat waiting after a long fast?

He grimaced, knowing that that not been his thought. No way. He would never think that way. Then he frowned as mystical senses focused, and he made a startling realization.

"Kim," he murmured into the darkness.

"You're close, Ron," her voice seemed to emanate from his own head.

"Whoa! How….?"

"Never mind. You must reach the hive mind, and kill it. It's the only way to save Earth, and everyone on it. Otherwise…."

"Not gonna happen, KP. Not on our watch," he assured her as Hana only listened to his side of the conversation, but seemed to know what was going on.

"And, Ron, if we all make it through this. Let's keep this trick our little secret," that telepathic voice asked.

"You can count on me, Kim. You know I'll always have your back."

"Thanks. Now, turn right. You're almost there."

Then he stopped and gaped, recoiling at the massive, roiling, sphere of living flesh that was obviously some kind of brain. And all around it, dull yellow spheres that he was informed were eggs filled the massive chamber. Not thousands of them. Millions. Enough to overrun the entire planet.

"Time to step up, Hana," he said grimly, not needing Kim's guidance now as he stared in horror at the fate of his planet staring him in the face.

Right before a white-hot needle of pain lanced into his skull.


"I get the feeling something is going on," Shego said as they were still begin pressed by the increasingly desperate bugs that had initially faltered, but now tried to once again swarm Team Go by force of numbers even as the queen was being badly mauled by that roaring tiger from the stars, having lost, or broken a few limbs by now, and bleeding far worse than the iridescent tiger.

Behind them, more than a few of the trucks were now genuinely cut off as the aliens swarmed in earnest, now focusing on defeating the heroes rather than seeking their prey.

"It's getting desperate," Kim told her, as she tried to fight even as she kept up a TK shielded between the people and the bugs who hammered at her shields trying to reach those helpless civilians. "Ron must be close."

"I hope so. Even with the energy boost you must have given me, I'm getting winded here, Princess," she admitted.

"Slowing down in your old age, Shego," Kim couldn't help teasing.

"Har-de-har-har. When this is over, I am so kicking your skinny butt. Just to prove I still can."

"Bring it, old lady," she laughed as Hego shook his head at them before slamming another hard fist into yet another bug in an endless wave of bugs.


"Ronnie," Hana cried as he dropped the Lotus Blade, and fell to his knees.

"It…..knows….. Knows we're here…..to kill….."

"Then let's do it," she told him fiercely, and flung her entire equipment belt to the top of the pulsing, alien brain, and fired her laser at it just before it fell.

"A shrill, mind-numbing screech filled their minds more than their ears as the thing burst like a balloon from the gory wound, and the shattered ceiling began to fall, crushing more of it, along with thousands of the eggs around it.

"Good work, sis," Ron gritted out, reaching for the Lotus Blade. "Time to finish this," he said, and summoned his own mystical energies as the little girl's eyes began to glow bright white, her dark irises lost in the radiance as she looked toward the brain with a grim expression.

"Now," he cried, and flung the blade again and again as it sliced through the bleeding mass as the psychic wail began to flutter, and ebb.

Ron felt his strength grow again as the fading mental assault weakened even as Hana's mind reached out, and with the help of the Lotus Blade brought down a huge portion of the ceiling. Even as they did, Hana stepped back, listening to a growing rumbling, and asked Ron, "Time to go?"

"Oh, yeah," he nodded, well familiar with exploding lairs.

"Let's move," he shouted, and raced back the way they came without looking back.


Kim noticed the moment the aliens faltered again.

It was the same instant the star-spawned defender roared as he swung a vicious right, completely tearing off the briefly hesitant queen's head who froze, trying to look off in another direction only to remember too late that danger lay before it. The queen shuddered as her huge head went flying one way as her body fell another.

The besieged defenders who saw it cheered in spite of the fact they were still surrounded.

But only for a moment.

"He did it," Kim shouted. "Ron did it!"

The alien feline now began to glow brightly, its many wounds healing almost instantly as it rose into the air and looked down. "Everyone stand still," Kim shouted even as those big hands exploded with green flame, and a hail of searing plasma rained down all around them.

But it only struck the now confused, staggering alien bugs that behaved as if they had lost all directions. And wherever that plasma fell, the bugs vanished. Not one human was harmed. Not one human was even touched. And all around them, living or dead, the bugs began to vanish.

