It's Called a Heart Attack

This is what I call a maybe/maybe not fic. I might take this idea and run with it, I've got a vague (very vague) plot in mind, or I may never actually get around the real story. Maybe/maybe not.

The small wire door of the cage squeaked lightly as it opened. Kitty's pale blue eyes stared directly into the small opening for several heartbeats before she took a deep, calming breath, forcing all her muscles to relax as she exhaled slowly. Her right arm rose hesitantly, hovering at about waist-height before quickly settling palm up on the soft, mulch-like bedding covering the cage floor.

Almost immediately something small and wet began exploring soft expanse of her upturned hand. A light skittering sound, sharp and piercing against the otherwise silence of the room, echoed loudly in her ears as the soft wetness was accompanied by something long and thin brushing against and tickling her fingers. Her whole body seized up, her shoulders locking, back straitening, legs tensing, as her 'fight or flight' instinct responded to the stimuli created by the creature in the cage.

Something soft and warm began sliding along her hand, brushing against her fingers, and ghosting along her palm. It tickled and itched, causing her whole hand to clench a little involuntarily.

"30 seconds." Kitty barely heard Rogue's quiet announcement of the half-way mark over the pounding of her pulse as the tickling softness was replaced by tiny, needle-like pricks traveling along her palm and…oh God it was climbing up her wrist!

Something warm and almost rubbery swiped across the length of her hand, and it was all Kitty could do to smother the shriek forming in the back of her throat. It escaped as small, weak sounding whimper as the rat moved curiously up her arm, pausing to sniff her elbow.

For a moment, Kitty just stared at the roughly cat-sized creature sitting on her arm. Its nose twitched again, making the long, whisper thin whiskers brush along her sweater. Eyes like tiny black holes peered up at her, and she bit her lip, desperately fighting the urge to phase through her chair.

Becoming bored with the narrow area of her arm, the rodent leapt from her elbow to her lap, and Kitty flinched involuntarily, a sick gulping noise sounding in the base of her throat. Her arms raised about shoulder level, hands clenched into fists so tight she was certain she drew blood.

"45 seconds."

Her breathing began to increase as her lungs constricted, insisting that she was not getting enough air, although she knew she was on the verge of hyperventilating. The rat stood on its hind legs, its front paws resting against her stomach and she felt those tiny claws through her pink sweater as it quickly climbed up to her shoulder. She tried to focus on the color, light, cotton candy pink, like marshmallows or sun sets, so that she would not be focusing on the tiny pins she could feel exploring the area where her neck connected with her shoulder.

"55 seconds."

Oh no…


…that warm little nose was poking around behind her ear…


…her eyes clenched shut, but she could still feel that naked little tail curling around her neck, resting over her shoulder…


…her fingers gripped the sides of chair until her knuckles turned white…


…eeek, it was in her hair.


No sooner had the word been uttered, Kitty exploded from the chair in a frenzy of fear and panic. "Getitoffgetitoffgetitoffgetitoff!"