I was well bored so I did this

"C'mon Echizen you ready to watch?" yelled a 2nd year power fread tennis player holding a DVD in his hand.

"Lower down your voice Momoshiro it's already 11:00 p.m. the neighbours might be asleep." Oiishi the mother of Seigaku requested Momoshiro.

"nya I don't think they'll care. Once I turned on our radio maximum volume at night and nobody even bothered to ask me to lower it down.

" The red headed acrobat said. "Saa how bout let's just start the movie now everyone?" a calmed face Fuji insisted. "hai!" everyone responded except Tezuka who doesn't care and Ryoma who was still thinking how he got to his crush's house (Eiji) with the whole tennis club. Then he remembered the day before this all happened.


"Hey everyone look at what I got!" an excited Momoshiro yelled running to his teammates. "Hmm what cha got there momoshiro?" the acrobatic tennis player asked curiously. "It's a scary DVD my old man just bought. Wanna watch it everyone?" asked the spiky haired 2nd year.

"That sounds interesting but where can we watch it?" the sadist Fuji asked with a smile on his face. "Nya, hey we can watch it at my house tomorrow. Nobody's there so I'm sure were allowed." screamed Kikumaru Eiji with a happy and excited face.

"I'll pass. I'll be busy sleeping tomorrow." said the freshman prodigy yawining.

"Then if you won't come tomorrow Echizen you won't mind if you would drink this new juice I made." said Inui wearing an evil smile in his face.

Everyone got terrified on seeing Inui's juice. It was black, bubbling and there looked like a skull was forming from the smoke of the juice. Ryoma who wanted to keep his life said he'll surely come tomorrow.

End of flashback

'tch one of these days Inui senpai you'll get a taste of your own medicine.' Ryoma thought with an angry face.

"Hey c'mon ochibi sit beside me the movie's starting" said the excited hyper Kikumaru to the young Echizen

'Well at least i get to be with Kikumaru senpai for a while' the golden eyed freshman then thought.