Title: Unleashed 1/2
Rating: PG-13 (violence!)
Summary: What if the team had no back-up plan and Eliot really had been drugged?
Spoilers: The Tap-Out Job
Author's Note: I'll try to get chapter 2 done tomorrow. Just a quick team h/c fic because some people requested some drugged!Eliot action. Hope you enjoy!!!

The fight was going well, as well as a fight you had to lose could go. Tank could take a hit, so Eliot dished out some punishment before he had to go down. He figured they could trade blows for the first round and then he'd drop at some point in the second. At least that had been the plan before the world started to tilt.

The drugs hit fast.

One second Eliot was easily dodging a left hook, the next he was blinking hard, trying to figure out where he was as a fist connected with his jaw. He fell back but instead of hitting the ground he felt himself being supported by some kind of rope or fence behind him. Suddenly all he knew was that the world was blurry and loud and he was under attack in an unknown place. His control slipped away with his coherence and as a kick slammed into his ribs his survival instincts took over completely.

This was life or death now.

This was Eliot unleashed.

Outside the ring Nate could just barely detect the change. Eliot had been doing well, taking hits where he needed to but not making it look set up. But then he dodged a punch and stopped short. Just before Tank's fist connected Nate could see Eliot's eyes become unfocussed and his heart dropped into his stomach.

"Oh no," he whispered, grabbing the water bottle and sniffing it. It was barely there, a hint of medicine. Rucker had drugged Eliot even though he had agreed to go down. Nate looked up to see Eliot take a second hit to his ribs, then he stormed over to Rucker. "You stupid son of a bitch! You drugged him!"

Next to Rucker, Sophie's eyes widened, "What?"

"He said he'd go down!" Parker protested but Rucker was unphased.

"I wasn't about to take the word of a bunch of conmen. It'll be over in a minute," he said confidently.

"You're right, it will," Nate assured him ominously, going back to the ring to watch Eliot more closely.

Sophie shook her head as they all watched Eliot recover and take the fight in a very different direction. Gone were the wrestling holds and take-downs, Eliot had shifted into his fluid, hard movements meant to disarm men bigger than Tank in a matter of seconds.

"You idiot," Sophie berated Rucker as Eliot landed blow after wild blow so quickly that Tank couldn't even fall down. "Eliot doesn't fight for sport or a career, he fights to survive. It takes all his control not to kill! You just took the safety off the gun!"

Back in the ring Eliot could sense that he only had one opponent and he was weakening, but so was Eliot. The drugs were making him hazier by the second making his blows more frantic, more primal as he knew he had to take out his enemy before he succumbed to whatever was effecting him. Tank's face was destroyed by this point and he was more trying to get away than fight back. Pushing against the ropes he fell to the floor and tried to crawl. Eliot stayed on him, never relenting, pushed by survival.

"He's gonna kill him," Hardison noted fearfully.

"Ref, break it up! Now! He's gonna kill him!" Nate warned. The ref was in Rucker's pocket though and looked to the promoter.

"Tell him to call it! He can't stop himself," Sophie yelled. Rucker's eyes were wide with fear for his fighter and from his opponent. Finally he nodded.

"Okay, that's it! Fight's over," the ref shouted and tried to pull Eliot away from the bleeding, motionless Tank.

In Eliot's mind though another opponent had just snuck up behind him. Snapping around quickly, eyes wild, he smashed an elbow into the ref's temple and then kneed him hard in the gut.

"Hey!" People outside the ring began shouting in anger, half of whom were fighters the size of Tank or bigger. As Eliot brought a hammerfist down on the ref's back, fighters and even Rucker himself started to swarm the ring to try to stop him.

"Nate, what do we do?" Sophie asked, rushing over.

"We can't do anything. If he's drugged he won't recognize us. We have to wait for him to go down," Nate explained.

Parker motioned to the half dozen fighters swearing and scrambling into the ring, "They're going to kill him!"

Nate shook his head, "It's not Eliot I'm worried about, yet."

There was an animalistic growl then suddenly bodies were falling and flying everywhere. Eliot's movements were fluid, precise as he kicked at joints and punched at pressure points, conserving his energy. If his enemies kept coming he had to keep fighting, even if he didn't know where he was and his ears were pounding with white noise and his eyes could only make out shapes. Violence and survival guided him. He punched one man in the throat, dropping him instantly while he kicked out the knee of the next man and elbowed the one after that in the nose so hard he dropped unconscious.

"Eliot, stop! It's over!" Hardison yelled desperately. They all yelled, knowing better than to try to get closer, but Eliot couldn't hear them over the thrumming sound of his blood.

Someone finally connected a blow, a straight punch to Eliot's eye. He rolled with the momentum of the hit, spun back to his former position and broke the man's arm.

As the first group of fighters that swarmed the ring went down one by one to Eliot's ferocious onslaught, the others outside the ring began to back away, eyes flashing terror and no desire to get anywhere near the force of destruction that had been unleashed. Soon there was only Rucker and two other fighters in the ring with Eliot. While the hitter dished out a series of quick strikes to bring down a man twice his size, the last remaining fighter came up behind Eliot and grabbed him in a chokehold as Eliot finished off his opponent.

