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Dammit! What made me think that I could do this? Pack up my life and leave Jacksonville for Washington, good Lord what had possessed me to start over again?

I mean, it's not like I wasn't used to moving at the drop of a hat. Phil, my mother's husband is a minor league baseball player with a talent to be traded. My mother, Renee, loved the spontaneity of our constant moving; she was so carefree and irresponsible at times. Ugh! I had always had to be the adult...I mean, sweet Jesus, Phil wasn't even that much older than me. For the first time, though, Charlie needed me. Now pull it together Bella. That's why you have to do this. He's your father...

That is why, in the summer before my junior year of college, I decided to pack up and move my life all the way across the country at the drop of a hat (or in this case...divorce papers). When I received the call from Charlie that he had been served the papers a few weeks ago, he sounded so broken hearted. My father, the emotional invert, had just "wanted to talk," but I knew better. For him to call me at all meant it was bad.

Of course there were other motivations to leave Jacksonville, or should I say just one other motivation...Mike. I had been dating him since right after freshman orientation. He had seemed so great at the beginning, but then again, don't they all? You always get that front, that fake persona...the person they want you to see. Two years later, all I could say now was....

I. Hate. Men.

Well, at least I momentarily hated them. I told myself that if I ever saw that prick again, I might just rip his balls off and feed them to that bitch Jessica. Oh, yes...Jessica. I suppose I could put her in the category of another "motivation to leave." The word 'stereotypical' couldn't be more precise when it came to describing her. Not only was she an obvious bottle blonde, but she was slutty and dumb as a box of rocks...yes, it was settled; I was right to leave.

I arrived in Washington right after the spring semester ended. I knew that I had to get here and forego my summer vacation. My job in Jacksonville didn't have offices outside of Florida, so here I was, getting ready for another long day at work. Looking at my clock, I realized that my first shift started in less than an hour. Shit, I needed to get up and get ready. It wouldn't look good to call in late after only a month on the job.

Luckily, I had tomorrow off in order to prepare for the start of the fall semester at the University of Washington. I had just completed all the paperwork from the financial office; my students' loans and financial aid had come in. Now I just had to get everything else done.

I decided that I would hit the bookstore in the morning to start preparing myself for the school year. I groaned as I realized that I still needed to reaarange my dorm room. I needed to be able to accomodate my new (hopefully, not slutty) roommate. Also, after today I would be able to decide which of my two jobs I would keep depending on who would work with my class schedule...hopefully the coffee house.

My first job was at The Drip and Sip, a trendy and extremely popular coffeehouse on The Ave., the street that held numerous student oriented businesses in the University District. I still found it odd that there was a whole district in a city as large as Seattle dedicated to college life and atmosphere. But, at least, I didn't have to go far for much of anything. A diverse retail front of religous meet-ups and bookstores to tattoo parlors and bars.

I finished getting ready, pulling on my favorite pair of dark denim seven jeans, my work shirt, and my favorite butter colored Timberland boots. I looked at the clock again. How much time do I have? Shit! How is it already 5:40? With only twenty minutes to get there, I rushed out of the door grabbing my backpack, which was filled with clothes for work shift number two. It was going to be a long night...I could tell.


My shift went fairly smooth. There had been a lot of new students in with their parents. I watched as one young boy was trying to usher, his now sobbing, mom out the door. He was frantic, trying to say good-bye and plead for his father's help to pry his mother loose. I cringed at the sight and was suddenly grateful that Renee was in Florida. I decided to start refilling the pastry case after I wiped down the glass counter. Reluctantly wiping away smudges, only for them to return later today. I had less than an hour before I had to be at my other job. I was closing the glass display case when I heard someone clear their throat.

"Bella," my manager, Eric, called out from behind the pastry counter, "what did you need to speak with me about?"

Looking down at the cinnamon coffee cake then back up to his flat brown eyes, I started. "Um....I needed to see if you would be able to change around my shifts when the semester starts." I decided to add a strained smile, hoping it didn't make me look crazy.

"I'm sorry Bella, but when I hired you last month I told you this was the only shift opening I had," Eric sighed. Was he fucking serious?

