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Dean closed the door then rushed towards Brooklyn wrapping his arms around her tight. Their eyes met holding steady against the other's gaze letting their souls break through. Each one felt the other's being slowly coursing through their body completing the hole that had been burning within.

Brooklyn felt her shirt slowly sliding up and along her sides as it finally slipped past her head and arms. Dean ripped away his own shirt revealing the body that she had longed to touch caress and feel against her own skin. Biting her bottom lip, Brooklyn slowly ran her hands over the hard chiseled chest and taut defined abs as Dean ran his large skilled hands down her back unsnapping the lace barrier. Gently and swiftly he pulled away the thin ebony straps freeing her breasts for him to take.

His eyes went to the bed then back to her. The vampire licked his lips anticipating what was to come and felt his jeans turn tighter still.

Gathering his beloved mate, Dean crossed the room and lowered her upon the bed. For the fiery haired vampire the thick comforter was soft warm and enveloped her body. She looked up to see her ancient lover strip away the denim and thin cotton boxers. Brooklyn sat up and turned his body towards the bed.

"Sit," She pressed a finger to his lips keeping any words of protest behind his lips.

Dean kissed the slender digit as his eyes followed her, watching as she dropped to her knees. Brooklyn eyed his solid hard cock noticing how it curled up towards his abdomen already slick with tiny beads of pre come. She slowly parted his thighs, raking her nails along the sensitive inner parts. The gentle scraping caused Dean to gasp and gingerly fist her long copper locks in his hands. But Brooklyn was only getting started.

Slender fingers sought out his slick cock grasping around the base and pulling it down to her anxiously waiting lips. The tip of her tongue traced the throbbing vein causing his cock to twitch and jerk in response. Dean leaned his head back and thrusted his hips out giving his love what she wanted. God she knew how to work that sinful tongue of hers!

Her hot breath tickled the satin skin as she traced back towards the weeping head and slit eliciting a low moan from the vampire. She swirled her tongue around the head licking it like a lollipop over and over until finally her lips wrapped around his cock and slowly slid them up to the base.

"Oh god Brook," Dean groaned as he thrusted his hips fucking her mouth and feeling her take every single inch of him. Brooklyn slipped her hand between his legs and fondled the sweet spot behind his balls. He could feel his orgasm pooling behind his belly button knowing if she didn't stop soon he would explode in her mouth. His mind was swimming in a sea of bliss and ecstasy but the sweet swift brushing of her tongue and full swollen lips was making it difficult for him to stop. Brooklyn could feel her lover begin to give in to sexual bliss so she gripped the base of his cock and slowly slipped away. Her lips slid off the head with a small plop hearing Dean sigh in relief as she stood before him.

Dean shot his hands out grabbing the button and zipper of her jeans ripping open the stonewashed denim. He kissed and nipped at the nipples on top of her breasts until each one became tiny swollen erect buds. Brooklyn hissed through gritted teeth and gripped his shoulders digging her nails into this solid flesh. She felt his hands massage and knead her breasts as his tongue and teeth scraped and lapped her highly sensitive nipples. Her legs shook and fingers trembled as the cool air hit the sensitive skin between her legs. Brooklyn stepped out of the denim and lacey boy shorts standing fully nude before her mate.

He slid across the bed taking her hands and bringing her with him. Brooklyn closed the gap between their bodies hungry to feel his hot flesh against hers. She allowed him to take the lead letting him position her body on the bed. Dean pushed down on her hips so she was flat on her back, open and exposed for him and him alone.

"Mine," he growled in her ear. With one hand he effortlessly parted her legs and slowly ran his tongue between the wet heated folds. Brooklyn cried out feeling her back arch up and off the bed as his mouth surrounded the small mound and gently sucked. Brooklyn fisted the comforter and slowly raised and lowered her hips feeling her body drawing closer to orgasm.

She nearly screamed when the pressure of two fingers was felt against her body's walls, curling and running along the bundle of nerves hidden deep within. Her hips slammed harder against his mouth and fingers as the first wave rushed through her body.

"Dean…." She panted hard while riding out the powerful aftershocks. He merely thrusted his fingers harder and faster hearing the passion filled cries ringing within his ears. His cock had become painfully harder with every cry of his name and every moan that escaped her lips but he continued the sweet torment just a little bit longer.

His thick fingers curled tighter and ran down her walls one last time before Dean pulled them out and released the tender mound from the hot wet circle of his mouth. He saw her eyes were half open and glazed over with lust and love. The vampire sensed she was ready for him.

Grabbing her legs he lifted her hips and parted her legs wider as he slid inside her. She fit perfectly around him like a tight warm glove. Dean wanted to go slow and make this last. It had been a while since the last time they made love and that was in the cellar of the manor.