Finally, the glowing faded as the massive feline lowered itself gently to the ground, and padded over to where Kim stood with Hego and Shego.

"You are wise, Red One," the warm voice filled her mind. "Had you not heeded me, your world might well have been lost."

There was no way she could just shrug this one off with a casual adage.

"I'm only glad you were here to help," she replied, looking up at the tall feline.

"It is what I was made to do, little one. Now that your world is purged, I charge you and your brave companions to keep it safe."

"That is what we do," she told him.

The big feline nodded. "Well said, Red One. Now, I must ask your aid a final time. There may yet be other infestations left behind by these vermin. I ask you use the powers I have granted you to send me on my way once again to seek them out, and ensure they do not endanger other worlds."

"Of course. Just tell us what to do," she readily agreed as she saw a familiar brunette wearing an eye patch of her own walking toward her.

"You must join hands as before, and again focus your powers upon my person. It will be enough to send me back to the stars to continue my search."

"Of course," she said again, and turned to call the others, who, she guessed, must have heard the same mental voice since even Mego and the Wegos were coming over to join them by now.

"Guys? You know what he wants?"

"We are ready, Kim Possible," Hego nodded somberly as he extended his hands to them as they formed a circle once again around the very tall feline from the stars.

Betty Director joined Will near one of the damaged trucks where incredibly not one of the people still inside had not been harmed. Five minutes ago she had been fighting for her life, and then it seemed every bug around her had just melted.

Now she was watching Kim and Team Go form a circle, and golden light rising to surround the alien cat-creature that somehow shrinking down to form a small, radiant sphere that grew to the size of a watermelon before it suddenly streaked straight up out of the atmosphere, leaving a rainbow trail behind it as it vanished into the stars overhead.

Leaving every one around the weary heroes staring in wonder.

"Whoa," a badly battered Will Du could only groan as the six powerful figures stood nearby looking up as they tracked their planet's savior they had not even realized existed.

"Yeah," Betty agreed, even her hard-nosed mask slack, and her eye filled with awe just then.

"So," Shego grumbled, one of the first to look down to eye first Kim, then her brothers. "What next, losers?"

Hego sighed as he looked down, and looked around their circle as more than a few people around them now began to applaud and cheer.

Kim slowly closed her right eye as she composed herself, smiling faintly as she shook her head.

"Come on, Shego. We were all winners today," she said, glancing over at where a little girl was hugging her mother, both with tears bathing their cheeks as they smiled at them.

And even more people were starting to applaud.

Everywhere, people were coming out of hiding, or out of the trucks where they had been waiting to live or die, and applauding them. Cheering them.

"Wow, this is….odd," Shego murmured.

"Don't you remember, sis," Hego smiled at her, daring to put a hand on her shoulder. "This was the way it used to be. The way it could be again."

"Go….Team Go," Mego asked her quietly as Shego glowered faintly at old memories.

"We have to have a name for our new sister," the Wegos grinned up at her in genuine admiration. Or something a bit more considering teenage hormones.

"I have a name," Kim told them with a knowing smile that told them she knew exactly what was in their heads. For boys that were already possessed of a reddish tint to their masked features, they blushed all the same.

"That's right. There is only one Kim Possible. But we'd be proud to have you as part of our team," Hego smiled at her, nodding to her in silent thanks.

"I have an idea," Ron said as he, Yori, and Hana came over to stand with them. Of them all, Yori looked genuinely worn, and battered. But she didn't possess any powers other than her own will and determination.

"Ron. Good work," Kim told him, having been with him to guide him out before the plasma rain had seared away the last taint of the bug infestation behind them.

"Why not just go with Team Possible," the grinning monkey master asked with a crooked smile.

Kim stared at him.

At Yori.

Then smiled down at Hana.


"A pretty good…."

"Idea," Hego said, finishing what the Wegos, and then Mego continued.

All of them looked at the woman with them.

"What," Shego huffed.

"Well, Shego?"

"Princess," she groaned. "Do you know….? Ah, shoot. Okay, I'll consider it. Under two conditions."

"Only two," Kim teased.

"Yeah. For now."

"Let's hear it, sis," Hego grinned, regaining some of his old spirit now that the danger seemed to have truly passed, and they were victorious once again.

