Summary: After disappearing from the Black Order, Cross Marian goes to Konoha to enlist help from the shinobi to temporarily join the Order to help fight the Earl. The Host is revealed, and the Holy War begins.


Black Serendipity: Chapter 4

Warning: Slight gore in this chapter.

"Er...Lenalee? Was that in the mission description?" Sakura blanched as she caught sight of a Level 3 Akuma for the first time.

Sakura dropped to the floor and swung around on one foot in order to keep the Level 2 Akuma from getting too close. She backed up until she came back to back with Lenalee. The two girls had gotten close after a few missions together. They had many things in common, but most of all, they worked well with each other.

"Lenalee, tell the others to take cover!"

At the same time Lenalee lifted off the ground in the air, Sakura pulled out a scroll that TenTen had given her a while back. It was a basic form of the Weapon Mistress' Rising Twin Dragons. She knew that only Innocence could completely destroy an Akuma and bring it to peace, but no one ever said she couldn't weaken it to make the exorcists' jobs easier.

Using the advantage of being in the air, Lenalee got the warning out fairly quickly. The group of exorcists consisting of Lenalee, Allen and their trusty Finder Michel moved to take cover in the rubble of a once proud and tall building.

Sakura opened the scrolls, bit her thumb to draw blood and smeared it on. She placed them on either side of her and jumped the same time the scrolls started to form ribbons around her. Once she reached a height so high that everything below became little dots, the weapons started appearing. Grabbing them quickly, she aimed and threw them as soon as they came in contact with her hands. Twirling every which way to reach every weapon that appeared, she didn't even notice that after less than a minute of her shower of weapons, the Akuma had weakened enough to be brought down.

"Sakura! That's enough!" came Allen's voice as she was pulled out of her concentration.

Stopping abruptly, she free-falled down and caught herself right before she hit the hard concrete. Meanwhile, Allen had activated his Innocence and with Lenalee they brought down the particularly persistent Level 2.

"Rest in Peace." Sakura murmured quietly, not noticing a Level 1 Akuma coming at her from behind.

"Your fight's not over yet!" a cheerful voice sounded through the battlefield.

Spinning around, Sakura cursed at not being more aware of her surroundings. She dropped down backwards, bending her legs so that her back came in contact with the ground and stabbed the Akuma with her katana before it could hit her with it's disease-spreading weapon. Seeing Sakura's situation, Lenalee sprinted and used her momentum to sidekick the Akuma with her Innocence laced boots, effectively releasing it's soul.

Allen walked to the duo and helped Sakura up from her awkward position on the ground. She accepted his hand and looked up with a mixture of confusion, suspicion and a hint of gratefulness from which the direction of the voice came from. The last emotion soon turned to hate in her beryl eyes once she took in the appearance of the anonymous voice.

A gray complexion, dark hair and the tell-tale seven crosses across the forehead.


A small figured, innocent looking little girl Noah. But she wasn't alone. Next to her was another one. Though he was almost the opposite of his companion. The definition of tall, dark and handsome, and he had long hair. Sakura liked men with long hair.

'What a shame,' Inner thought while Sakura steadied her slightly shaking hands. 'that we'll eventually have to pummel his pretty face in.'

A mission to collect the Innocence from a ghost-town near the Black Order Headquarters turned disastrous when a Level 3 Akuma and 2 of it's Level 2 lackeys made an unexpected appearance. They didn't appear until the trio of exorcists were finished with the small band of Level 1s, but nonetheless, the resulting battle took a toll of each of them.

Allen's uniform was mostly ripped off, save for the clothes he wore under it, and his non-Innocence arm was rendered almost useless. Lenalee's hair was soaked with blood, some her own, some her teammates, and had bruises forming over her legs from where the Akuma had grabbed her. Overall, she was the one in the best shape. Sakura had a huge gash on the side of her head, was bleeding profusely from many cuts, and was sure she was going to faint from blood loss any time soon. Michel had been safely hidden from most of the battle, being helpful in distracting the Akuma sometimes, but still sustained some injuries. At the moment, being the logical Finder that he was, he hid behind a slab of rock and tried to contact the Black Order Headquarters.

The female Noah bent slightly at the waist from the air, seemingly standing on thin air, to glance at the kunoichi. Placing a hand under her chin and the other one on her waist, her face shifted into one of curious delight.

"The Earl told me about you!" she announced gleefully. "He said you were shi-shino-"

"Shinobi" the other one supplied for her with a smirk on his face.

Sakura narrowed her eyes and leaned slightly on Allen's good side so she didn't topple over. "And how would you know so much about me?" her voice was sarcastic.

Totally ignoring the medic-nin's question, the Noah chirped in a voice too innocent for the person it belonged to "I'm Road Kamelot." she informed as she twirled around in the air. "And you're going to be my new friend."

Sakura blanched and tensed. This didn't look good. All 3 were greatly weakened by the previous fight and she only prayed that Michel would succeed in contacting Komui to request backup. Before Sakura could reply, Road tackled Sakura away from Allen and pinned her to a tree. The other Noah dropped close to Allen and Lenalee and placed a warning hand on their shoulders. Both tensed, but submitted for now because there was nothing they could do. Although it appeared that they had given up, each was formulating a plan to try and get out of the situation.

Road produced a long metal nail about six inches from her sleeve. Sakura started to struggle before a chilling voice informed her to stay still or else her two teammates were done for. The pinkette could do nothing but release a sharp cry as the nail pierced her hands up above her head, effectively pinning her to the tree. Road took a finger, wiped it in Sakura's blood and proceeded to draw things on the other girl's cheek.