"No, Eric. You said it was all you had at the time. You promised that when it got closer to the school year starting you would try to change my shifts around." I pleaded, starting to panic. If Eric wouldn't change my shift, I wouldn't be able to keep this job during the school year. Without this job, I wouldn't be able to afford to stay in Seattle.

"Well, I'm sorry," he stared, sounding annoyed, "but after I change to the evening shift there will no other spots available. The store manager thinks the shift leader can handle the morning until he comes in," he stated, igniting my fury and panic further.

"What?" Great, Bella. Now I was yelling at him. "Eric, I specifically told you before you hired me that I needed this job, and I told you I would need to switch shifts when it got closer to the school year." Way to get what you want, Bella. Scream a little louder? "Besides, you said most of your classes were in the afternoon." I could feel the heat climbing into my face.

"Maybe you should have been a more accommodating employee, Bella..." Did that ass just smirk at me? I knew this was going to come back and bite me in the ass. Although I had expressed absolutely no interest, Eric had skirted around the issue for awhile before deciding to ask me out a few days ago. Of course, I was polite when I turned him down, citing the inappropriate nature of employee/manager relationships. Leave it to this prick to completely fuck me over because of a little rejection. I crossed my arms over my chest. (so I wouldn't punch his stupid smirking mouth.)

I could feel that my face was completely red now, and I knew what was coming. But before I could stop it, I started screaming at him. "You arrogant self righteous prick! I should kick your ass!" Eric flinched slightly, sensing that I was completely capable of doing just that. I knew that I could, too, but that would be a bad decision. Right? Instead, I untied my apron and threw it at him.

"I quit!" I screamed as I stormed past him and left the job I had hoped to keep.

I was still seething when I walked in the front doors of The Blue Moon for my second work shift of the day. Now don't get me wrong, I loved that place. The Blue Moon was one of the oldest taverns in Seattle. It was an eclectic blend of the many generations that had passed through the city. It had survived prohibition, seen the hippies come and go (well, some of them stayed). The disco era and the wonderful 80's had the memories plastered on the walls. Best of all, of course, the grunge phenomenon of the 90's, which was cultivated here before spreading across the globe. This place had everything, including rowdy drunk college kids. Most of the kids were okay, but some of them came equipped with roaming hands and vulgar mouths. Ugh. I had seen enough of those.

That's why I had wanted to stay at the coffeehouse. I may have still got hit on, but at least I wasn't forced to wear a revealing outfit. The coffeehouse also didn't have complete asses that would 'accidently' drop something for you to bend over and pick up for them. It was gross, but I could normally handle myself and not allow my temper to overflow.

Once, and I mean so far only once, I had hit a customer. Apparently, he had taken a liking to my standard issue uniform: low cut, Blue Moon, wife beater and denim skirt. He had thought it would be cute to throw ice cubes at my chest. I disagreed. Then he thought it even more appropriate to try and retrieve one of the cubes that had landed in my bra. ...I punched him in the mouth. (Strictly for shits and giggles)

Angie, my boss, thought it was hilarious and gave me a fifty dollar bill for it. She had taken over the bar about ten years ago, after the owner, Marcus, got sick. She had been his favorite waitress here, and she definitely knew how to give as good as she got...usually better. She also encouraged the same attitude in her employees. At just over five feet tall with dark hair, equllay drak almond shaped eyes, and an olive complexion, Angie looked like a picture perfect image of the girl next door. Don't let that fool you. Angie, had taught me to check my shyness at the door, and to play the part.

I was playing the part anytime I left my room, now. No one here knew me, so it was easy enough. As soon as I walked in, she could tell I was pissed. I tended to bite my bottom lip when I was concentrating, or when I was holding my tongue. I hadn't said a word since leaving my now previous employer, mostly for fear that I might lash out at some unsuspecting person, leading them to think I was crazy. As in "Oh shit, there's that crazy bitch that just transferred here." I had to suppress a giggle at the thought.

Angie walked up to me grinning, "Hey chick, what's wrong?" I didn't respond to her.

"Well I guess that means you're staying here with me?" she asked. After I still didn't answer, a questioning look spread on her face. "What happened?"

