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And being a part ain't easy on this love affair
Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you

Chapter 25: Heavy In Your Arms


It-it was real; I was getting… married. Oh gosh… Married! I really couldn't be happier; not so long ago I thought the idea of being Jacob's wife was unattainable and suddenly the dream was reachable… not just reachable; it was already in my hands. ! Jacob was staring in shock.

"Are you serious, Ness?" he stuttered when he asked. He thought I was going to say no? Silly wolf. I smiled even wider and squeezed the tears away from my eyes. I nodded and wiped my cheek.

"But- but aren't you going to ask me why so soon?" he was concerned about things that could care me less. I shook my head. "I don't think is too soon but if you want us to wait then…" he trailed off when he saw me trying to contain a laugh. "Jeez, you want to laugh; I did this all wrong, didn't I?" It was completely hilarious to see a man like Jacob getting nervous. My poor wolf! I grabbed his face and he fixed his eyes on mine.

Why is so hard to believe that I do want to be your wife? He gave me an apologetic smile. I love you with all I am, Jake; until our last thought of sanity, right? He nodded.

"I said yes; live with it!" I finally spoke, he smirked and wrapped both of his arms around my waist. He lifted me from the ground and I wrapped my legs around his waist; he let me go to grab my face and I leaned forward to kiss him. He placed me on the ground after a minute and his hand went to his pocket and took out of it something that I couldn't see. He looked at me then and sexily smiled; he grabbed my left hand.

"I promised you this long time ago, you remember?" he asked me and showed me what was in his hand. It was a gorgeous diamond ring! Black band with a squared diamond and two little diamonds each side. I started crying again and nodded; he placed the ring in the right place and kissed my hand. I laughed and started shaking my head. "What?" he asked amused with my behavior.

"I just can't believe this; not so long ago this seemed very unlikely," he smiled even more and rested his forehead in mine.

"I can't believe you said yes," he said and kissed my nose. I giggled and he pulled away. "So…" he trailed off and I gave him an apprehensive look. "When?" he asked and smiled devilishly. I had the exact date in my mind when he asked but I didn't know if he would agree since um…

"Really you want me to pick out the date?" I asked and he nodded. "Any day I want?" I asked again, he laughed again and nodded. I bit my lip and saw him waiting for my answer. "This Saturday," I said and I think I closed my eyes afraid of what Jacob would say. I waited five seconds and then opened my eyes slowly; he was wide eyed and completely frozen. Great! Of course is too soon… I should tell him to pick out the date. "Or maybe you should pick out the date. I'm not good with the dates" I decided stop talking since I didn't know if he was listening. He began shaking his head.

"You- you want to marry me this Saturday?" he asked totally surprised.

"I just don't see the point of waiting but I don't care; we can wait to pick out the date," I said looking at the floor.

"I don't want to wait," he said immediately and I looked at him. "I was just a little shocked because I thought you wanted to wait but we can marry this Saturday or the Thursday if you want; I'd marry you right now even," he said unable to contain his happiness. I burst out laughing with joy.

I woke up with Jacob in front of me; he had his arm around my waist and was slightly snoring. I used my hand to caress his face and to touch his short hair. My phone ringing brought me back from my reverie and I turned slowly around to grab it from the nightstand. My mom was calling me, I searched for a clock and Jacob's alarm clock said it was seven thirty in the morning. Why was my mother calling me this early?

"Mom?" I said answering the call

"Hey, baby! Long time without hearing about you. Why you hadn't called?" she asked me.

"I'm sorry, mom; I have been pretty busy the last month," I said getting up from the bed and walking into the balcony.

"Hey you sound more cheerful! Things are getting better?" she asked. Aw! She was my mother after all.

"Yeah, Mom; things are acquiring balance right now," I said smiling.

"I'm glad they are, sweetie. Your father and I miss you," she told me and I sighed.

