Pairing: GrimmIchi

Plot: Ichigo had never really found an interest in sports, save martial arts, of course. He is about to learn the true meaning of 'supporting your colours.'

Warnings: Yaoi, Sexual content, Foul language. OOCness, my bad.

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AN: I often ask myself why do I seem to enjoy tormenting my OTP this much, then the answer springs up whilst I'm reading my favourite fanfictions at the moment. It's 'cause their too damn hot together when their angry and pissed off at one another. But lets be realistic.

Baring Your Colours

Chapter XX

The shimmering look seeking forgiveness was too irresistible to Grimmjow. He never thought he would be pussy enough to lower himself down into forgiving his mate for willingly letting another Alpha touch him, from a look. He found himself doing it any way.

'I know baby, I know.'

After all, there would be compensation later on. Evil Smirk.

Ichigo knew there was something wrong the second a blistering heat took over his body, that he was sure had nothing to do with what Nnoitra was doing to his body. As if from the deep dark reaches of his mind and soul, feelings that he had fought to keep at bay were fighting to be brought to the front of his mind and thoroughly explored. All at the same time.

The heat was becoming so intense that he was unaware that Nnoitra's eager hands had left his body, though fighting to return. His mind was not on the Quinto Espada though. His thoughts were being infiltrated and wound by the one he, himself, had been fighting against for what felt like eons.

A sudden spike of pleasure racked through his very being. The blue eyes that had been haunting him were flashing inside his closed eyelids. He couldn't escape the undeniable need to feel Grimmjow again. His back arched as his prostate was assaulted slowly but incredibly violently. It was as if his mind was conjuring the feel of his master inside him, tortuously slow movements that had him reached to caress his own body, willing the sinful hands to replace his own. Another hard thrust had him screaming out his master's name.


Any urge to fight the feelings taking over him were quickly abolished by the blinding pleasure. His rational self was calling for him to snap out of it, to not give in to what it called 'that monster'. He didn't heed that warning, he didn't care to. Why fight what he had been dying to feel for so long, giving into temptation was the easiest decision he had ever had to make. A blanket of comfort and protection was slipping over him. Why had he fought Grimmjow for so long if this is what being mated to him was going to feel like?

The cries of an enraged Nnoitra were blocked out by a sudden static muffle. He panicked a little before relief flowed through at the sound of Grimmjow's voice. Dear God, he hadn't realised how much he had missed it!

'Nah, he didn't. Did ya my little Ichi-pet?' The low voice was like a caress across his heated skin, taming the fiery inferno that was his undulated lust.

'Nya~h! No Master Grimmjow-sama~a!' With his eyes still closed, Ichigo moaned for more of his master's ministrations. He wasn't quite sure what Grimmjow was actually referring to, he was just agreeing with what ever he was saying through the invisible connection. Instinct told him to look towards his left, he couldn't understand why, but just followed his baser instincts.

Out of nowhere he envisioned Grimmjow standing a couple of feet from the bed, watching his love come undone. Ichigo could even imagine the smug smirk on his face with the knowledge that only he could get Ichigo into this state without even physically touching him.

'Tell him, Ichigo. Tell him exactly why you chose him over me. Don't worry, baby, I won't get mad.' Under ordinary circumstances, Ichigo was sure he would be shouting about being called something as mushy as 'baby', but he couldn't find it in him. Instead he managed to blush like a girl and even flutter his eyes open. He tried to open his mouth to speak out to wherever Grimmjow happened to be talking from, but his laboured breaths prevented his voice from coming out more than a soft whisper.


'Yes, baby?' There was the mushy sentiment again, though it only managed to darken his blush further. All thoughts of lying and betraying his feelings were instantly quashed by wave after wave of heavy pleasure. He couldn't do anything but speak the truth to his love.

'I w-wanted to for … wanted to forget ab-b-bout …' And that was the utmost truth. He had wanted to. I mean, what kind of idiot falls in love with someone who could do such a thing to a person without a second thought or hesitation? Apparently, he was now one of those fools who put love before any rational thought, but if it was going to feel this good

'How I make you feel? How much you know you wanted me and it felt so wrong you couldn't stand to look at yourself in the mirror?' It was scary how well Grimmjow knew what he was thinking. It exact thoughts had gone through his head as he trained with the Vizards, talked to Aizen and Orihime. Even as he was kneeling before Nnoitra. He supposed that he could officially class himself as insane and just be done with it. There was no going back now after declaring such a thing. Grimmjow's fangs had finally reached his core, and be damned if he was ever going to get them out again. Or if he even wanted them gone.

'S-S-Sorr – Sorry … I d-didn'. I didn't mean to~.' Grimmjow's voice was so gentle with him, understanding. I heard the edge of pain in his words, as if he had been deeply hurt by the decision and was trying to be the bigger man about it. It was very endearing in his fuzzy mind. He tried to speak long enough to apologise for hurting him, but he managed to get his message across.

'I know baby, I know.'

An amused smile crossed Aizen's mouth as he watched the scene develop before him, Gin at his side.

'So what ya gonna do know they're all "happy couples" now? Didn't 'cha want Ichi-kun fer yerself?'

Aizen leaned against his propped up arm, not facing his companion. 'Interesting, did I really give off that possibility to you, Gin.' A teasing tone to his voice.

If possible, Gin's smile widened, 'Ya can never tell with you, Aizen-taichou.'

Aizen merely smirked, but did not respond. His sight was cast on the faces of his "players". How he loved to watch as his set up scenes developed so smoothly as only a true master can fully understand. Though … always pre-deciding what was to occur did have it's set backs. That is, as long as they didn't interrupt the final outcome.

'So whatcha gonna do now, Aizen-taichou? Let them squirm, or open up the tin can?'

'Aah, now that would be telling, Gin.'

A/N: Even shorter than the last one. But I like this disjointed way of putting things. It makes things more interesting - to me anyway - to see all the different angles.

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