"That ass said I wasn't an 'accommodating employee'. I had been a great employee until I turned his ass down for a date." I exploded, letting the anger come back into my voice.

"Slow down, hun. He asked you out?" I nodded. "And now he won't switch your shifts?" I shook my head, still unable to speak.

"Sugar," Angie continued, "not that I'm upset you're staying, because I'm not, but...do you want me to kick his ass?" With that I burst into laughter. I could see his bloodied nose now.

"I'm okay, Ang, promise. I'm just going to head back and get ready for my shift." I started to walk away when I remembered..."Um...Ang...I may need...."

"No worries, Bella. You can pick up Lauren's shifts, if you need to." My face must have looked confused because she continued, "I had to fire her last night, caught her screwing some frat boy in the bathroom."I laughed as I walked away; I wouldn't be missing that one.


The bar was packed, filled with college kids once again. We were knee deep in everything from freshman to graduate students, and the drunkenness was at an all time high point (along with the lame pick up lines and cat calls). Yes, the night was definitely starting to wear on me.

About thirty minutes until closing, the bar was finally starting to thin out with the exception of a few regulars and some very drunk newbie's. The regulars had learned over time that the very drunk newbie girls were the easiest to take home at the end of the night. Not only that, but they didn't even need to spend a dime of their own money to get the girls drunk in the first place. Disgusting.

I tried to usher as many of the girls into cabs as I could, but there were always some stragglers. Looking around, I spotted a pretty red head that couldn't walk the length of the bar without holding onto the stools for support. I had just finished cleaning my stations when I saw her stumble. I was already walking towards her when I heard a voice call out, "Hey, are you okay? Let me help you up sweetie."

Uh oh...I know that voice. "James," I called out, seeing him wrapping his arms around the red head already. James was definitely one of the more disgusting regulars, and a man-whore to boot. I had seen to many girls taken advantage by him before I could intervene. Finally, I was going to get my chance. "I got it, James. You go ahead and clear out. I'm going to put her in a cab." I told him sternly, wrapping an arm around the red head's waist, attempting to steady her.

"Awww Bella, don't be like that. I was going make sure she got a ride home." I scoffed. "Hey sweetie," he cooed, "do you want me to give you a ride home?" I shot him a glare.

"James, I got it," I replied, tightening my grasp on the girl's waist, out of James' reach. "Just leave. I mean, Jesus, she's barely coherent." I couldn't believe that he was that hard up.

He laughed, making my skin crawl. "Just the way I like them...easy prey," he smirked. Sick, bastard! I had had enough.

"I'm not going to say it again. You need to leave. The bar is closed." I spat the words at him, and before I knew it he had a hold of my wrist. His tight grip sent pain shooting down my fingers. If I hadn't been supporting the weight of the drunken chick, I would have socked him. Number two and counting...

Before I could, though, he was on the ground. I hadn't seen someone else in here with us. Had Angie come out of the back? I pulled my gaze off the beer glazed hardwood floor, and my mouth fell open. Definitely not Angie!

Standing before me was a gorgeous man. He was at least six feet tall, with unruly, sexy bronze hair, creamy skin, and a statuesque body. I was fighting the urge to touch him when I brought my gaze to meet his eyes, a vivid green, so intense that for a moment I couldn't even form words. Standing before me was the body of a god, in denim and Polo.

"Th-thank you." I stammered. He grinned the most beautiful crooked grin, and I felt my face flush. I had to avert my eyes.

"You seemed in need of help. I apologize if my brother was a jerk."

"You're related to him!" I squealed, unable to contain my shock. Shut up Bella! He's gunna think you're a jerk. "Sorry," I stammered, "I didn't ....I mean...ummmm..."

"It's okay, were not related he's my frat brother. I came to keep him out of trouble," he sighed, seeming vaguely annoyed. I wasn't sure if the annoyance was directed at me or not, so I did what I do best....played the part.

"Well, thank you for your help, but the bar is closed, and I need to finish up. Will you make sure he gets home or should I get him a cab as well?" I said calmly pointing to James.

He looked a little stunned at my abrupt change, but he recovered quickly. "No, I got him." Now he looked angry. What is his problem? Oh yeah, you Bella! He must think you're bi-polar.

