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Crossover Pirates of the Caribbean. Isabella Swann is drawn to the ocean for unkown reasons. Her mother, Elizabeth Swann, never talks about Bella's father. Bella knows nothing of her mother's history as....a pirate. An Italian line of powerful ships have been targeting other ships, and all of the pirates call another conferance. Jack goes to get Elizabeth....but what happens when he takes Bella instead? How will meeting new people, such as a certain bronze-haired boy, affect her life? And what happens when she finally meets her father....the immortal Will Turner?

Chapter 1: Captain Jack Sparrow

I sat on the edge of the cliff, watching as the sun glinted off of the rolling waves of the ocean. I closed my eyes, and listened in satisfactory as the waves crashed against the hard rock of the cliff beneath me. The air had a breeze to it, and smelt of salt. I could feel the soft sand on the cliff beneath my feet.

My name is Isabella Marie Swann, I'm 17 years old, and I am the daughter of Elizabeth Swann. I'm not quit positive of my mother's job, because she never speaks of it to me, but all I know is that she is some-what powerful. And that we have a lot of money….that's why we have the huge mansion-of-a-house and can afford the fancy dresses I am forced into. My mother always tried to keep me away from the water, for whatever reason, I was unsure. I always found the ocean fascinating….you never knew what was out there. I especially found it interesting because of all the fairytales my mother told me when I was little about a bunch of pirates, and how a women fell in love with this man who became a pirate. Those were always my favorite stories.

I never knew my father. I wasn't sure why….my mother never spoke of him. And I meant never. She never said whether he left us, if he was still alive, or even his name. I could only use my imagination at what he would be like….was he a powerful king? A noble? Maybe even a pirate….I was totally clueless.

"Isabella! Time for your sparring lessons!" yelled my maid. Or, caretaker. Whichever you prefer. Her name was Angela. She was very sweet, and my age. But I hated it when she used my full name. I got up and walked towards our huge home.

"Angela, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Bella?" I said as I walked into the house and started changing into my sparring outfit.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Swan—" I groaned. "I mean, Bella…..it's just polite for me to use your title."

"Well, my title stinks." I mumbled.

"What, Bella?"

"Nothing." I muttered. I stepped out from behind the wall and grabbed my sword. I quickly glances at the edges of the sword. Good, it was sharpened. I walked down the staircase and out to the backyard. My teacher smiled and greeted me before removing his sword. I grinned as I held mine, and our battle commenced. (sorry, I will do more sword fighting scenes later, but if I do it now, it will not be good later!)


I sighed as I changed back into my dress. I hated wearing all this, I don't know how anyone can stand it. And the fact that it shows more of your chest than I would like….

I walked back out to the cliff and watched the pier below, where ships were coming and going. I looked out at the water, and there was a huge, black ship. I was shocked at the size of it, and the speed was amazing. The ship bore black flags. Pirates. I ran down the hill and to the pier.

The ship pulled up close to the pier. The anchored and I watched as people started jumping down from the boat and lowering the ladder. One man struck me as odd, though. He had long black hair braided into dreadlocks, and he wore a bandana around his head along with a pirate hat. He had multiple rings on his fingers and necklaces. His clothes were baggy and he wore boots. He was rather dirty, and he walked almost as if he were drunk. He was headed towards me.

"Elizabeth!" he yelled, slurring his words. What the—"How have you been? Do you have any rum?" he asked me.

"Excuse me? I am not Elizabeth. I am Bella." I said, appalled that this man was speaking to me.

"Yea fine whatever. Elizabeth, you are needed—"

"Elizabeth is my mother. My name is Isabella Swann." I said, cutting him off. His eyes widened as he looked me up and down. I fought the urge to throw up in my mouth.

"Well…..Isabella. You are quit lovely."

"Keep your comments to yourself." I muttered, my temper rising.

"Well, you are her daughter, I see you're wearing the piece—" he said, glancing at my necklace my mother had given me when I was little. "Let's go." He said, spinning around and heading towards the boat.

"Who the hell are you!?!" I demanded. He stopped dead in his tracks, and spun back around.

"Don't you know who I think I am!?!" he said in astonishment. I was silent until he finally said,

"Why, I am CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow."