Ryuk looked down at the human world. It had mostly returned to normal since Lights death. It had been 5 years since then.

Ryuk gave a sigh. Not only did he...somewhat miss Light, but he was also bored.

"Hey, Ryuk" came a raspy voice from behind him. Ryuk turned. It was a Shinigami that looked something like a cross between

a bear and a skeleton...with bright red spikes for hair.

"Oh, hey, Kasde," he said, still sounding bored.

"Whatcha doin?"

"Just thinking."

Kasde looked at Ryuk, he was watching the human world. Again. Ryuk had spent 6 years in the Human Realm, and it was well

known that he prefered the human realm. His human had been called "Light" and was likewise, well known.

"Hey Ryuk, do you ever think things might have been gane differently if someone else had found your Death Note?"

Ryuk shrugged, "I dunno. Maybe."

Kasde gave him a skeletal grin, "Wanna make a bet?"

Ryuk pursed his lips, "Depends on what it is..."

"You drop your second Death Note near someone with a personality completely different from Light Yagami. I'll bet they'll turn out

EXACTLY like he did. Humans are so arrogant and greedy..."

Ryuk rolled his eyes. Not all humans...He'd seen plenty that weren't.

"And if the result is completely different? What do I win?"

"You get to be on Earth again until that person dies or gives up the Death Note... less time here in this boring realm. If I win, I get

your extra Death Note."

Ryuk didn't much like that idea, but...

the chance to go back to earth was one he couldn't refuse.


They shook hands on it. Ryuk sprouted his wings and headed for the Human Realm, diving downwards in a flash of lights.

Scout Hemmings stared out the window of her class room, trying to survive the last few minutes of Algebra. She was a high school

Senior at Shady Meadows High in Canada.

After what seemed like forever, The teacher, Ms. Moss declared the class dismissed.

"Finally!" Scout said, grabbing her bag and scurrying out the door. She hated math class. It was her worst class.

Literature she could do...

Science she could do...

Spanish class she could do...

but Algebra?

Not in a million years.

Harley, one of the boys in her class caught up with her as she stopped at her locker "Hey, Scout, you got anything planned for the


Scout shuffled her feet, "Uh...not really..."

"Oh, then do you wanna go out this Saturday?"

"Well, I, uh..."

She did not know what to say. True, he was one of the popular boys, and really cute, But he was also a nortorius playboy, and a lot

of the girls had been on the recieving end.

In more ways than one...

Suddenly one of her friends, Kathleen hurried over to her, grabbing her arm, "Come on Scout! We're gonna be late for our shift at

Marie Francois!" she said pulling her away.

Scout gave a sigh of relief as she put distance between between herself and Harley.

"Thanks Kath, I owe you one," she said, smiling.

Kathleen smirked, pulling on Scout's hair playfully, "You're damn right, you owe me one. I just saved you from Horny Harley."

Scout pushed her away, laughing, "Yeah, yeah, I get it...I just have one question."

"Yeah, what is it?"

"Since when do we work at Marie Francoise?"

Ryuk inhaled deeply, breathing in the sweet air of the Human Realm.

"Ah....It's been a while..." he said in a satisfied way, "Now, to find some human to pick up my Note Book..."

He glided over the city, looking at the humans. Something caught his eye.

It was a high school.

Boy did that bring back some memories...

He made a turn and headed for the school. There were lots of teens, boys and girls walking across the grassy lawn, many of

them chosing to walk home. He flew over a tree

"Well, here we go..."


Scout heard a thud as they passed by the school Oak tree. She stoped,

"Hey, did you hear something?"

"I didn't hear anything..." Kathleen said.

Scout looked unsure. She some something laying in the grass nearby. "You go ahead, I'm gonna go check something out..."

Kathleen shrugged,"Okay, I call you later," she said waving.

Scout walked over torwards the thing laying in the grass. It was a black Note Book.

She slowly picked it up, turning it over, since it was upside down. there were two words on the front

"Death Note..." she rolled her eyes. It probably belonged to some goth kid...

She opened up the front cover to learn the owners name. There was no name, but she did find something written inside.

"How to Use it..."she read, "The humans whose name is written in the Note shall die..."