Alrightly my readers. This story is based off of video I found on youtube, though this story is more based off of the song they used, Carnival of Rust by Poets of the fall. The video is one of the the best Carlisle/Bella vids out there. I love it! So I hope you enjoy my story.

Chapter One: Bella's POV

I was sitting in the hospital, gazing around me. Still in utter shock about what had just happened. I had been leaning against my truck. Minding my own business when a van came out of nowhere, started sliding out of control, and almost hit me. It would have too. If Edward hadn't stopped the car!

Yes, stopped the car. He ran, from the other end of the parking lot! Pushed me down and held his hand up to stop the car, and he was fine! It should have killed him! I was starting to hyperventilate just thinking about it. Charlie tried to calm me down, but it was hard. I had just had a near death experience, and Charlie wasn't exactly calm himself. I had almost calmed my anxiety when I saw him.

The man was gorgeous. He was tall. Easily six foot possibly taller. He had short blonde hair that was laid back perfectly, so perfectly that I had an itch to run my fingers through it. He wore a crisp blue dress shirt with a high collar, a tie that was a shade lighter then his shirt, but matched perfectly. His wore black dress pants with black shoes. He had a white doctor's coat over his outfit. There were a good amount of pens in the pocket. I literally couldn't breath. My heart sped up, and I knew that if I looked him in the eye I'd probably die from lack of air. I just hoped that he wasn't going to be my doctor. I knew I would act foolish.

I watched as he greeted Charlie and then stood in front of me. I had the worst luck. He gave me a confused look. That lasted a second. Then he gave me, on his pale, perfect face, the most sincere smile. I smiled back blushing and his smile widened slightly, "You must be Isabella Swan. I'm Doctor Carlisle Cullen." He shook my hand.

His hands were cold, but they felt nice. Actually it was like a spark of electricity shot between us. I let go quickly, hoping he didn't feel it. This man was making me feel uneasy.

"I heard what happened Isabella," Doctor Cullen begun but I interrupted him and said, "Bella please."

"Excuse me?" Doctor Cullen asked.

"I prefer to be called Bella," I replied with an embarrassed laugh. In truth it was the way he said my name that made me correct him. It made me want to shiver. He had a slight English accent that caused my name to sound beautiful, and sexy. I was always a sucker for an English accent.

"Alright. Bella it is," Doctor Cullen said with a slight smile. I smiled back. He looked down at his clipboard. He kept his head down but looked up with his eyes. It was a sexy look. My heart was hammering in my chest and I tried not to look at him, but I couldn't help it. I looked and found myself staring into the most beautiful eyes. They were golden, and warm. I looked down quickly as my heart skipped a beat.

He put his clipboard under his arm and made me look up as he checked my eyes, saying all the while, "You were really lucky Bella."

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Edward," I replied. I don't know what made me say that. It wasn't like I was thinking about him. Actually I hadn't thought of any of the Cullens, except the one standing in front of me.

"My son?" Doctor Cullen asked, his eyebrows furrowing together. Again my heart skipped a beat.

"Yea," I replied still not really looking at him, "I was standing by myself. I saw Edward across the parking lot. Then I saw the car, and then suddenly Edward was right there." I got a dazed expression and muttered, "He stopped the car."

Doctor Cullen didn't say anything for a moment. Finally he said, "I'm sure it just looked that way. Nobody could have moved that fast Bella." He cocked his head to one side and said, "Are you sure you feel well?"

I rolled my eyes and nodded. I hated it when people doubted my sanity. Doctor Cullen smiled at me and said, "If you feel anything out of the ordinary I want you back here. Do you understand?"

"Yes Doc," I replied with a smile. He smiled back and chuckled. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. Shaking his head slightly he said, "Call me Carlisle."

I nodded then dunked my head. Blushing for all I was worth. He really was gorgeous. I felt my heart speed up.

I watched as he pronounced me well and then he bid us good-bye. I followed him with my eyes and watched him turn, then glance back at me. My eyes widened as he caught me watching him. I saw a startled expression cross his face, and then he walked off. I sighed. He probably thought I was ogling him, which I was. Damn.