I loved my parents so much but I didn't want them to find out about me and Jacob getting married. Not right now; even though that would mean them missing my wedding. My love for Jacob had to stay in La Push and just in La Push as corny as it sounds. It was safer that way; eventually I'll tell them one day but not at the moment. I didn't even know what was going to happen in one year when the Volturi would call to hear about me… let alone think about how I would tell my family in the future that I married Jacob.

We talked for half an hour more before hanging up, promising that I'll call them more often. I entered Jacob's room and he was sitting in the bed staring at me sympathetically. I smiled while climbing the bed. I went by his side and buried my face in his bare chest kissing him there. He smelled my hair and kissed it. I knew he heard my conversation with my mom.

"I want to protect this, Jake. The world is not ready to know we are back together," I said half joking and half the truth. He laughed slightly. "Do you mind?" I asked him.

"I should ask that."

"I don't mind. Your brothers and sisters are my family too," I felt his chest grew with pride.

"How are you gonna plan a wedding in five days?" he whispered in my ear.

"I'm a woman, Jake. Of course I can do that and still look fantastic at the end," I joked and he laughed.

"Okay then; as long as you are at the end of the aisle with me on Saturday." His stomach growled seconds later.

"My poor wolf is hungry," I said and rubbed his stomach. He laughed.

"I am but I don't have time to eat right now," he said caressing my hair. "My boss called me yesterday; I think he's pretty mad and told me to go to his office today at nine."

"You think he's going to fire you?" I hoped not.

"I don't know," he didn't seem to be really worried about it and that was a first.

"Why you don't seem to be worried about it?" I pulled myself away from his chest and stared at him. He bit his lip guiltily like if he had forgotten to tell me something. Oh, God!

"Um well; when I was about to finish College I started drawing and I made ten different designs for new cars and always saved them for myself until one of my friends saw them at class and he told me that his father was the CEO of this Californian motor company and long story short they bought half of my designs and well… let's just say that I don't have to worry about money for a while," he said like if it was nothing. Oh my!

"Jacob! That's awesome!" I couldn't help but hug him really tight. "You mean there are cars out there designed by you?" he nodded.

"They even have a J and a B in the trunk," he said again like it wasn't something.

"I've seen them!" I remembered then. "The Nellen V724!" I said still shocked. He laughed then and kissed me.

"You've seen the Nellen?" he asked and I nodded. I was really impressed because that car was what I thought was the perfect combination between elegance and sportsmanship. I wanted that car for myself but it was very expensive for me to afford it… at least by myself; sure thing my family could afford it. "You liked it?" he asked. Hell, yeah! I said into his mind. "I named it after you. NE from Nessie and LLEN from Cullen and the date you accepted to be my girlfriend. July fifth of two thousand twenty four," I couldn't believe what he said; just two months ago I saw the car in a gas station and fell in love with it. I couldn't believe it was Jacob's car and that was named after me. I think I wanted to cry but I thought it was silly of me so I just wrapped my arms around his neck again and whispered a Thank you. I rested my forehead in his and kissed him with all my might for short seconds.

"Is a good thing I didn't sell it, then," he said and confused me all. He saw it in my face and chuckled. "Though they are using my designs I didn't sell them all to the company. I just sold two of them but the Nellen is still mine and it's gonna give me stratospheric profits for the next seven years. That's how many years they want my design. And I have a mini contract to improve the design every year."

"That's unbelievable, Jake! But I don't get why you prefer to work in Port Angeles' company, then," I said truthfully.

"Well… First off; the other company is in California; no branches around here. Second; the company just wanted my designs not my management abilities. I like this way; I have talent for one company and I have power in the other one. I won my place like CEO in NYC though I don't know where I'm standing right now but I guess is okay; I just want to keep the job because I'm a man and I need to keep my hands busy," Wow… I had no idea about all that was happening in Jacob's life.

"Claire didn't tell me a thing about this," I said absent minded and Jacob raised an eyebrow.

"She should have done it?" he asked and I nodded guilty.