I watched them leave before ushering the girl outside to wait for a cab. Thankfully, by the time the taxi pulled up, she was sober enough to tell the driver her address. I closed her door, handed the driver some cash, and turned to go back in to help lock up. In the parking lot was a shiny silver Volvo; he was leaning against it, staring at me.

God, he was just too sexy, sitting there eyeing me. I wondered why he was still there, though. Maybe he was waiting for one of the other girls that worked tonight? Lucky girl.

Bella, you are turning a bit schizo. First, you are having a full-fledged conversation with yourself. Now, you are imagining a hot guy staring at you. Freak!

I shook it off before heading back inside. Just then, Angie emerged from the back, asking where I'd been. I explained everything. She had a good laugh about James, saying something about him getting what he deserved and wishing she had been up front to see it. I think she wished more that she could have been the one to push him. That's when I asked her about him.

"You said he was tall and gorgeous with sexy hair?" Angie asked. I nodded. "Like pretty hair or like after sex hair?"

"Definitely sex hair." I couldn't help but giggle, my mind running with thoughts of my giving him sex hair.

"You slut, Bella," she said laughing. "You like him."

"What are you talking about Ang? Have you ever seen me talk to a guy here, any guy?" I said, embarrassed that she could see my obvious attraction.

"No, I haven't. I had started to think that you were a nun." She was full on laughing. "Maybe you would like me to hook you up with a girl instead?" she teased. "Maybe that red head you escorted outside tonight?"

"Angela!" I gave her my best warning look.

"My, my Isabella, don't get your panties in a twist." She gave me her best 'girl next door' smile.

I just glared at her, trying to ignore her teasing. I knew she didn't mean anything by it. Angie had asked me before if I wanted her to introduce me to some nice guys, but after I told her about Mike, she understood my hesitation. Of course, that didn't stop her from teasing me every now and then.

"You do like him," Angie smirked. "Dammit, Bella, you're blushing like a school girl." She was really amused. I, however, was not. Then she winked at me. So not funny, Ang.

"Whatever, Ang." I shot at her. Whoa! Great comeback there, Swan. Dee da dee.

"So, tell me Bella, what else did you notice about him?" She purred at me.

"Well, like I said, he had sexy hair." Ang nodded, encouraging me. "He had the most intense green eyes and pretty lips."

Angie started laughing. "Pretty lips?"

"You know, like those lips that you just want to run your tongue across? Those pretty lips." I could see my tongue on his, as I explained it to her.

"Mmmmhmmm, is that all you noticed?" She cooed at me. What's with the interogation?

"No!" I was getting embarrassed by her questions.

"Oh wow. Bella has a thing for Mr. Pretty Lips Sex Hair!" She was in a fit of giggles, again.

"No, I don't. I don't even know his name," I spat at her. Hello Officer Obvious, just ask her. Duh!

"It's Edward," a velvety voice said.

My jaw dropped as I spun to see him standing in the doorway. Please, God, tell me he did not just hear what I said.



These past few months had to have been one of my worst summer breaks. I went home for the break to spend the summer with my on again-off again girlfriend, Tanya. But it seemed that she had been enjoying my absence a little too much. Every time we went out anywhere, guys flocked to her. Not that that's unusual. Tanya was beautiful. Her long blond hair that cascaded down to her waist and silvery blue eyes were enough to get any man interested. That fact that she has a body to worship doesn't hurt either. But what was unusual about everything was her openness with them.

She was too comfortable with some of the men that came to introduce themselves to me. I could see the challenge in their eyes, letting me observe that during our last off-again time she had 'explored' other options. And clearly not just one or two options, it seemed. When I questioned her about all her new male friends, she denied that anything had happened. So I did something I knew would pull the truth out of her, I ignited her temper.

"I don't really care who you hooked up with while I was gone, Tanya. I mean, you wouldn't believe the girls at campus...they gave me a good enough distraction." I said as nonchalantly as I could, hoping she would laugh like it was a joke. Either that, or...