"One. Kimmie's in charge. No arguments. No discussions. She is our leader."

"Done," all four brothers agreed after they shared a momentary glance, then nodded firmly.

"Really," Shego blinked.

"You're other condition, sweetie," Kim cooed.

"Sweetie," the four brothers stared, slack-jawed, and unable to quite focus for a moment as Kim slid an arm around Shego's shoulder.

"I am rather curious myself, Shego-San," Yori smiled when she blushed green. "About your second condition," she quickly added as Shego glared ominously at her, making Ron chortle.

"Fine. Second. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, shouts 'Go Team Possible.' Ever. If they do, I get to beat them senseless until they stop."

"And here I thought you were about to go all sentimental on us," Betty drawled as she and Will limped over to join the heroes.

"Not a chance, Bets."

"Don't call me…."

"Cyclops?" Betty's expression shuttered.

"What about you, Stoppable," she asked. "That was a fairly impressive showing you put on today. Are you in again, too?"

"Regrettably," Ron actually bowed to her. "I have other duties which take precedence over my former allegiances. To Yamanouchi, as sensei. And to Yori, as her husband," he smiled at the dark-haired woman at his side.

"Her what," Ron's mother shrieked from behind him, having just arrived after seeing her son on television battling against genuine monsters with her precious daughter at his side.

"We were coming to tell you, mother. But," he added, turning to Kim, rather than Betty. "If Team Possible ever truly needs Yamanouchi's aid, they have but to ask," he told her warmly.

"Yes," Yori smiled, too, bowing as she ever did. "It would be our honor to stand beside such brave, and honorable allies in their time of need."

"Thank you, Ron. Yori. I just hope you don't have to fight again too often. Not like this," Kim smiled wanly as she looked around and saw the aftermath of their battle, knowing all too well the lives lost, and the number of injured, and property damages that would remain after the cheers ended, and people had to just go back to living their lives again.

"But if it comes to it, I hope you know we are always ready to help if you should need us, too."

"Back in the hero biz, Princess," Shego asked her wearily.

"It seems I never left," Kim told her, and gave her a peck on the cheek.

Her brothers gaped again. Betty only arched a brow knowingly.

"So, are you two……ah…..?," Hego asked his obstinate sibling cautiously

"I've got another condition," Shego growled at him.

"What," he asked quietly.

"You can't say anything about my relationships any more."


"Not a word," she said, seeing his blue eyes track to Kim.

"I believe we can agree to…."

"Uh-oh," Kim suddenly frowned, turning to look back.

"Kim," Shego asked as she started down the block.

"Kim," Betty and Ron both asked.

"Help," a man cried as he staggered out of the rubble. "Someone. Please, help. My family….is trapped. And….there's a gas….leak," he choked, dropping to his knees in front of them, still pointing behind him.

Kim reached down and touched the man's shoulder.

"Don't worry, sir. We'll save them."

She looked back up at her new teammates with a mischievous grin, arching a red brow their way.

Hego only stared blankly, but the three younger men grinned back.

"Go Team Possible," they shouted, and raced after the women that suddenly exuded a golden aura that surrounded her entire body.

Hego grinned, and followed.

Shego sighed, muttered, "Doy," and loped after him as the Stoppables had a poignant reunion before Ron, Yori, and even Hana ran off to help.

"Dr. Director," Will asked as he leaned heavily on one leg as he tried to keep up with her as she turned to set up a new command post, and take charge of relief efforts until backup could arrive.

"Agent Du?"

"What now, ma'am," he asked grimly, staring in something akin to envy after the heroes that spread out with the surviving National Guard troops and GJ agents to seek out others that might yet need help.

"Now? Now, we help the survivors. Call in support, and get someone here to tend the injured."

"What about them," he hissed, hearing a powerful blast from nearby that somehow went straight up into the air even though it obviously wasn't doing any more damage inside the glowing ball of shimmering air that held it in place as it rose over the town before dissipating.

"Team Possible," Betty smiled solemnly. "Why, Will, I thought you might have guessed. I intend to recruit them," the wily agent smiled as she heard more cheers in the direction the heroes had gone.

"Those amateurs," Will croaked, and felt very lost just then.

Betty didn't notice.

She was too busy planning.

Not The End………..