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Chapter 9

Sam cradled Dean close, hand scrambling to find a pulse but there was nothing and he clung to his brother. "No, no Dean. Not like this." He begged, rocking the slack body in his arms. Sam fumbled in his pocket with one hand, hitting speed dial shakily.

"Hey Sam. How's the hunt going?"

"Jess." He choked out past tears and in her apartment Jess straightened up in alarm, catching Richie's attention.

"Sam? What is it? What's wrong?"

"Dean….he….he won't wake up." Sam sobbed and Jess' eyes went wide in horror even as she grabbed her coat and sword.

"Stay there Sam, I'm coming." She promised.

"Jess?" Richie asked, getting up.

"Dean's dead." She answered and he swore, he'd seen how close the brothers were and hated to think what Dean's death would do to Sam. So he went after her.

By the time they reached the place Sam and Dean had been heading it had been nearly six hours. Looking around they warily made their way into the building and into the basement, Jess freezing as she saw Sam sitting in clod filthy water, his brother's body held to his chest as he rocked them. "Sam?" She called softly, moving closer. He raised his head slowly to reveal bloodshot eyes. "Oh Sam." She knelt in front of him in the water, noticing how cold his skin was. She reached out to gently touch Dean and felt a flash of relief; his body was nowhere near as cold as it should be considering the circumstances. "Come on Sam, you'll get sick if you stay in the water." Richie moved closer and gently pulled Dean from his arms, relieved when Sam didn't fight him. Richie could feel it gathering and figured they only had a few minutes left. Jess hauled Sam to his feet and he swayed dangerously so she helped him over to the stairs to sit down. Sam was shaking as she took her coat off and draped it over him. "It's okay Sam, everything going to be alright." She whispered as she held him close. As selfish as the thought was she couldn't help but wish it was Sam who would be one of them, not his currently dead brother.

Sam shook his head. "Dean's dead." He whispered and Jess kissed his cheek.

"Not for long Sam." She looked at Richie who nodded and backed away from Dean's body, they could both feel it. "Look Sam, it's okay." She gently turned Sam so he was looking at the dry floor Richie had laid Dean's body out on. Sam bit his lip, fighting more tears and she squeezed his hand, her other hand running through his hair soothingly. "Wait for it….."

One the floor Dean's back arched, eyes flying open as he gasped for air and Sam made a noise of shock and hope. Dean coughed and rolled onto his side before pushing himself up, hand going to his head in pain. "Sorry about that, it takes a bit to get used to." Richie told him, offering him a hand up. Dean blinked up at him in confusion but at least the pain was fading.

"D…Dean?" Sam whispered and Dean looked over at him.

"Sammy? What happened?" He asked in confusion and Sam slipped off the stairs in shock. He shakily crawled towards his brother but then hesitated, looking to the two immortals who nodded. Sam reached out to touch his brother and Dean stayed still, confused and worried by Sam's reaction. Sam scrambled towards him, falling into his arms and Dean grabbed him, hugging him tightly. "What the hell is going on?"

Sam clung to him, feeling the warmth of his body and the reassuring sound of his heart beating. "You…you jerk!" He got out and Dean stared at them all in bewilderment.


"Electricity and water don't mix! You…..you died!" Sam yelled at him and Dean paled.

"I…what? No. That's impossible." Dean denied and Richie rolled his eyes but grabbed Dean's hand and cut it with some debris, causing him to curse and then stare at his hand in shock as the wound healed.

"Welcome to immortality Dean." Jess said and Sam looked over at her as he realised.

"But…that means…" She nodded and Sam winced.


"All immortals are Foundlings." Jess answered for him.

Dean frowned and then shook his head. "No, that's not possible!" He denied. "I saw pictures of Mom pregnant."

"I'm sorry Dean but it's true. No Immortal is born from mortals. Your mother must have lost the baby and either the hospital swapped it for you or you were found by your parents and taken in as theirs." Jess explained. Dean looked at her and then at Sam who grabbed his hand tightly.

"Don't care Dean. You're my brother, blood related or not. You practically raised me." Sam assured him before shivering violently.

"You're frozen Sam."

"Someone decided to sit in that muck." Richie pointed out and Sam glared at him.

Dean got up and pulled Sam to his feet. "Let's go get you dry and warm little brother." Sam smiled and nodded. He was so happy, Dean wasn't dead! Richie moved to Sam's other side, seeing he was a bit shocky and cold, just in case.

They got out of there and headed for a hotel, Jess paying for a suite of rooms. She immediately dragged Sam into the shower, getting him warmed up and clean, holding him when he cried. "Let it out Sam." She murmured as she ran her hands up and down his back in a soothing manner.

Eventually the tears stopped and he looked at her. "Dean….he's really one of you." He whispered and she nodded.

"He'll need to be trained how to survive as one of us."

"Will you teach him?"

"Me? No way, not Richie either. And the old man very rarely takes students. Best bet would be Duncan, Richie's teacher but…..well a lot of people call him a Boy Scout."

"So our casual disregard for a lot of laws….."

"Would grate against his sense of honour, yeah." She turned the shower off and wrapped a towel around her body. Sam followed her out and sat down when urged, letting her dry his hair for him, enjoying the gentle rubbing. "But he would be the best to at least get Dean through his first year or so. Sam….you know things will change right?"

"Change how? I mean…Dean can't die now unless he loses his head and he needs to learn how to use a sword."

"And if he is Challenged Sam then you can't interfere. Just like you can't for me. And I know you're used to always watching each other's back."

What she said was true. Letting Dean go off and fight, maybe die permanently wasn't something he was sure he could do. "How do I change the habits of a lifetime?" he murmured and she kissed him.

"With practice. Come on; let's go see how he's doing." They got dressed and left the bathroom to find Dean pacing restless, already showered and in clean clothes.

Dean stopped pacing when they emerged, looking Sam over for injuries. "I'm not hurt Dean." Sam told him before sneezing.

Richie chuckled, sprawled on the couch. "Maybe not but it sounds like you managed to catch a cold in that filthy water." Sam shot him a glare and sat down, Jess settling in his lap comfortably.

"Dean sit down, we have a lot to work out." She told him and Dean grimaced but sat.

"Fine." He grumbled, staring at the carpet.