"You're so pretty, Sakura-onee-chan. Especially with the color red, it suits you." Road cooed as she spelled out her name with the blood. Turning to face her companion, she asked, "Can we take her back with us, Tyki?"

Tyki sighed, amused. "I don't think the Earl would like that." he paused a moment. "And neither will her little friends that are coming for backup."

Hearing this, Sakura lifted her head and glared. She sucked in a breathe and ripped her hands out of the nail with a grimace and tried to punch Road with her chakra-enhanced fist. Lenalee and Allen both moved the same time to escape their captor. They jumped to where Sakura was (barely) standing.

Road dodged that attack by Sakura and jumped back to the side of Tyki. "Feisty one, isn't she?" Tyki asked his niece with a hand under his chin. At this time, Noise Marie, Miranda, Kanda and Lavi appeared at the other side of the Noah. Seeing that they were surrounded on both sides, Road mock saluted Sakura and waved her hand, making a portal.

"Onee-chan, I guess we'll have to find another time to take you back with us!" her eyes took on a sadistic glint "I want to play dress up with you." she half-stepped into the portal before blowing a kiss in Allen's direction.

"Shame we didn't get to see your full potential. You better be ready for next time though." he stepped into the portal, and the last Sakura saw of him was the end of his curly ponytail disappearing into the dark purple portal before it swallowed both parties up.

The backup group rushed to Allen, Lenalee and Sakura and supported them as Michel walked out from behind the rock.

"Good job, Michel-san. We wouldn't have made it if you didn't call for backup." Sakura smiled tiredly and slumped on Lavi.

The redhead raised an eyebrow so high it was almost obscured by his bangs that were falling over his forehead. He gave her a questioning look before saying one word.


Sakura huffed, jabbed him in the chest and then handed him the Innocence before finally succumbing into unconsciousness from blood loss.

When the kunoichi woke up again, she was snuggled comfortable in a warm bed.

'Ah, so I'm not dead...' Suddenly remembering the events before she fainted, she sat up quickly before cushioning her head with her hand due to the dizziness that made her very queasy.

"You have a concussion." was the curt reply that she got when she groaned in pain and confusion. Looking up, she spied the pearly-eyes ANBU playing shoji (sp?) with Shikamaru.

"I see." she replied quietly, thinking.

Shikamaru looked up at his female teammate and moved a piece. "What are you thinking about, Sakura?"

Not directly answering his question, Sakura reversed the situation by asking him a question. "On your missions, have any of you ever encountered a Noah?"

This piqued Shikamaru's attention. He looked once at Neji before answering. "Yea, we have in fact. He was strong, and so was his friend. They were ...troublesome, to say the least."

Sakura lifted her head suddenly, and instantly regretted it. Before saying anything, she lifted a hand that glowed green to her head, and within 30 seconds, got rid of her 'troublesome' concussion. Resuming the conversation, she asked a question once more. "Did you know their names?"

This time, Neji replied. '' Lulu Bell and Sheril Kamelot."

Sakura recognized the last name but didn't bother bringing light to it. "I encountered one too...and..." not knowing how to continue her sentence, she decided to bring something else up. "Do you remember Akatsuki? That one member, with all the stitches and gray skin?"

Shikamaru tenses slightly, "Kakuzu. The one that killed Asuma." there was a faint trace of sadness, but Sakura put a hand on his shoulder and continued.

"Didn't the Noah have a similar aura to Kakuzu?"

Before any of the other two occupants of the room could reply, Lenalee opened the door with a hand of fresh flowers.

"Oh! Sakura-chan! You're awake!" quickly, the dark haired girl walked in and sat in the chair next to Sakura's bed while putting and arranging the flowers in a vase.

Giggling slightly, she opened her mouth to talk again. "Bak sent you these. He's taken quite a liking to you after you made that trip there to run an errand." She smiled slyly. "I have to say, since meeting you, he's gotten over his stalker-ish crush on me, Sakura-chan."

Sakura giggled also as she stepped out of the bed. "He's a sweet person." She turned to Neji and Shikamaru, "Out, the both of you! I need to change!"

Once the boys left, Lenalee helped Sakura re-bandage the wounds she couldn't reach. "Has Allen-kun been discharged yet?"

Lenalee supported Sakura as the rosette haired woman got up shakily. "Yes, but of course, he is training with Kanda and Link." Both girls shook their head at the males. Leading Sakura out of the room, the duo made their way through the Black Order to the training grounds. Once there, they greeted the other observers.

Looking around the area, they sat next to Miranda, Noise Marie and Chaoji, and Lavi. Sakura dangled her legs over the sunken training grounds and watched as the three people dodged, attacked and argued.

Something was not sitting right with the kunoichi. But she really couldn't do anything about it because it involved the Noah Family, and to confirm her suspicions meant meeting the members again. And that was something that she didn't want to do anytime soon. The last encounter had shaken her. Those...people were strange, but gave off a powerful vibe. Sure she wasn't in the best of shape when they first met but she was positive that they were strong. From what she heard from the other exorcists there was 13 of them including the Earl. All the Noah had been awakened and the Black Order branches were all on high alert for possible attacks. Footsteps from behind the group startled Sakura from her own thoughts. Komui was walking towards them with a serious expression on his face. Reever accompanied him.

"A meeting between the Black Order Branches has been called. We are going into the beginning stages of preparing for the Holy War."

Sakura placed her hands in her lap and fought against the urge to scream.

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