"I always asked her about you and she used to tell me about your life these past two years," for some reason what I said kinda flattered him.

"Well if it helps, nobody knew about it. I just thought it wasn't big deal," I laughed. It's not a big deal? Really?

"Okay, then; we can keep talking later. You have to go to that meeting," I said and hear him growl. "I'll go to make you some quick breakfast; you can take a shower if you want or just wait here," I stood up and he smacked me on the butt and winked at me. I blushed furiously while walking to the kitchen.

Jake and I hadn't done anything since we got back together and I was kind of dying! Never in the past two years had I the uncontrollable need of sex but in the past two years had I never had a real-size Jacob walking around shirtless either. I didn't want to push him but I was really curious about why he hadn't tried to make a move on me or something else. My mind wandered and my theories were that either he didn't believe in me or that maybe he just didn't want me. Each theory was awful to think about; I was going more with the idea that he didn't trust me enough to give me his entire heart again. He did want me; I could see it in his eyes but something was stopping him from acting on it. But that couldn't last much long if we were getting married so I just let it go; I fixed some pancakes and bacon and when I went back to the bedroom he had his suit pants on and was looking for a shirt in his closet.

"When did you get that tattoo on your back?" I asked while sitting on the bed with the plate resting on my legs. He took a lavander shirt and I handled him his plate. He sat in front of me with his back at me so I could see his tattoo way much closer and it was a strange tattoo.

"Isn't just one; those are two different tattoos made one in the progress. The sign is from the Celtics and is the representation of the magic of rebirth… the phoenix; and the phrase is Quileute," he said while I caressed it, "It means 'Worth fighting' I got it two months ago after a dream I had; a little crazy I know but also reminds me my warrior nature through the hard times," he said with a smile and gave me back the now empty plate. Man that was fast! Wait, did he say a dream? I was dying to ask about it but he had to go to that meeting.

"Thank you, beautiful," he said and leaned to kiss me. "Listen I don't know when the meeting is gonna be over but I want to show you something later. Be ready and I'll take you to lunch when I come back," I nodded and he kissed me quickly.

After Jake left I called Claire and spent two hours telling her all that had happened since she talked with Jake two days ago. She screamed on the phone when I told her that Jake and I were getting married; she offered her help to plan the wedding and I took it immediately; I also told her that I didn't want a big wedding… just something significant with family and friends. She agreed and promised to talk to me later that night.

Half hour after we hung up I heard a knock on the door. The camera on the door showed that Holly was behind it; I remained silent and she knocked the door four times more before sliding a paper sheet under the door. I heard her leave and I lifted the paper sheet from the floor; it said Jacob in the front. As much as I wanted to open it I didn't; I waited another hour more before hearing the door crack open. Jacob appeared on the bedroom soon after and collapsed face down on the bed by my side; he seemed to be just a little tired. I leaned and kissed his ear and then trailed my mouth down till I reached his neck; he shivered and lifted his arm to wrap it around my waist and pulled me closer to him while resting on his side. He kissed me tenderly multiple times and I wrapped my free arm around his neck and dug my fingers in his hair. After five minutes he pulled away and began kissing my neck but he stopped before reaching the beginning of my chest. I sighed slightly in frustration but luckily he didn't hear it; I caressed his cheek while he kept staring at me.

"Everything's okay?" I asked whispering in his neck.

"You shouldn't ask that now that we are like this because you already know the answer," he said in a low sexy husky voice and my heart fluttered. I smiled and kissed his nose.

"I mean with your job," when I said this he smiled pretty wide.

"Well… my boss was really mad because I missed the plane and didn't have the courtesy to let him know about it and because he found out I sold my designs to another company. I wasn't in the mood to apologize so I just told him the other company was interested in my talent; something he never saw in me before. And just when I was thinking he was going to fire me he… apologized for not seeing my other talent and just focusing on my business' talents. You're not gonna believe this," he said widening his eyes even more. "He told me that the CEO job in Seattle is waiting for me," my mouth dropped.