I got up and followed my dad to the check out desk. While he was speaking to the nurse and giving her my information I wondered off. I was about to turn the corner when I saw Carlisle speaking to Rosalie and Edward. My eyes widened and I took a step back. I watched them, not really paying attention to the conversation. Carlisle was much too interesting to watch. Still I understood the conversation and I was a little insulted.

I must have made some noise because Carlisle looked up and our eyes connected. I tried to move and go back to Charlie but I was quickly falling into his eyes. He let his children speak for a moment longer before he stopped Rosalie from speaking ill of me.

They both looked at me and Carlisle looked down. I was free from his pull. I too looked down. Then I looked up again and said; to cover up my staring, "I would like to speak with Edward for a moment?"

There was a flash of something in Carlisle's eyes but it was quickly stifled and he led Rosalie away. Edward made his way to me and I quickly asked, "How did you get over to me so fast?'

Edward laughed and said, "You must have hit your head Bella. I was right there beside you."

"No you were not!" I snapped. I hated it when people made me out to be a liar, "You were across the parking lot."

Edward's face closed up and he glared at me with that old hatred. I consciously held myself still. He finally looked away and said, "No one would believe you Bella."

I took a step away from and glared daggers at him. He was surprised for a second and actually took a step back as well. I continued to glare, and snapped, "I wasn't going to tell anybody. I just wanted to know."

That's when I saw Carlisle round the corner and I sighed. Carlisle put his hand on his son's shoulder and said, "You should go find Rosalie and go home."

Edward looked like he was going to object when Carlisle said, "Edward. Home now."

Edward glared at me one final time, like it was my fault that he was being sent home like a petulant child, and stalked down the halls. I cocked my head as I watched him walk. Was it my imagination or did he walk faster then the average person?

Carlisle cleared his throat, and asked, "You are not going to let this lie are you?"

"No," I replied with a shake of my head and an apologetic grin.

Carlisle's eyes flashed and he grinned back. Then he leaned in. He had the most wonderful smell. It was unlike anything I'd ever smelt. It was sweet and musky. All man. Carlisle put his lips to my ear and whispered, "Happy hunting then Bella." His breath was even more delicious. Better then any gum or toothpaste I'd ever smelt. It was intoxicating. He pulled away from me and smiled. I felt myself shiver. It was then I realized how cold he was. "Good day Bella."

I watched as he walked away. When he turned I walked back to Charlie and muttered, "Damn perfect doctor." Things had just become quite complicated.

Carlisle's POV

I suppressed a groan when I head about the accident at the school. It didn't really surprise me that one of the students had slid on the ice. Most of the students at Forks High School drove like maniacs. No it wasn't that. It was the rumors that Edward had something to do with this. I shook my head and took the case. I looked at the clipboard. Isabella Swan. Pretty name.

When I entered the E.R. a smell hit me so hard that I almost stumbled. I haven't stumbled in over three hundred years. It was the smell that hung in the hair just before a rain shower. It was intoxicating. It had been decades since I could actually smell human blood. Now I smelt their scent. It was interesting how different everyone smelt. I kept my friendly grin on my face as I greeted the Chief of police. Then I looked at his daughter, Isabella Swan.

She was beautiful. She had brown hair that fell a little past her shoulders. She wore a long sleeved gray shirt and a pair of blue jeans. Though I knew Alice would disprove of her attire. I thought it fit her well. The most delightful thing about Isabella though was the smell. She was the reason I smelled a rainstorm. It was then I noticed just how fast her heart was beating. I gave her a confused look, but quickly masked it with, what I hoped, was a sincere smile and shook her hand.

She was warm. Deliciously warm. I could fell electricity spark between us. She quickly dropped my hand. Her heart sped up.

I heard what happened Isabella," I began but she interrupted me, "Bella please."

"Excuse me?" I asked a little confused.

"I prefer to be called Bella," She replied with a little embarrassed laugh. I couldn't help but smile at her. The laugh was quite cute.

"Alright. Bella it is." I continued to smile at her as she smiled back. I looked quickly down at my clipboard, least anyone see me fall all over myself for a high school girl. I couldn't help looking up to take a peak. She suddenly looked up and our eyes locked. She had the most beautiful chocolate brown eyes I had ever seen. I heard her heart skip a beat. The smell of rain intensified.

