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Chasing the Sun but Losing the Moon

Lukes POV

It was him. Percy Jackson the son Poseidon. I was forced to kneel down and bow to him. What was so great about him, I thought. We were at the lake playing capture the flag. I won of course but my victory was over shadowed when my plan failed. The stupid hellhound was suppose to kill him but now he stood in the water with a green trident over his head. Don't worry Luke, this is only the beginning The voice in my head said. We'll have plenty of chances to kill him. But now wait...befriend him...help him.

"Why do we need to kill him?"I thought

Because he is important to the gods and what do we want?

" To defeat them" I thought

Yes, Luke. The gods don't deserve what they have. That boy Perseus Jackson is more important to your father then you. So remember the plan, Luke. I need you, you are important to me.

I felt special. I was important, not Percy Jackson. I was a better fighter, not him. I had more power not him. " But what about Thalia? You promised" I thought.

In time she will come and when she does it is your job to make her see what is true...what the future will be like...

He said the last words higher then usual.

Remember the plan, Luke

" He got a quest?!?!" I yelled out in my cabin.

" Yeah, amazing huh?" Malcolm said.

" Yeah....amazing" I mumbled. It was the middle of the night and I walked out of my cabin. He got a quest! My quest! I've been waiting for one ever since I came to this stupid place! But Chiron, the old git, wouldn't let me go! And my father giving stupid, silly and pointless quests that gave me this scar. Yet here this scrawny little boy is offered a quest as soon as he gets here!

Its all part of the plan Luke...remember

"Yes" I said. I remember the plan. The one to get the gods in a war and him killed. Yes, that one.

Now Luke get the shoes....and remember the lightening bolt and helm.

I smiled. I took pride in stealing those things right from under the gods nosies.

Yes Luke...only you could of done that. The gods were wasting your talent and now we'll get back at them. Now go Luke...go!

I grabbed the flying shoes and rushed over down the hill. I paused at the tree. Her tree.

" This ones for you, Thalia" I said. The gods let her die and its up to me to bring her back. No one else cared about her. Not ever Annabeth. Shes too young. I'll have to make her understand to. She's been a bit close to that Percy lately. I'll have to change that and soon.

" Hey, glad I caught you" I called out. Walking over to him and Annabeth I said "Just wanted to say good luck. And I thought..."

Do it Luke...do it

" um, maybe you could use these." I handed him the cursed shoes and showed him how it worked. I hugged Annabeth and walked back the hill. The plan was going well.

good job, Luke....now all well do it wait and then you'll do the next step in the plan.

I was caught. Ares stood before me with a smile on him face.

" Think you could just steal those thing and get away with it" He said. I didn't know what to do. I failed my mater.

Listen to me Luke....tell him the plan...not all of it...just the war with the gods

" You don't get it?" I said " Why I did this"

" Dude, I don't care why all I know is I caught you and I'm turning you in"

" Why?" I said.

" Because I'm suppose to"

" You don't have to...we could make a deal. I'll let you in on a little secret"

Good Luke...Keep going

" What secret?' He asked. A this is where curiosity killed the cat.

" I want a war"

" With the gods?"

" Yup"

" Tell me more"

I smiled and told him the plan.

You failed me Luke. You got caught

I didn't mean to Lord....Ares is apart of the plan now

Fine..but if that foolish stupid god doesn't do his end of the deal its your fault

but Lord I-

No Luke....I want Percy Jackson killed!!!

He will Lord the plan will work

It better...but if it doesn't....your in trouble

Lord...It will and in return will I get her back?

Only if Percy Jackson is killed your stupid little girlfriend will come back.....I need her

Lord why do you need her?

In time I will tell you but not now....Now you finish the plan....and Luke work on the army as well

....yes master

He's not dead!!!! Ares got his butt whooped by a 12 year old. I knew I shouldn't have trusted him! The gods never do anything right. Percy escaped Hades and Ares! Great now it was up to me to kill him and I had the perfect plan.

I invited Percy to woods with me. Foolishly he followed me and that's when I started to explain the plan.

" You should have died in Tartarus Percy" I said " But don't worry, I'll leave you with my little friend to set things right" I was about to turn around when he yelled back at me " Thalia gave her life to save you! And this is how you repay her."

How dare he mention Thalia! He didn't understand! He wasn't there!

" Don't you speak of Thalia" I shouted back! I told him of the bigger plan but he didn't listen.

" Goodbye Percy. Theres a new Golden Age won't be apart of it" I said then left him there to die.

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