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NOTE: According to Google, Hamley's Toy Store is a real place, other than that, every character here is fictional.

OTHER NOTE: I'm from the US, and not entirely familiar with the UK's spelling, so if you see me accidentally put mom instead of mum, or Anomaly Research Center instead of Centre, I'm sorry.

Primeval Series Four Episode One:

Chapter 1

Hamley's Toy Store, London. Saturday morning

Richard Hamley loved children, no not that way you sicko, and so he always knew one day he would run a toy store. Twenty years later his dream had become reality and Hamley's was booming success. It was a Saturday, so the shop was packed with kids hoping to spend their allowances on the latest dolls, action figures, video games, or whatever else tickled their fancy. Richard sighed in contentment, this was the good life. The store was fairly large, big enough that he couldn't see what was going on in the very back of the shop…

"Now Johnny, don't break anything." A middle-aged woman told her six year old son. Johnny ran off to stare and play with the toys while his mother chatted with one of her friends. There were plenty of games and toys for Johnny to peruse but he quickly found himself drawn to the mysterious flickering light in the back of the store. As he ran forward, the boy hardly noticed that the metal shelves were leaning forward almost as if they were reaching for this mysterious light.

Finally Johnny reached the source of his curiosity. It looked like many shards of glass orbiting a smaller ball of light. The tot was immediately enthralled and knew he had to have this amazing and shiny toy.

"Mum! Mum! I found a real cool toy!" The child shouted to his mother. Then a massive feathered head shot out of the "toy" and lunged at Johnny.

His screams filled Hamley's Toy Store…


This is the part where the theme song happens =3


Anomaly Research Centre

The past few months of Sarah Page's life were almost overwhelming to the former Egyptologist. She had gone from lecturing children at a museum, to finding out that holes in time called anomalies opened on a regular basis, and then joining a secret government organization to study and contain them, only to see her new friends and partners die at the hands of a crazed woman named Helen Cutter. No! They're not dead! Sarah mentally scolded herself. It had been days since Danny, Connor and Abby had gone through the anomaly at the race track and, knowing what Helen was capable of; most of the people at the ARC had given up hope. Sarah wasn't one of them.

In front of her was a projection of the security camera footage of the artefact, the only thing that remained of it. Sarah stared intently at the picture, or more specifically, the holographic map which emerged from it. The door to her office opened and a familiar face stepped inside. Captain Becker was the only other "survivor" of the anomaly team, yet he didn't share Sarah's belief that the others were still alive.

"Sarah, I didn't see you come in. Have you been here all night?" The girl in question didn't move a muscle.

"If I can decipher the artefact's anomaly map, we can use it to find them." Becker sighed at her remark.

"They've been gone for days. Knowing how dangerous the future is they've either been eaten by predators or killed by Helen." Sarah stood up from her desk and looked at the soldier.

"DO NOT SAY THAT! They're alive! We've cheated death dozens of times since joining this team and I'm sure they can get out of this!" She screamed. Becker backed away from her. He cared for Danny, Connor and Abby just as much as her, and he'd willingly give his life to save them, not just because that was part of his job, but sometimes you just have to face the facts and be rational, at least that was Becker's view on it.

Before the two could continue their argument, the voice of Lester's assistant Lorraine Wickes rang out on the intercom. "Ms. Page, Captain Becker, report to the main room at once."


Sarah and Becker arrived in the main room of the ARC to find James Lester standing besides two people; one was a complete stranger, the other they recognized as Abby's brother Jack.

"I'm sure you're wondering who these two people are and why they're here. So I'll cut straight to the chase. You two alone are in no way capable of handling the anomalies, so I've recruited to new members of the ARC." Lester explained. He then motioned to Jack. "I'm sure you both remember Mr. Maitland here, and this is Caroline Steel." He then pointed to an African American woman. "Seeing as they both have prior experience with anomalies, I thought they would be more qualified to handle them than random government employees." Caroline and Jack waved nervously at Becker and Sarah.

"So…" Sarah began. "Who's going to be in charge?"

"Unfortunately, the Minister decided that the most suitable punishment for letting you go on that suicidal mission is to put me in charge." Lester scowled, reliving the phone call he had received only hours ago. The others broke out laughing.

"You? Out there? In the field? That's rich!" Becker gasped out in between laughs. Their laughing gradually ceased and the group stared at him. "Oh. You're serious." Lester returned to his office to let the new members get acquainted with one another.

"Caroline, right?" Sarah asked her new team-mate. "How'd you get caught up in all this?"

"I worked for Helen Cutter." Sarah and Becker immediately began to stare upon her. "I didn't know what she was doing! I agreed to do this so I can make up for that." Assured by her statement, the tension in the room vanished and the four returned to chatting. Sarah told Caroline about how she had come to work for the ARC and what had become of Cutter, Abby and Connor.

"So all this time Abby's been hunting dinosaurs?" Becker nodded in response to Jack's question. "Awesome." The group's idle chatter was interrupted by the blaring of the anomaly detection device. Lester ran out of his officer, portable anomaly detector in hand, and motioned for the makeshift team to follow him out towards the cars. As they headed out to face their first anomaly the thought on everyone's minds was the same.

We are so dead.

And here's chapter one. It's much longer than I thought it would be, so the each episode being nine chapters might change, thought I'm currently planning on sticking to it. Caroline and Jack are only temporary members of the team, filler characters so Sarah and Becker can still have adventures until Danny, Abby and Connor get home.

Chapter two will come soon!