"Oh, my! What did you say, Jake?" I asked impatiently.

"I thought about it first. The ride to Seattle is gonna take me five hours per day; normally would be six hours per day but I can do it in five respecting the speed limit and then I thought about us too," he said and caressed my face. "We are about to start a marriage, Ness and I don't want to be absent most of the time," I closed my eyes. That was what I feared the most; that our lives had to change because of what we wanted to do. "You haven't let me finish," he said smiling and I arched an eyebrow; he stared at our holding hands and I smiled embarrassed. He chuckled. "I told him 'No, thank you' but then he asked for the reason and I just told him I'm getting married and he even congratulated me. He explained then that I only have to go twice or thrice a week to sign papers and check the work and the rest of the week I'll work in my office in Port Angeles; so…" he trailed off and smiled guilty. "I'm the new CEO in Seattle's company" He said proudly. My mouth dropped again for short seconds and then I chuckled and jumped on him.

"Oh Jake, congratulations," I said kissing him. "I was so worried that you could lose your job and now you're the president of a company!" I left his mouth to kiss his nose; he chuckled and sat me in his lap.

"I'm not starting 'till after our honeymoon though," he said seductively and I rolled my eyes playfully. "I'm not staying there forever, Ness; I just took the job for a while. I think I did it to prove that I can and because I want to earn more money; La Push needs it and if I can help I'll help," It's official. I have the perfect man! or one of them. I felt so proud of him but the most important part was that he felt proud of himself too.

"I'm so lucky," I said caressing the hair in the back of his neck.

"I would say I'm the lucky one," he said smirking and I crashed my lips to his. We made out for almost an hour when I remembered Holly's letter. I pulled away and Jake stared at me confused.

"You have a letter," I just said and turned around to grab the letter from my nightstand. He took it raising an eyebrow. "Is Holly's; I saw her in the door," I said and Jacob stared at it and then rolled his eyes.

"I'm not gonna read it," he told me and stood up walking towards the little trash can near the door.

"Why not?" I asked apprehensively.

"She just wants to cause me a headache, Ness." He said before ripping it in two pieces and then four.

"What if it was something important?" I asked. "Maybe she's pregnant," I said resentfully but still wanting to know Jacob's answer to that one.

"Well…" he said throwing the pieces in the trash can. "Congratulations then; but I don't see how that involves me." He said and stared at me.

"It can't be y…"

"No, Ness. I never touched her that way ergo there's no way she can be pregnant with my kid." He said a little loud and I dropped my gaze since I felt shame.

"I'm sorry," I whispered. I felt his arms wrap around me and he placed a kiss on my forehead.

"It's okay, dummy. I still love you," he teased me. I punched him slightly in the chest and he began giving me kisses in the forehead, each cheek, my nose, my chin and my neck. I grabbed his face and pulled him to my lips where his kisses were more important. After a while he pulled away. "I have to go pick my dad's medicine," I nodded. "And then you and me again the rest of the day."

"Sounds like a plan," I kissed his cheek.

Jacob picked up Billy's medicine and we went to his house to deliver them; being there I saw Paul playing with his daughter in the yard. Rebecca came from inside the house and actually greeted me by hugging me and then smiling at Jacob; I smiled at her.

"How's dad?" Jacob asked now from the yard talking with Paul.

"I think I'm worse than him; he's perfect," Rebecca joked. Rachel came from inside too and greeted me. The girls and I went inside and there was Billy cleaning some very large stick with cords. I sighed.

"You better not be thinking about what I believe you're thinking," I said playfully from behind. Billy's face turned around and smiled at my sight. I leaned forward and kissed his cheek.

"If you are thinking about go fishing then you're right," he said.

"You should wait for a while before thinking about it," I told him.

"I feel perfectly fine and this Saturday is the beginning of the season. Charlie offered to go with me." I smiled at his words.

