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Chapter 10

Dean sat by Sam's bedside as he tossed and turned in fever induced nightmares. All because he'd sat in filthy, freezing cold water for who knew how long. If he got much worse they were going to have to take him to the hospital. Dean gently wiped his face with a cool wet cloth and Sam whimpered. "Shh, it's okay Sammy. I've got you." He whispered.

Jess and Richie watched them from the doorway before retreating to the suites main room. "They really are close." Richie commented and then looked at her. "You okay with that, I mean…."

She just smiled. "Even when Sam was at school it was like a part of him was missing, that part was Dean. Dean basically raised Sam. I know Sam loves me Richie. Even with his complaining about people thinking him and Dean are a couple. They aren't, they're just really close." She explained and he nodded.

"So when Sam eventually dies….."

"Yeah." She whispered. Dean would need a lot of watching when that happened. Suicide by Immortal combat wasn't unheard of. The thought of Sam dying made her heart ache and she sighed.

"He's young Jess."

"And a hunter." She pointed out before going to the phone to call up some room service.

Sam sat on the couch, wrapped in blankets as he sipped at some soup. He felt like death warmed up as he watched Richie showing Dean how to use a sword properly. Good thing hunting kept them fit or Dean would be collapsing from exhaustion by now. He looked over as Jess sat beside him and took her hand. She smiled and curled against his side. Sam kissed the side of her head. "So who's better, you or Richie?"

"Well I do have several centuries experience on him but he beats me in strength."

"What about Dean? Is he doing okay?"

"For a beginner he's doing really well."

"Well we've never sword fought before but Dad made sure we had a well-rounded weapons education." Sam winced as Richie knocked Dean to the floor seemingly effortlessly. "Ouch." He muttered in sympathy but Dean was already moving, rolling away from Richie and up to his feet. Richie was right there as soon as Dean got up and the fight was on. Unfortunately for Dean Richie was a pretty good fighter and had way more experience with swords. Dean ended up on his back with Richie's sword at his throat. Dean sighed and let go of his sword.

"I lose." He grumbled and then got up when Richie moved back.

Sam sighed and stretched. He hated trying to get back into shape after being sick. He felt some one watching and turned, flushing slightly when he saw Jess watching him.

"Looking good." She grinned and kicked her shoes off, moving closer.


"Well come on, let's see what you've got." She moved into a defensive stance and Sam blinked before doing the same. She moved and Sam blocked before moving on the offensive. Jess laughed as they moved across the floor, each trying to gain the advantage. In the end Jess found herself pinned beneath Sam, panting for air, and she grinned up at him. Sam grinned back and then kissed her. She laughed and kissed him back, her hands slipping under his sweaty top and shoving it up. Sam blinked but then shrugged and shoved her top off in return. Not like anyone else in there.

The Impala pulled up in front of the building and Dean turned her off, looking around even as he held his head. Sam sighed and slipped his gun into its normal place before getting out of the car and watching two men move near the door of the building. Dean got out as well, a hand on his head and Sam moved closer to him protectively, earning him an irritated huff. A bike and then another car pulled up and Sam relaxed a little as Jess and Richie joined them.

"Jess, who's your friend?" The slimmer of the two men asked as they all went inside.

"Adam and Duncan this is Dean and Sam Winchester. Dean…kind of electrocuted himself." She shrugged and Sam flinched at the reminder of his brother's death.

"I'm fine Sammy." Dean murmured.

"Jess…." Adam shook his head and sighed. "Stubborn girl."

Jess just laughed and wrapped an arm around Sam's waist. He leant down and kissed her cheek.