Harry was still feeling overwhelmed as he walked (or was pushed, actually) into the cafeteria. It was a small room with maybe 50 seats around several small tables. There was a kitchen to the right, where Rhetta proceeded to drag Harry, Laurence following behind.

"Yo, Dan!" Rhetta called into the kitchen. A black haired man jumped up, surprised.

"Gah! Rhetta!" Dan snapped. Rhetta just smiled.

"I'm showing our newbie around. Can y'get him some food?" Rhetta asked.

Dan rolled his eyes, "Yeah, sure." He turned to Harry, "What do you want?"

"Er… anything's fine." Harry said.

Dan nodded and started cooking. Rhetta turned to Laurence. "Is Caden here?"

"Umm…" Laurence looked around the room, "Yep! Caden!"

Caden, a small brown haired boy, looked up, then hurried over, "Hey, Laurence." He said.

"I want you to meet someone." Laurence said, gesturing to Harry.

Caden turned, "Hi. I'm Caden Smith." He said, hesitant. The young wizard was obviously shy.

"Harry." Harry said, not really wanting to drop his last name on an already shy wizard.

Caden shook Harry's hand.

"Not just any Harry!" Laurence ruined Harry's plan, "Harry Potter!" he grinned.

Caden flinched, and Harry frowned.

"Here you go, kid." Dan handed food to Harry.

"Thanks." Harry took is, hesitating somewhat.

"Rhetta? Laurence?" Dan asked them, "Take the food." Laurence immediately did so, but Rhetta just smiled.

"I already ate." She said, "But thanks."

Dan frowned.

"Come on, Harry, let's go sit down." Rhetta lead Harry towards a table on the other side of the room. The four sat down. Laurence and Harry began eating, while Rhetta chatted idly with Caden.

"So, are you taking wizard classes?" Laurence asked Harry, who shrugged.

"I don't know, actually… a lot's been happening." Harry admitted.

"Professor Carina being vague?" Rhetta guessed.

Harry nodded.

Rhetta sighed, "That's just what she does. You'll probably get your schedule in the morning."

"Can I send an owl to my friends? I don't even know if Hedwig got here." Harry frowned.

"Most likely if Hedwig's an owl, she's in the back courtyard. I'll bring you there once you're done eating and we can check." Rhetta said.

Harry nodded again. Once he'd finished eating, the two bid their goodbyes to the other two wizards and headed into the back courtyard.

"So, Harry. Tell me something about yourself." Rhetta said as they walked, "Parents approve of you being at the school for the not-wanted?"

Harry frowned, "My parents are dead."

Rhetta didn't seem fazed, "Hmm, mine too."

Harry looked up at her, surprised, but she offered no explanation beyond, "This isn't just a school, Harry, it doubles as an orphanage. You'll be hard-pressed t'find someone with living parents that isn't a wizard."

Harry wanted to question her more, but Rhetta pushed open the doors to a shed in the back. Inside was a miniature owlery, Harry found as he followed her in, and inside, sitting on a high rafter, was his snowy owl, Hedwig.

The owl swooped down as Harry called her name, and landed on his arm, nipping him affectionately.

"See, I told you she'd be here." Rhetta smiled.

Harry grabbed the pen and papetr that the kids left in the shed in case they wanted to send a note somewhere and scribbled something down, tying it to Hedwig's leg, "Take this to Ron and Hermione, okay?"

Hedwig took off, flying away.

Harry turned to Rhetta, "Thanks."

"No problem. Come on, you look tired. Classes tomorrow."

Harry sighed, "Yay…"


When Rhetta dropped Harry off at the wizard's dorm, he found Caden sitting in the common area, reading something. Attempting to be friendly, Harry spoke, "Hey, Caden."

Caden looked up, surprised, "O-oh. Hey, Hary."

Harry frowned.

"You can sit if you want…" Caden hesitated.

"It's alright. Thanks, though. I'm tired." Harry said.

Caden nodded, "Okay."

"See you in the morning." Harry walked into his room. As he lay on the bed, looking at the ceiling, he had to wonder how he always managed to get himself into these strange situations.


"Hey, Hedwig!" Ron shouted, surprised. He and Hermione had been walking through one of the courtyards when the owl landed, holding out her leg.

Hermione unstrapped the attached note and gave the owl a treat before unfolding and reading it.

Hey Ron, Hermione.

Dumbledore dropped me off at some weird school I've never heard of, and apparently I'm spending the whole year here.

I don't have much time, a sorceress (yes, a sorceress) brought me out here. Do me a favor and keep this all quiet. I'll write soon.


Hermione frowned and looked at Ron, "A school with a sorceress?"

Ron blinked, "I thought they all died out."

Hermione sighed, "Honestly, Ronald…" she began to explain, "Sorcerers and Sorceresses went into hiding, sure, but I've never heard of them not home-schooling their children. Why would one be at a wizard school?"

"Maybe it's not a wizard school?" Ron asked.

"Why would Dumbledore send Harry anywhere else?" Hermione asked him, receiving only a shrug in response.


Er… short, but that's because the next day needs to start in the next chapter. So…. This is what you get.


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