To mask my audacity at staring at Bella, I put my clipboard under my arm and checked her eyes. They were so beautiful, "You were lucky Bella." Bella I liked that.

"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Edward," She replied with convection. Ah, now I would finally learn about the rumors. Trying to ignore the way Bella was making me feel I asked, "My son?" I furrowed my brow. I heard her heart skip another beat, and the smell of rain was beginning to overpower me.

"Yea," She replied not really looking at me, "I was standing by myself. I saw Edward across the parking lot. Then I saw the car, and then suddenly Edward was right there." I watched as she pulled a dazed expression and muttered, "He stopped the car."

I didn't say anything for a moment, too stunned and annoyed at Edward. Still if had not acted she would have been dead. I felt a sharp pain in my stomach at that thought. It was a displeasing thought. I masked my discomfort, and said, " I'm sure it just looked that way. Nobody could have moved that fast Bella." I cocked my head to one side and asked, "Are you sure you feel well?"

I saw her roll her eyes and nod. An annoyed expression graced her lovely features. I felt a pang that I was the cause of her annoyance. I gave her another hard look and said, "If you feel anything out of the ordinary I want you back here. Do you understand?"

"Yes Doc," She replied with a smile. I smiled back and chuckled. Doc. It had been a long time that since somebody called me that. Funny, how it sounded adorable coming from her lips. I shook my head slightly and before I could think better of it I said, "Call me Carlisle."

She nodded then dunked her head. Blushing for all she was worth. She really was beautiful. I felt another pang in my gut. Too beautiful.

Feeling the need to leave I pronounced her well, and bid her and her father good day. Her scent swirled around me like a blanket and I felt light headed. Like a newborn vampire, but instead of blood I lusted for. I lusted for Bella. I turned the corner and looked back. She was staring at me. My already cold blood turned as cold as the artic. I felt startled and quickly left.

I was on my way to my office when I ran into Rosalie and Edward arguing in the middle of the hallway. I quickly walked over to them and tired to get them to be quite. I was unnerved that I hadn't heard them from the E.R., but then I really hadn't paid attention to anyone but Bella. Really, if anyone had heard their conversation they would have thought my children were cold-blooded killers, well they would have thought that of Rosalie. Edward was being compassionate as always, though if he hadn't had a interest in her he probably would have let her die like she should have.

Suddenly I smelled rain. I looked up and there stood Bella Swan in all of her glory. She looked shocked. Our eyes locked and I found myself falling in her eyes. I was glad that Edward wasn't paying attention to my thoughts at the moment. Realizing how horrible Rosalie must sound I quickly hushed her. They both stared at Bella.

She looked down, as if she were embarrassed, and then she said, ""I would like to speak with Edward for a moment?" I felt a pang in my long dead heart. She wanted Edward. Not me. I quickly led Rosalie away.

"Rosalie, wait until we get home before you speak like that again," I corrected her as I walked her to my office, "If someone had heard you…."

"Dad," Rosalie began but I interrupted her, "Not here Rosalie. Wait until we are home." I opened the door of my office and led her in, "Stay here until I send Edward to you. Then go home." She opened her mouth to argue, but I have her a stern look. She shut her mouth and I quickly left. I did not want to leave Bella alone with an angry Edward. He already complained about the smell of her blood. His anger was too close to the surface.

I rounded the corner just in time to see Bella step back and say, "I wasn't going to tell. I just wanted to know." She suddenly saw me.

I put my hand on Edward's shoulder and said, "You should go find Rosalie and go home."

Edward looked like he was going to object when I said, "Edward. Home. Now."

I watched Bella's face as Edward gave her one more glare and stomped away like a teenager. Really he was over ninety years old. I had to make myself not roll my eyes. I watched Bella watch him walk away and couldn't help but feel a little annoyed.

I cleared my throat to gain her attention away from my son and asked, "You are not going to let this lie are you?" I could tell she was stubborn. I liked that.