"Edward, you can be such a...such a prick," she scowled. "You can have your distractions. Lord knows I have had mine. Believe me, I have been 'distracted' the whole time you've been gone."

I pulled away from her and stood up. Just then the realization came to her eyes, I had tricked her. I smiled at her fury, leaned in and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek and walked away. Good riddance. Later that day I told my parents, Carlisle and Esme, that I was heading back to school a little early. They thought I was just being responsible and told me how proud they were of me as they said their goodbyes.

I called my sister, Alice, and let her know that I would be coming home soon. Home was a little condo just off The Ave. It was close to campus and private. Alice refused to have anything to do with sorority life; she called them clones and sheep. I had only joined to make my father happy. So, I petitioned my fraternity to stay off campus with Alice and my brother, Emmett. Reluctantly, they had agreed.

I wasn't going to call Emmett; I would just see him when I got back. I mean, I hardly saw him as it was; he basically lived at his girlfriend, Rosalie's, apartment. It wouldn't be long until he officially moved in there. Alice and I had discussed maybe getting another roommate. I mean, not that we needed the money; our family was pretty well off. Carlisle was a doctor--a very sought after doctor in his field, and Esme was an interior designer.

Even so, Alice and I liked to have someone else with us. We were so close that people usually thought we were dating when they saw us. When we explained that we were twins, they got it. But like with all close sibling relationships, there came the need to argue points, to outdo the other, to be right. That's where we needed the divider in the house. Emmett had always been our sounding board, laughing at our petty arguments before settling them.

Yes, if he moved out we would need someone else there to break the tension. Alice was livid when I told her about Tanya on the phone. One second Alice was streaming out obsenities, the next she was smug. She claimed that she had been telling me all along that she knew. Tanya had never lived up to Alice's standards. Although, to be fair...when it came to me, no one did. She was already plotting to have some friends back home pay Tanya a visit. Evil little pixie, that one.

It was Saturday, and since all my weekend plans were now open, I decided to head to the Blue Moon to blow off some steam. It was a college favorite of mine. A never ending cycle of people flowed through that place. With the bar so close to campus, during the school year it became the hot spot for the freshman girls. Naturally, my frat brothers were all about that. I was usually entertained by their antics, but I had never participated. Tanya and I had been dating since senior year of high school, and regardless of what I told her, I hadn't been with anyone since we decided to try and make the long distance thing work. Well, that worked out well, huh?

It was a wonder what a few hours' drive away from me could do to her restraint. I should have known that she wouldn't have been faithful. She had been a bit promiscuous in high school, but I had thought she had calmed down...apparently not.

I arrived at the tavern pretty late and the crowd was already thinning out. I decided to only get one drink and then head home. I knew Alice was dying to tell me her plan of revenge for poor Tanya. I should probably tell her not to do anything...No! Fuck that! Tanya deserves whatever she gets. I had to grin at the thought of Alice at home being devious. She was a great sister. Approaching the bar, I could hear one of my frat brother's voices when I got to the door. I waited for my eyes to adjust to the dimness. I knew he would still be here, like usual; at least I'd have someone to drink with. Yeah, cause there's nothing like post-break up solo drinking.

"James," I called out to him.

"What's up, Edward?" He waved me over to the table he was sitting at. "Want a beer, brother?"

"Sure," I sighed, "I could really use the drink." He knew I wasn't the sharing type, so he didn't ask.

"You got it man. Let me just grab you one," James said. He started to walk to the bar to get the drinks when he got sidetracked.

James stopped mid track to the bar. I followed his gaze to a pretty red head who was so drunk that she was gripping one of the bar stools trying to get her balance. I knew what was coming, I wasn't getting my beer, and he was going to take her home. He could really be a jerk; this girl was beyond inebriated, and I doubt she could even see what he looked like through her drunken haze. Just then, she stumbled and hit the floor.

"Hey, are you okay? Let me help you up sweetie," he said, attempting to be chivalrous, standing over her and offering her his hand. Poor, dumb girl just looked up at him.

"James," a sultry voice cut in, "I got it. You go ahead and clear out. I'm gunna put her in a cab." She sounded stern. I couldn't really make her out, though. The lights from behind the bar made me shield my eyes.

