This is the next story to Where Oh Where Thou Art Thy Romeo. The story takes place before what happen to Percy and Annabeth. When Aphrodite gave Luke that curse! Luke tries to get with Thalia but something happens to Luke that forces him not to! What will happen? Will Luke get the girl or will he have to live his life alone!

Casing the Sun but Losing the Moon: Chapter One

Luke's POV

It was happening again. That thing with my mom. Where her eyes turn bright green and she starts to shake, chanting " Not my poor Luke! Don't do it" Do what? So I sat there cooped up in the bedroom closet, hiding from her. I hugged my knees and bit my lip. I should be use to this kind of thing, it happens every two days, but I was still scared. I never knew what she meant. I didn't know what was going to happen to me. I bet my father knew. No, I knew my father knew. That baster! He never told me why she was like this whenever I asked him. Why did he leave? I knew he wanted me go to some camp because I wasn't...normal. He said he was a Greek god and being his son I was a half-blood. At first I didn't believe him but then the monsters came to prove his theory.

Anyway my mother did this often. Sometimes she would grab me and I would kinda black out, but not totally. I would see images or scenes. I didn't know what they meant but I had a feeling they where about me in the future. I heard a noise and my body froze. It was quite and I let out a sigh.

Then whoosh! the closet door flung open. I gasped at the blond hair woman before me. My mother's eyes were still gleaming green and she leaned toward me. I pressed my back to the wall in terror and looked away from her.

" Please don't do it, Luke. Please!" Ms. Castellan yelled.

I felt cold hands seize my arms and fingernails dig into my skin. That's when it happened.

It was dark and cold around me. I was in a clearing and trees surrounded the area. I stood in front of a girl. She was about fifteen years old but as tall as me. Her dark hair was pulled up in a ponytail and she had a silver tiara on her head like she was a princess or was high in rank. A hint of freckles spotted across her cheeks and she had these stunning, shocking, intense, blue eyes. Over all she was beautiful.

" I need your help" I said. The girl pressed her lips together and looked to her right. She swallowed before saying " With what". It was like she was forcing the words out of her mouth. She wouldn't look at me.

" Well first, I'm sorry and I just want to let you know that I never meant to do what I did I was-"

" Oh, just save it Luke and get to the point!" she snapped. I sighed then said " I meet this girl and...." I faltered.

" And what?" she asked me.

" Thalia, she told me....she told me that, I...I have a new family now"

" A new family?" the girl named Thalia questioned. Her eyebrows creased up and she looked at me with worry.

" What do you mean, Luke" she asked.

" Thalia,....I got her..."

Then the scene changed. I was on a hill. The weather was cool and the sun was out. I was walking down the incline but stopped when an angry voice yelled " Don't just walk away from me. You can't walk away from everything, Luke" The voice was familiar. My feet didn't obey the command.

" Luke, look at me!" A firm hand wiped me around. The same girl in the other vision, Thalia, was gazing at me with puffy red eyes. Her cheeks shined and hands shook.

" What!" I yelled.

" Luke, you can't avoid this! You have to face it!"

" I can do whatever I want"

" Why do you do this to me! Do know that this hurts me. Do you know that I have to help you and look at the girl with envy! I want what she haves and I'll never have it! All because of your mistakes!" she screamed. By this time tears filled her eyes and rolled down her cheeks like a waterfall.

" What do you want from me" I yelled.

" I want you to give a damn!" she yelled and push me.

"I do care!" I exclaimed.

" No you don't" Thalia raised her hand in the air and swiped it through. Just before her palm hit my cheek I grabbed her wrist and stopped the force.

With a thrust I push her hand down. " God damn it, Thalia" I yelled. It was silent. The girl stared at me, her mouth shut. More tears came out.

" Thalia" I whispered and hugged her.

That was it and I was back in the open closet with my mother grabbing me. Her eyes were back to it's normal color, blue. She blink then asked " Luke, why are in the closet?"

I looked at her in terror. Did she know what I saw...or did know what she saw?, I asked myself. I let her help me up.

" Come on, Luke. Lets go to the kitchen and make so Kool-Aid and cookies"

The woman walked off leaving me there with my thoughts. I shivered. What was that about? Who was that girl? Thalia? And why was she mad at me? What did I do?

What was I going to do?, I thought.