Each time he pulled out Dean left the head of his cock still buried inside her teasing her just before he thrusted back inside her. Brooklyn would miss the feel of his cock inside her but only temporarily before she felt him fill her back up once again. Their bodies rocked harder against one another until Dean sunk his nails into her hips and rolled their bodies until she was on top of him, writhing on him as she shifted her hips in circles and back and forth watching the sheer pleasure splash across his face.

She moved her hips in circle eights hearing the sweet low moans coming from her lover's lips. Dean felt the vestiges of orgasm pooling in his body once again as her fingers slid down and rubbed his perineum. The firm but gentle pressure sent shivers up and down his ancient body as the fire burned brightly within his body.

Brooklyn felt her fangs slowly unsheathe as her climax neared. Dean peered through half lidded eyes to see the piercing white fangs protruding from her gums. Her eyes now a deep shade of jade as his were now a rich hue of grey. Her eyes were beautiful and alluring bordering on exotic as they gleamed brightly against the setting sun.

Dean held her close as he sat up taking her lips within his. Brooklyn continued slamming her hips against his as the next wave of pleasure ripped through her body. She jerked away and embedded her fangs deep within his shoulder. Dean titled his head feeling her push her sharp canines further within his flesh. She was marking him making him hers once again. He felt the tiny drops of crimson rolled down his back and land on the comforter below. Brooklyn pulled back and lapped up the blood and around the two puncture wounds watching as they healed up leaving two small white circles.

He saw her lips were coated a thick rich red and ran his tongue along her lips feeling the tang of his blood upon his tongue. Brooklyn smiled as she observed his own two fangs unsheathe knowing his own orgasm neared. His body's movements turned faster and rougher until the vampire felt his body shudder then explode spilling his release into her body. Brooklyn cried out with pleasure feeling her spirit soar as Dean tore at her shoulder letting his mouth capture the sweet nectar that pulsed through her veins.

Their bodies continued rocking in sync even as their sexual peaks had long since passed. Dean slid his fangs out licking and lapping at the wound until her flesh and skin mended back together and perfect skin remained.

Dean kept his hands around her waist wanting her to stay locked with his body. Brooklyn smiled and gently kissed his lips and forehead inhaling the familiar tones of earthen musk sex and blood. She slid her hands under his chin and along his cheeks and slowly stroked the sides of his face with her thumbs.

They sat there running their hands along the flesh of the other until sleep began tugging at their bodies. The vampires slid beneath the covers keeping their arms interlocked together afraid if they did the other would be lost again.


"Hmmm?" She drawled.

"Promise me you won't make any more deals."

Brooklyn chuckled then spoke, "Agreed, but promise me you won't run off with anymore old girlfriends."

Her teasing tone made him grin knowing they were going to be alright. He lightly kissed her lips then snuggled in next to her smaller body.

"Goodnight Brooklyn, I love you."

"Love you too, Dean."

The burnt corpse lay on the examination table at Sheridan Memorial Hospital, the smell of charred flesh hung heavily in the air as the medical examiner finished up his preliminary report. The man sighed and looked down at the remains as he had wrote it off as another John Doe. No license or other means to identify the poor bastard had been located making it easier for him.

"Well buddy see ya later," the ME slid the tray back inside the drawer and closed the door forgetting to latch it shut.

The room went dark as the ME left for the night. The only sounds in the room were the low humming sounds of the coolers where cadavers were stored. The door containing the corpse slowly pushed open as a scorched hand reached out for cool fresh air of the room.

Klaus collapsed on the floor and struggled to stand up as the lack of blood and burns all over his ancient body had weakened him dramatically. Just then the door opened up and the ME reappeared. He saw the charred figure on the floor and gasped. Instead of running he rushed towards the vampire cutting his arm in the process.

"Klaus drink," he offered up his arm watching as the older vampire dug his fangs into the bloody wound. The warm healing powers of the man's blood rushed through his veins healing his damaged tissues organs and flesh.

Klaus pulled back growling as he felt his body mend and repair itself. Damon stood and watched as his former foe now turned ally was almost healed.

"Welcome back," he smiled down at the vampire.

"It's good to be back…." Klaus gasped hard as the painful healing process reached its end. He rose, grateful that he was restored back to health.

"Where's Pontius?"

"Knowing him back in Denver as the state legislature is due to gather soon for their annual bullshitting session."

Klaus chuckled and spied the scrubs hanging on the rack. The vampire slid them on as his own clothing had been destroyed by the fire. They were one size too small but would have to do until he could find more suitable attire.

"Well we must move operations seeing that Brennan and Judas are now clued in to our activities."

"Don't worry as Gordon and the others have been making all of the arrangements."

"Excellent," Klaus hissed as he turned and went through the double swinging doors and through the fire escape into the Colorado night.

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