"Awww, Bella. I was going make sure she got a ride home. Hey, sweetie, do you want me to give you a ride home?" I shot him a look; he knew her name. Bella? Did I know a Bella? I wonder how he knew this girl that was standing up to him?

"James, I got it. Just leave. I mean, Jesus, she's barely coherent," she replied. I could hear the disdain in her words. Maybe she knew the drunk girl.

James just laughed at her. "Just the way I like them. Easy prey." I groaned. He was drunk and was being a real jerk.

"I'm not going to say it again. You need to leave. The bar is closed," she reprimanded him. Before I knew it, James had a hold of her arm. What in the hell is he thinking? If Angie saw him, she'd kick his ass. You don't mess with Angie's girls. I got up and quickly closed the distance between us. He was gripping her too tight. I could distinctly see the pain on her face and something else...anger. Yup, she was definitely one of Angie's.

I needed to diffuse the situation and quick. I mean, I knew he was a perv who took advantage of drunken freshman, but he should know better than to physically put his hands on a woman like that. I grabbed James' arm and roughly pushed him back off of the woman. He drunkenly stumbled, hitting the floor pretty hard, his head making a loud thunk, as it bounced on the hardwood.

James looked up, confused, into my stern glare. Without a word, he knew he had overstepped...and in front of me. James pulled himself into a sitting position and laid his head on his knees. His blond hair was now hiding his eyes. I looked over to see if the girl was okay. I hadn't even taken the time to see what she looked like when I intervened.

She wore a pair white Nike Air Force One sneakers which led up to bare legs...creamy, beautiful bare legs that I wanted to instantly run my hands down. Her legs ran on for what seemed like miles before hitting a denim skirt that barely fell mid-thigh and Blue Moon wife beater with the neck cut into a vee to reveal the swell of her breasts. It was a normal outfit for any of the girls that worked here, but I was amazed. My cock twitched in my jeans at my wonder of what she had on under her 'uniform.'

Stop it Edward, your frat brother basically just assaulted her. Get your eyes off her tits and apologize. I brought my eyes to her face and the words were caught in my throat, she was standing there, mouth slightly open gawking at me. I think her hair was brown, maybe red, I couldn't tell in the bar lighting. She had the deepest chocolate colored eyes set behind a thick expanse of long lashes and full pink lips. Suck able lips...dammitt Edward stop fantasizing about her and talk before she thinks you're a mute.

"Th-thank you." The words stumbled out of her pretty mouth; I had to grin at my thoughts again. She looked away.

Jesus, pull yourself together. "You seemed in need of help. I apologize if my brother was a jerk," I started. That was better.

"You're related to him?" she almost yelled out. "Sorry, I didn't...I mean...ummmm" Was she embarrassed?

"It's okay, were not related he's my frat brother." I explained. "I came to keep him out of trouble." It was the truth, and I could kick James right there on the floor for making me look like arrogant frat boy with him.

"Well, thank you for your help, but the bar is closed, and I need to finish up. Will you make sure he gets home, or should I get him a cab as well?" she replied in an icy tone. What just happened? Did I say something to piss her off?

I backtracked over the encounter...no, nothing. I wanted to kick James even more now. He had pissed this girl off enough for the both of us. "No, I got him." I hauled him up off the ground and helped his drunken ass outside. I wanted to put him in a cab, but as pissed as I was, I felt obligated to ensure that he got back to the fraternity house safely.

I nearly dragged him to the car; he kept tripping over his own feet in his stupor. I opened the passenger door to my car and plopped him into it. He better not puke in here, or he'll be paying to have it detailed. I heard the door to bar open and then slam shut.

Bella was dragging the red head, in much the same way I had just dragged James. She got her to the cab door and gently sat the drunken girl inside the backseat. I heard Bella ask the girl where she lived and if she was alright. She pulled a twenty out of her pocket and handed it to the driver telling him to make sure the red head arrived home safe.

Wait, she didn't know the girl? She had stepped in to help her without knowing her...intriguing. Most people here would have just shook their head and kept on going. I was truly amazed; she was extremely hot and was a good person.