"Son of a bitch," Rucker muttered, emboldened by Eliot's seemingly defenseless position he rushed forward and punched the hitter hard in the stomach and face. He might as well not have bothered. With a grunt Eliot kicked forward, hitting Rucker in the gut and knocking the wind out of him. With the same movement he snapped his head back, head butting the man holding him and probably breaking his nose before delivering an upper cut that knocked him out.

Then he pounced on Rucker, the only man still standing. Eliot couldn't tell the difference at the moment but Rucker wasn't a fighter, he was a manager, and he practically squealed in horror as Eliot came for him. The hitter felt his eyes wanting to close, his body betraying him from the drugs. One left, his senses told him. One left to take care of then you can rest.

Rucker took two hits to the temple before went down, but he went down with Eliot on top of him. Half-collapsing to the ground, the crowd was silent as Eliot ground-and-pounded Rucker's face in for long seconds, delivering wild blow after blow. Finally there was only the sound of shocked gasps and several women crying.

Eliot sensed the threat was over, his adrenaline died, his instincts congratulated him and his eyes rolled up into his head as he passed out.

"Go, now, he's down!" Nate instructed the team as he climbed into the ring, wanting to reach Eliot before any of the angry by-standers did. Parker and Hardison followed him while Sophie ran for a familiar face in the crowd.

"Mr. Holworth, we have to get Eliot out of here. Can you help us?" she asked quickly, hating to request anything from the man they were trying to help but seeing no other choice.

"Course. Go bring a car around, I'll help your friends," he promised and she smiled in thanks before disappearing outside.

Back in the ring Nate checked Eliot over while Parker and Hardison watched the crowd, ready to do whatever would be necessary to keep them back. So far they mostly just seemed stunned by what they had seen.

"Eliot. Eliot, can you hear me?" Nate asked, lightly tapping Eliot's cheek. There was absolutely no response and Nate cringed when he saw blood on his fingers. Eliot was bruised everywhere and there was blood trickling from his mouth and a cut on his temple. There was more on his chest but Nate didn't think that was Eliot's.

"God, look at Rucker," Parker whispered, uncharacteristically mortified.

"He's gonna need a hospital," Hardison agreed, gulping at the sight of the mess that used to be Rucker's face.

"Somebody call an ambulance!" Nate yelled to the stunned crowd.

"Several!" Hardison amended, taking in the unconscious bodies across the floor. "Call several ambulances. And ask for really strong paramedics, these guys are heavy."

Nate looked up when he heard someone entering the ring but sighed when he saw it was Mr. Holworth.

"Mr. Ford, your friend said you could use a hand. She went out front to get the car," he explained.

"Good, thank you. Grab an arm, please," Nate requested, indicating they had to move Eliot.

"Shouldn't a doctor look at him?" Holworth asked.

"No time, we gotta get out of here. Besides, doctor will have his hands full," Nate replied, pulling one of Eliot's arms over his shoulders. Holworth wasn't a huge man but he worked a farm all his life and knew how to lift. He took most of Eliot's weight.

"Hardison, ropes," Nate instructed. Hardison rushed ahead and held the ropes open as Nate and Holworth tried to manipulate Eliot out of the ring with Parker on the floor helping to guide them.

"Watch his hair," she suggested as they slipped his head through the ropes. When they were down Hardison took charge of clearing a path.

"All right, show's over folks. This man needs a hospital, move! Don't make me ask twice, come on! Emergency here! Make a path! I will call your mama, move!" Hardison demanded, leading the way out the doors.

Sophie was waiting on the curb, engine running, back door open. Nate got in the back first and Holworth handed Eliot to him, then got in the front seat.

There wasn't enough room in the car for all of them so Hardison leaned in the window, "Parker and I will take the van and meet up with you."

"Be careful!" Nate shouted to them as they disappeared.

"How is he?" Sophie asked as they pulled out.

"I can't be sure until he wakes up," Nate replied. "I don't think he took any hits worse than what he normally does but who knows what the drugs will do to him. Mr. Holworth, did the hospital tell you what was in Mark's system after his fight?"

"I can't remember the name," he admitted apologetically. "They said it was a mild sedative mixed with something else that causes confusion, haziness. The drugs weren't what hurt him though, it was the beating he took because of them."

"Okay, that's good for Eliot at least," Nate replied from the backseat with Eliot's head resting in his lap as the hitter lay sprawled over the seat. "Sophie, don't go back to the hotel. I have a feeling Rucker knew we were staying there and I don't think any of his people are going to be too happy with us."

"Where are we going then?" she asked.

"There's a hotel near the edge of town, kind of seedy," Holworth told them. "Cash only kind of place, if that's what you're looking for."

"Sounds good, give Sophie the directions," Nate requested quickly turning his attention to Eliot, opening each of the hitter's eyelids to check their responsiveness. Hardison and Parker checked in that they would follow and Nate tilted his head back against the seat, exhausted as he felt the weight of Eliot's unconscious body across his legs. This con had gone worse than the First David Job and again, it was Eliot who had gotten hurt. It was beginning to be a disheartening trend.


I'll try to get the aftermath written tomorrow. Hope this filled the drugged!Eliot quota!