"You can't go this Saturday," I whispered like if it was a secret.

"Why not?," he asked confused. Who better than him to know first?

"Because," I trailed off and leaned forward to his face. "Your youngest is getting married this Saturday," I whispered and at first he didn't seem to have caught it. I lifted my left hand and showed him my engagement ring. Shock crossed his face and then understanding and finally a really huge grin was formed on his face.

"I guess I'm staying," he said chuckling and opening his arms for me. I hugged him. "Finally, my dear. Told you it was just matter of time for you to become my daughter." He said chuckling. I heard Jacob behind me so I stood up and went to his side. "Congratulations, son," Billy said smiling mischievously. Jake arched an eyebrow and turned his head to me. I smiled guilty and he understood.

"What for?" Rachel asked from behind us. Jacob turned us around to face her.

"We're getting married," I said when I realized Jacob was letting me tell her. Rachel's eyes widened and I thought they were going to pop out of her face.

"Oh my God, Nessie," she squealed and hugged me tight. "I'm so happy for you," she said letting me go.

"It turns out that I'm the other half of the engagement, Rachel," Jacob said faking annoyance. She laughed and hugged Jacob.

"You know I'm happy for you, Jacob. I thought I was never going to see you happy after all the pain I've seen you go through; but big good things are about to start for you and I hope you're ready 'cause there's no way back… not with Nessie," she whispered the last part but she knew I heard and chuckled. Jacob hugged her tighter before letting her go. Rebecca came and hugged us both and congratulated us as well as Ryan though I never saw him when I came inside.

"Have you guys already picked out a date?" Rachel asked. I heard Billy laugh in the background.

"Yeah," I said slowly.

"This Saturday," Jacob blurted out. Rachel gasped.

"You're kidding, right?"

"Nope," he said shaking his head.

"Nessie that's too soon. Don't you want a big wedding? What about your family?"

"I don't want a big wedding," I said looking at the floor. The subject of my family still was like salt to my wound; Jake felt the change in my mood and grabbed my hand.

"They're not coming," Jacob said plainly. "Can you and Rebecca help her to plan everything?" he asked and I was glad he didn't go further with explanations. Rebecca caught it faster than Rachel.

"Of course we are helping her, Jake; but where are you gonna be then?" she asked.

"Working," he said like it was something obvious. "I don't want to push my luck now that my boss said I wasn't fired" Haha… boss. Jake didn't have a boss anymore.

"I have a lot of ideas right now, Nessie," Rachel said.

"Write them down and show them to Nessie tomorrow because she's mine today," Jake said wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Time is running out, Jacob," Rachel said annoyed.

"I'm sure we're gonna make it on time just fine," he smiled and looked at me; I nodded. "We're taking off," he walked us to the door after saying goodbye to Billy.

"Are you sure Nessie can't stay for a while to discuss the wedding?" Rachel asked childishly to Jacob.

"No, she's mine today; she promised it," Jacob flashed a smile to me. "I want to show her something, Rachel. Let it go."

"Save that for the wedding night," she said playfully but I blushed and dropped my gaze. Rachel chuckled and Jacob rolled his eyes. We walked to his truck and drove away from Billy's house. I thought I knew La Push until the moment I realized I didn't know where we were. It was a new road I think so but I wasn't sure; it was a paved straight road with forest in one side and rocks in the other side. There wasn't anything else I could say about it; Jacob drove for a good half an hour until he parked in front of a huge yard; beautiful by the way.

"Where are we?" I asked when he opened my door.

