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Sitting on the couch laughing together, it was strange but real. They both needed a break. It had been another unbearably hard day at work. It always was, just worse when it involved kids. Like today.

"It's your turn truth or dare?" he asked playfully.


"Alright do you have a dirty little secret?" he laughed as he asked the question.

"Well if I told you it wouldn't be my dirty little secret" she stated looking at him with her sparkling eyes. She knew she was flirting but she wanted to be adventurous.

"They could be our dirty little secrets. Like this…" he reached out grabbed the back of her head and stuck his tongue in her mouth tasting her. Doing exactly what he had wanted to do for so long.

"Wow Stabler impressive. Still want to know my dirty secret?" she looked into his eager eyes and continued, "I love you and I have for ten years" she said with a big smile that started to fade when she saw his face.

"Olivia I'm sorry I didn't see the time I have to head home. I will see you tomorrow though. Bye" he said quickly as he grabbed he coat and walked out the door. She fell to the ground and started crying. She reached for her phone and called the only friend she could think of.

"Cuhcasseyyyy" she stuttered trying to breathe and stop crying.

"Olivia? What's wrong?" she was trying to figure out what was wrong with her best friend while she listened to her sobbing.

"I told him I loved him! He walked out the door and didn't say anything!" she sobbed a little more and continued, "HE KISSED ME."

"Oh my god!! Seriously?!??!? You told him you loved him? What did he say??" She said spastically.

"He walked out the door. Just like every other guy…."

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