I wondered how good she could be, and my cock twitched again; it was starting to get uncomfortable. I knew I should have left, but I couldn't stop watching her. She had the slightest sway to her hips and her breasts bounced softly with each step she took. Her hair was long and wavy and fell just over her shoulders; I could see my fingers wrapping themselves in it. I could picture pulling handfuls of her hair and the things I could do to that tight body.

My dick was aching and brought me out of my reverie. She was looking at me. Had she seen me staring at her? Shit, Cullen, get some control. You're acting like a puberty ridden teenager. She looked down and quickly walked back inside.

The moment she was out of my sight, I knew I had to see her, speak to her, and apologize again. I pulled the seatbelt around James, turned the ignition on long enough to roll his window down, and told him I'd be right back. He answered with some sort of grunt I took to be okay.

I hurried back to the door of the bar hoping that she hadn't already locked it. Just as I was about to close my hand around the knob, I heard her voice. Damn, it sounded so sexy, and she was talking about me. She just said I had sex hair. I had to stop my laughter when someone else implied she was interested in me. Please be interested.

As she began talking, I stood at the doorway and listened for her response. Bella quickly retorted, and my face fell as she asked Angie if she had ever seen her speak to a guy. Hold on, I had not seen her last semester...maybe she was a local or freshman? But if she was a freshman, how would Angie have seen her talking to guys? Angie's voice brought me back when she said something about liking other girls.

I have to admit I was both disappointed and excited, My cock pressing harder against the denim of my jeans at the new wave of thoughts of Bella and another girl. My imagination was being erratic. Then I heard it.

"You do like him. Dammit, Bella, you're blushing like a school girl," Angie said, almost laughing now. And then I knew that she had seen me, standing in the doorway. Angie flashed her eyes to me a gave a quick wink. She was pressing her employee for details. Angie wanted to know what else she had noticed about me. Then, the heavens opened up and smiled down on me. She had said something about my lips being lickable. OhJesusLordinHeaven! Who was I to deny her the opportunity at licking my lips. Of course, to appease her, not myself. I was brought out of my fantasy with a very loud No!, from Bella.

"No, I don't. I don't even know his name," she spat at her, but I heard something, other than anger, in her voice that made me want to tell her.

"It's Edward," I said as smoothly as I could manage with the ever-present thoughts in my head.

She turned and fixed her gaze on me; she had the faintest hint of a blush. I wanted to touch her so badly that I couldn't help myself as I walked the rest of the way in and offered her my hand.

The electric current that ran through my body when she shook my hand made my breathe catch. She looked up at me through heavy lashes and simply said, "Bella."

"Bella." Her name just rolled off my tongue. "I just wanted to apologize again for my friend's crude behavior." Be calm Cullen.

"That's fine. Stuff like that happens all the time. No worries." She sounded so calm, about it.

"What do you mean all the time? I've never seen you here before," I blurted out. I hadn't meant to voice that. Stupid.

"She's been here a little over a month...since right after school let out," Angie answered, winking at me. "Just because you haven't graced us with your presence in months, Edward, doesn't mean the world stops," she laughed at me.

Bella giggled, amused. Wow. How I wanted to hear that sound again. "I'm sorry. Of course...then do you go to school here?"

"Yes, I transferred in, my classes start this week." Transferred? That meant she was no freshman. Score!

"So will you still be working here once classes start?" Please say yes.

Instead I got, "Why do you care? Afraid I'll kick your buddy out again?"

"What? No...I mean I'm sorry I was just hoping to see you again." Shit. Did I just say that out loud? I looked up at them and both their eyes were wide. Then she bit her lower lip and blushed. She was so sexy.

"You sure do apologize a lot, Edward, was it?" she giggled

I was about to say sorry again, when I thought about what she had said. What in the hell was wrong with me? I knew that I hadn't been single in awhile, so I was fairly out of practice, but she had me falling all over myself. I needed to get it together and quick.

"Well?" I questioned. I wished she would just answer. Why was I so nervous?

"Well what?" She was playing with me! Okay, I'd play. Boy, would I ever like to play with her.

"Can I see you again?" I smiled, giving her the best grin I had in my arsenal.


Soooooo, what did ya' think??