"It's a surprise," he said smiling to me. "You're gonna love it," he said and grabbed my hand; I climbed out of the car and we began walking towards the yard. "Since I was a kid I used to come here with my mom; Dad never knew we used to come here. When I was six years old every two days I used to have football practice and my mom was the only one interested in me to learn to do something else besides being somewhere outside with my friends, so she was the one who took me to the practices. The soccer field was over there," he said pointing in the distance towards a big open space in the forest. "After practice we used to come here and she let me play with my football while she liked to sit under that tree over there to watch me play," he pointed a leafy tree in the right side of the yard. "She told me she grew up here and she had a lot of memories sitting there. She also said that her dream was to build a house here and come back to live where her heart was." Jacob was smiling at the end of what he said. "Since I was the only one who knew about this place I took like a personal goal to make my mom's dream come true but I never had the chance; she died when I couldn't even wash my own clothes," he stopped us and turned around to watch me and grabbed me by the shoulders. "After almost thirty two years I finally have the opportunity to do it and I don't have her," my eyes began watering with his words. "But I know that she would have liked me to live in that house and to give it to the one I love the most; someone that would really appreciate it and that would take care of it." He smiled to me and turned his head around. I followed his gaze.

My mouth dropped to the floor and my eyes popped out of my face. In front of us was the most beautiful house ever! I didn't know where to look first. I took the view in general and the first thing I noticed was the size; for sure I hadn't seen all the houses in La Push but I knew this was the biggest around here by far. It was made of a combination between concrete and a fancy rockwork; three stores and lot of windows, the second store had a big terrace that looked exactly like the one back in Jacob's apartment. The roof was beautiful! Thousands of tiles that had a peak shape. It looked pretty much like a mansion in the woods and definitely expensive.

"You like it?" he asked in my ear from behind me.

"It's a gorgeous house, Jake. I love every detail… especially the huge windows and the terrace," I said almost squealing. "Is it… yours?" I asked stuttering.

"No," he told me. I thought for a second it was his house after all he said; or maybe he's thinking of buying it. I didn't know if it was a good idea; the house was expensive by just looking at it from the outside, now imagine it on the inside… "It's yours," he whispered in my ear. I turned around quickly totally shocked.

"What?" I blurted out and Jake chuckled.

"This house is yours, Nessie," he said slowly.

"Ho -How?" I stuttered.

"I decided to build this house long time ago; one year ago to be precise. I paid for everything about this house expecting to move in one day. The construction company finished it three weeks ago and to be honest… I didn't know what to do with it. It was the house I always dreamed for my mom and she couldn't see it; then I thought that I could live here but it was depressing the idea of being here by myself thinking about my mom or thinking about you; and of course I wasn't bringing Holly nowhere near here," he grabbed my hands. "I want you to have this house, Ness. I want us to raise a family here one day. Please don't say no," he said making his famous puppy eyes. I melted immediately.

"But Jake this is too much," I whispered but almost giving in.

"Of course not, Ness; not for you. Besides I already paid for it and I already changed the documents; you're the only owner of this house, baby. Billy would never move out from the house where my mom lived her last years but if you don't want it I can give it to one of my brothers;" my eyes widened. Of course not! This is Sarah's house and they would not pay the needed attention to it! Jacob saw my face and started laughing. "Yes or not?" he asked trying to contain a laugh. I bit my lip and nodded. How can I resist a house like this? It's beautiful! "Yes?" he asked again.

"Yes!" I squealed this time and wrapped my eyes around his waist since his neck was out of my reach. He wrapped his arms around me and his laugh echoed in his chest and reached my cheek. I wouldn't believe I could be this happy; one single tear streamed down my face. "I can't believe you gave me a house," I mumbled in his chest.

"And you haven't seen my wedding gift yet," he murmured softly but he knew I heard it.

"You're joking, aren't you?" I said serious. He shook his head.

"No, I'm not but that isn't something you have to worry about right now," I sighed.

Jacob… I was about to begin with my speech but he kissed me and I lost the trail of my thoughts.


"You designed the house?" I asked Jacob when we were at his apartment's door.

"The architect did it but he showed me the blueprints like seven times before I could agree with everything," that sounds like Jake. I laughed. "What?" he asked.

"Sound like something you would do," I said.

"I work in this business and I can be very demanding," he said standing by the door.

