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This installment takes place several months later where Blood and Emeralds left off. I have placed this as a crossover with the Vampire Diaries as Stefan and Damon will play roles in this story.

Brooklyn and Dean squared off against the two rogue vampires. They were newly turned and had no concept of the phrase self control. Brooklyn and Dean had followed the trail of blood all through Dallas finally cornering the two females in a dark back alley. Their mouths dripped with fresh blood as two bodies lay strewn before them.

"Damn they just don't give up do they?" The red haired one hissed.

"No it seems not," the olive skinned one responded.

Brooklyn straightened up placing her hands behind her back assuming an attack stance. Dean knew what was going to happen.

"Last time where is Aiden?" Brooklyn coldly demanded.

"You think we would really tell you, bitch?" The dark skinned one answered.

"No not really," With inhuman speed she lunged at the vampire ripping her throat out with one violent swipe of her hand. Blood spurted everywhere covering Brooklyn with the thick crimson waves. She licked her lips tasting a hint of tequila and copper along with a hint of iron.

Before the red haired one could escape Dean caught the would be escapee slamming her against the wall. Her arms bent at an unnatural angle causing her to cry out in pain.

"Where's Aiden?" His voice becoming dangerously low making the vampire shake.

"I don't know, honestly I don't," Dean fisted her hair jerking her back and exposing her throat.

"For some reason we don't believe you," Brooklyn retorted. Her icy stare burned into the vampire's terrified blue eyes.

"If I tell you I die and if I don't tell you I die so fuck off."

Dean's fangs slid down as he ripped apart the other vampire's throat. The red haired blood sucker didn't have time to scream or cry. He dropped the cold lifeless corpse to the ground and spun around as Brooklyn approached him. She ran her fingers over the crimson streaks then running her tongue across her fingers tasting the blood of the other.

"The tequila must've been a favorite for these two," Dean leaned over gently kissing her lips feeling the sharp tang of Jose Cuervo on her tongue.

Brooklyn tossed the body of the vampire on the pile as Dean lit the match. They were well out in the country away from prying human eyes.

Ever since they learned he had been brought back the vampires had made it a mission to track him down. In that time Dean had watch his mate hone in her hunting skills getting it down to a fine art. She was a fast learner only seeking those who were alone or wouldn't be missed for a brief time. He had found it erotic and discovered it was huge turn on for him when he watched her take down her prey.

It was the way she used her body to seduce the victim while keeping them entranced with her hypnotic gaze or when her coppery tresses would dance as she tilted her head to feed. Dean would lean against the wall or remain in the shadows feeling the energy running through them both. It was the rush of adrenaline as it pumped through his veins. He was able to experience the sensations that traversed through her body filling her with a searing heat that he couldn't ignore. What always brought him to the edge were the beautiful deep rich emerald depths when they locked with his after she fed. They would draw him in, pulling his soul toward her own like a moth drawn to the flame.

Of course she would always be sure to leave them somewhere safe before vanishing into the night.

They were searching for Aiden one of the Elders, the most powerful of all vampires short of Judas Iscariot and Lilith, the Original Ones. Dean and Brooklyn had traveled from city to city for the last month when word of Aiden's absence reached them. The other four Elders had sought the lovers out as Aiden had bonded with them thus creating an eternal bond with the younger vampires.

"I can't sense him, Dean. He wasn't here. Seems the blood sucking banshee was telling the truth," Brooklyn overturned furniture and flung open drawers and cabinets looking for something anything that would bring them closer to finding Aiden. Dean watched as his mate searched frantically for even the smallest shred of paper if it meant bringing Aiden home.

Brooklyn slammed the drawers and cabinet doors in anger not caring if they broke and splintered. To her this was but another dead end. Dean walked over seeing her slam her fists in anger and frustration.

"Whoever took him is going to pay Dean. There won't be anything left for the Elders."

Dean took her in his arms knowing every minute counted in this search.

"We're gonna find him Brooklyn. The Elders wouldn't have come to us if they didn't know we could do it."

"It's been over a month, Dean. He hasn't reached out to us within the past two weeks alone. Whoever took him has some serious dark magic working for them. Not even Markus could help."

"But we cannot give up on Aiden. He may not be able to reach us but he's alive I can feel it and so can you. Aiden's counting on us, Brook. He took us both under his protection knowing it would only put his own life at risk. We have to keep searching."

Brooklyn nodded her head.

"You're right, Dean we need to keep looking," she stopped mid sentence detecting something in the air. She turned towards the first bedroom and kicked the door down. The smell of Death was almost instant.

Waving through the heavy stench of rotting and decomposing flesh, Brooklyn jerked on the chain bathing the small room in a dim yellow light. A body had been here but hours before but it wasn't Aiden, no this was a human scent. Probably some hapless soul that was in the wrong place in the wrong time. Dean entered behind her seeing the the walls lined with knives, swords, chains, whips and other sharp cutting instruments.