"No," She replied with a shake of her head and an apologetic grin. I grinned back and then did something really stupid. I leaned in. It was just that she smelled so good, and when she was angry I could swear that I smelled the crackle of lighting. As I leaned closer her smell swirled around me. I put my lips to Bella's ear and the smell changed to something else. Something that was slamming against my hard earned self-control and threatening to over take me. I felt like a bolt of lighting hit me when I realized I wanted Bella Swan. Damn that smell!

To cover up my little mistake I whispered, "Happy hunting then Bella." I pulled away from her reluctantly and smiled. I saw her shiver and I hoped that it wasn't because of my lack of body heat. Feeling suddenly self conscious I said, "Good day Bella."

I felt her eyes on me as I walked away. I heard myself mutter, "Damn perfect smell." This was going to be a long day.

Bella's POV

Charlie and I were quiet as we drove home. He kept giving me these strange looks and I couldn't help but wonder what was on his mind. Finally we pulled up to our house and he stopped the car, but made to motion to get out. Charlie just looked at me and said, "I'm so glad you're okay Bella."

I gave my dad a little hug and said, "Its okay," I waved my arms around a bit and said, "See, no harm done.

Charlie chuckled and got out of the car. We had made it into the house when Charlie asked me something that brought me to a halt, "Where you flirting with Doctor Cullen?"

I stopped on the stairs and almost tripped when I spun around. I stuttered, "N…N…N…No."

Charlie gave me a look and I felt like a deer trapped in headlights. Oh god I hope Doctor Cullen hadn't noticed.

"Don't lie Bella," Charlie commanded crossing his arms, "You know you are bad at it."

I looked around for an escape, but there wasn't one. Charlie continued to talk. Making me feel two inches tall, "He's married you know."

"Dad," I snapped, blushing like a fiend, "So what if I was flirting. It doesn't matter. It's not like he was responding."

Charlie cocked his eyebrow and said, "You don't think he kept smiling at you like that for nothing do you?"

"Okay," I replied holding my hands up, "I'm going to my room."

I turned and sprinted up the next few steps. Not a good idea, but I did not want to hear my crazy father. I went to my room and flopped down on my bed. I groaned. Doctor Carlisle Cullen had to be the most gorgeous man alive. He was even better looking then Edward. Shaking my head I did my homework and sent mom an e-mail I hollered a goodnight at dad and then got ready for bed. Lying there in bed my thoughts drifted to Carlisle before I fell asleep.

That was the first night I dreamed about Carlisle Cullen.

Carlisle's POV

I thought about Bella all day. I couldn't get her out of my head. Her smell, her laugh, her smile, and her eyes haunted me. Lucky for me I can work while I think. Three centuries of life can give you some useful abilities.

It was finally time for my shift to end. I had ignored another advance from the head nurse, and practically ran out the door. As I drove home her voice haunted me. It had been husky and soft. Delicious. I shivered and tried to think of anything else.

The road, birds, Montana, Alaska, Esme, anything! Nothing worked. I turned the radio on and tried to lose myself in the god-awful rock music that was blaring from my speakers. Damn! There were here eyes staring at me again. I slipped in a CD and tried to lose myself in the music. It was a CD of Alice's. I listened to music and found that it only made matters worse.

I looked around and found that I was pulling up our driveway. I couldn't let Edward hear my thoughts. With all the will power possible I closed down the part of my mind that was thinking of Bella and began to think about the house. Surely there was some remolding to do. There was always some remolding to do.

I got out of the car, and entered the house. Esme met me at the door and hugged me tightly. What I had been thinking finally hit be like a bolt of lighting. I was thinking about another woman while I was still married! I was the worse kind of cad. She pulled away and asked, "Carlisle is there something wrong? You seem tense."

"Nothing you haven't already heard about I'm sure," I replied with a smile. I looked down at my wedding ring and wondered why we were still married. We no longer acted like a married couple. We both knew it was over. We were not soul mates, just too lonely souls that couldn't lie to themselves anymore.

"Yes," Esme said taking my hand, the one with the wedding ring. It haunted me.

"I'm going to go for a run," I replied. I heard Edward in the other room, and I realized that my thoughts were not closed enough. I was gone before Esme could say a word

That was the first night I avoided my family because of Isabella Swan.

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