"You shouldn't have said that; that's not leaving a good impression to your future wife," I said playfully.

"Oops," he said and leaned forward to kiss me. Due to the fact that I was sexually frustrated my mood picked up soon; it was a good kiss but just a kiss and my heart was already hammering against my chest. Jacob grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me to his body; I placed my hands on his back. I loved each and every one of his kisses as simple as they were; but this one had nothing of simple. He placed his hands on my shoulders and traveled down my arms and then skipped to my waist.

He licked my bottom lip and in instants our tongues were already caressing each other. Every discharge made by his kisses went straight down to my crotch; I was ready for him in short seconds but probably he was going to stop like he used to do lately. The kiss couldn't be more passionate and was ending with my air supply; I felt lightheaded but amazing at the same time. I pulled away first and rested my forehead in his; we were both panting. I stared at Jake's eyes and they weren't brown anymore; they were black with I knew was lust; my eyes reflected the same and he saw it.

It only took me short seconds to decide and then jumped on him expecting he wasn't going to stop this time. He lifted me up at the same time that I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist; he grabbed my ass with both hands, opened the door and dragged us inside. He collapsed on the couch with me straddling him; his hands moved from my butt, one to my face and the other one to my back pulling me closer to him.

I stopped and began unbuttoning his dress shirt; he kissed me furiously then and I began caressing his hard chest. I couldn't believe I was that needy but the good thing was that that wasn't going to last long. I felt his hands under my shirt and cupping my breasts; my breath skipped at the sensation and he pulled away.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "We can wait till you're…."

"Oh no, Jacob Black. I have two years waiting for this precise moment and five days of you driving me crazy; you're not getting away from me anytime soon," I said denoting that he didn't have a say on the matter. He chuckled at my annoyed face and when I was about to protest he kissed one more time before pulling away to lift my blouse over my head. He kissed the top of my breasts before lifting us again and walking to his room. My hear fluttered in anticipation and need.

I got rid of my bra in the way to his room; then he placed me on his bed and hovered over me and turned his attention to my breasts. I had forgotten how wonderful his mouth was in other places that weren't my lips; at first I felt uneasy like if I was virgin again but that feeling was overshadowed with the pleasure his mouth was giving me in just my breasts.

He kissed his way down my stomach and when he was where I needed him the most he lifted his face and smiled mischievously and brought his hands to my hips and began unbuttoning my pants. Time was unbelievable slow… I was having my first slow motion scene at a really inconvenient moment. I kicked my pants the rest of the way and he kissed my thighs while doing his way back to my center. He kissed me through my panties and I got really nervous and excited at the same time. Jacob felt my hesitation and came back to my face and kissed me hard. While I was so into the kiss I felt his hand going inside my panties and I arched my back when he touched my clit. It felt wonderful and soon I was wishing he would do something more; I moaned and he learnt what I wanted.

As much as I love what his hand was doing I rather have him. "Jacob, please," I breathed out.

"I don't know, Ness… are you ready?" he teased me.

"You tell me," I whispered and a huge smile appeared on his handsome face. My hands that were on his back traveled to the hem of his pants. I unfastened his belt and unbuttoned his pants; I pushed them down and Jacob threw them somewhere on the floor. I finally felt his desire for me against my upper thigh and by then my heart was threatening me to rip my chest open. I grew a pair and overcame my shyness by taking my hand down Jake's torso, inside his boxers and grabbed him. He hissed burying his head in my neck; I stroked him a few times until his hand came to stop me; I left his boxers and he pulled the remaining piece of clothes on me. Again I felt self-conscious about being full naked but it was my Jacob after all; Jacob took off his boxers, leaned over me and reached out to grab something from his nightstand. When I saw the condom I blushed; I didn't know that was even possible after being full naked but I did. He winked at me and put it on him and came back between my legs; he stared at my eyes looking for my permission to continue. I grabbed his face; nodded and kissed him.

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