"Looks like they were into S&M," Brooklyn turned around as Dean's smirk vanished off his handsome face.

"Dean, you're confusing reality and porn again," she chided her mate before returning to searching the room. Dean started in the tiny hole in the wall that he supposed was the closet. Inside were clothes of all sizes styles and colors. On the shelf was box that held personal effects of what appeared to be hundreds of people.

"Looks like our two little hunters had set up house here. Probably brought them here first and tortured them before killing them."

As Dean scanned through the wallets and purses, Brooklyn stopped at the night side stand. She pulled out the first drawer dumping its contents on the tiny neatly made bed. With the hands of a surgeon and eyes of a cop, she meticulously looked over every item seeing photos of more victims and souvenirs. So far nothing panned out but still neither one gave up.

"Nothing in here," Dean sighed as he shut the door.

Brooklyn continued looking then stopped. At the bottom of the pile was a ring. Picking it up, the vampire recognized the item. The beautiful sapphire stones encircled the Celtic raven design which was set in the white gold band. It was a ring she would recognize anywhere as she had been that had it specially made. Inside she saw the inscription: Meus curator quod mentor. My guardian and mentor.

"Dean, look," she handed the ring over to him as he too knew who the owner was. It was Aiden's ring.

The vampires felt the hope rising within them as Dean continued searching through the items and Brooklyn began sifting through the next drawer. She could feel the adrenaline pumping hard through her body as she soon found what she was looking for. It was a business card for a local bar and on the back was a hastily written number. Placing the thin card before her nose, Brooklyn picked up the faint scent of a familiar foe.

"Gordon, that son of a bitch," Dean spun around at the name of the vampire. He noticed her pupils had dilated lined with the rich violet ring. She was angry.

"Brook, love please calm down," he gently pleaded with her. The fiery haired vampire willed her anger away bottling it up in the dark recesses of her soul.

"Let's pay our friend a visit shall we?" Her voice was cool and dangerously calm.

"Absolutely," Dean agreed taking her hand in his as they exited the shoddy stuffy dwelling for the open fresh air of the night. They had fed hours before and headed straight towards the seedy club following the faint invisible trail left behind.

The raven haired man stepped out from the shadows watching the mates head towards the Nightshade. His eyes were a brilliant jade color, sharp and alert yet revealed the heartache and trials he had endured over his 500 year existence. He had sought them out following them from city to city watching their every move.

Stefan hurried keeping his distance watching the ginger haired and sandy blonde vampires slip between two buildings entering the Nightshade. He had to warn them that it had begun, that those who wanted to overthrow the Elders had regrouped waiting for the right time to strike. The centuries old war had been restarted.

The tsunami of odors scents and aromas bombarded the vampires the second they stepped inside. But the barrage didn't bother Dean or Brooklyn as they sighted their query. Dean felt his body bristle at the sight of the pond scum that was Gordon. He had helped Quinn hide Brooklyn thus allowing him to turn her.

Gordon spotted the familiar outline of his nemesis wondering how he had found him so quickly. He sat there plastering a calm face while inside he was scared shitless of what they would do to him.

"Hello Gordon. Did you miss me sweetheart?" Dean sneered as he sat down beside him in the booth. Brooklyn slid in positioning herself opposite of the two. She laced her fingers neatly together and smiled the sweetest smile she could. His fear leeched off his body as he sat there.

"What do you want Brennan? Can't you see I'm waiting for someone?"

Dean looked around before focusing back on Gordon.

"Really now and who might that be? Wouldn't happen to be two little vixens now would it? One with red hair and the other with darker skin and a bad attitude? I regret to inform you that neither one will be making it tonight," he reached in his pocket slamming two sets of fangs on the table.

"You really should teach your whores better manners Gordon," Brooklyn spoke up pulling out Aiden's ring from her jacket.

"Where did you get this?" Her tone changed two seconds flat from gentle to cold and menacing.

"You better answer the lady Gordon," Dean pulled out the silver blade jabbing the sharp dagger in the vampire's side.

"We know you attacked Aiden. Sure on the surface it looked like a Lycan attack but you made a few mistakes," she hissed.

"Yeah like don't leave any puncture wounds behind. You think you made them appear to be canine but any master vampire can spot a bite a mile away. Also Gordy never accept souvenirs. You see that pretty little ring we found in your whores' apartment. Now where did you get this ring?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about Brennan. I believe you and your mate have me mistaken for someone else," Brooklyn heard the disgust in his voice when he called her Dean's mate. Still she held a calm demeanor.

"Alright since you don't wanna play nice with us, we'll just have to go somewhere a little bit more private and talk," letting the blade pierce his shirt and skin Dean dug his nails into Gordon's arm as they left the bar.

Stefan watched the trio leave and head for the Impala. Retreating to the truck he drove, he followed the car out towards the county.

I decided to crossover a little with the Vampire Diaries as I cannot wait for the show to air and I love who they have playing Stefan. Next chapter Brooklyn and Dean make Gordon sing like a canary!