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Mello POV

He wife called him two weeks after he came back to me. He wouldn't tell me exactly what she said, just that she forgave him and asked how he was doing, if I'd taken him back. He wouldn't tell me more than that.

Luckily, I had been listening in on the other phone, and I knew exactly what she had asked him.

"Matt, are you happy?"

I'd listened just as raptly as she had, if not more, because, hey, I needed to know!

But he said he was, and both she and I, because we love him, could tell he wasn't lying.

I hung up quickly when I heard him coming up the steps.


I threw myself onto the bed on my stomach, grabbing the first book I could find and shoving it at my face. Because I was reading. I wasn't eavesdropping, I was reading.

He stood in the doorway a minute, knowing me too well. He came over, already grinning.

"Why are you reading Pride and Prejudice? Developing a thing for Mr. Darcy?"

"He was the first bad boy," I informed my boyfriend solemnly. "You gotta respect it. The whole thing's like one giant foreplay. It's pretty hardcore."

"Whatever you say," he offered, lying perpendicular to me, his head resting on my back.

I craned around and smiled at him. "Hi."


And that's all we had to say. It had only been two weeks, but it was like he'd never been gone. We'd already had two and a half fights (one of the fights had been about whether or not the previous fight counted as a fight, so we compromised with it being a 'half fight') and he'd already moved back in. Yeah, it was awkward, but... I guess when you've always loved someone, things just fall back into place. When I never stopped expecting to see his face coming around the corner it wasn't strange when it finally did. It was just... Matt. Matt chills me out. It's what he does. Not all the way, of course, because you'd have to cryogenically freeze me to ever fully cool me down, but I'm a little more... mellow around him.

He makes me corny, too, did you notice?

We lay there for a while, me pretending to read, him pretending to nap, both of us just enjoying the other's company.

And that's... just all there was to it. And it's how it would remain.

I found myself humming our by-now infamous song, and even without the words, he knew when to roll over and kiss me.

A tip: never kiss me while I'm on a bed. You will get taken, whether you agree or I have to add rape to my already sizable resume of illegal activities.

He knew that and he did it anyway, which, in my book, is consent.

Anyway, when that business was over (Sorry, no, I'm not gonna describe what my boyfriend looks like naked... panting... crying out my name... sweating and clawing at my back... moaning... arching his spine... ha-ha, he's mine, not yours), as we lounged on the bed, I nuzzled into his hair. "We're living in sin," I stated.

"Again. And in so many ways," he added cheerfully.

"I'm probably going to Hell anyway, right?"


"You're supposed to call me an angel and tell me I'm going straight to Heaven, jackass."

"See? Cussing. And I happen to know you blaspheme all the time. And the fucking and the drugs and the murder and the theft and the kidnapping and the-"

"Got it, honey. Thanks for the support."

"Any time, darling."

I swallowed my laughter, my shoulders shaking, and squeezed him. "You're a cunt."

"And you're a fucktard," he replied mildly.

"Love you, shit-face," I said sweetly.

"'Love you too, dickwad." He paused, looked down for a moment, and then smiled up at me through his burgundy hair. My heart beat faster as it often did when he looked at me.

"Always," he added at a whisper.

I kissed him.

Take that, bitch. He is happier with me.


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