Jane worked as assistant to the rich, arrogant Kevin doyle at the news agency who happened to dislike her from the very first day she started work. The immediate hatred he had developed for her had made life tideous for her…she worked around office so that she could keep everything in order but her boss never seemed to notice any of her efforts. Maybe she was tryin extra hard to get her work appreciated, but he seemed oblivious to anything but his stupid blackberry!

Kevin's blackberry beeped loud to interrupt her thoughts, he motioned her to leave his office at once… it was one of the "VERY" important calls he had to take. Arrgh… she fumed… just when she had corrected the entire document he had asked her to leave the desk… she couldn't be sure if that computer would stil be on when she got back. Her boss loved giving her extra work just when she had completed the previous load!! Tha man had issues…SERIOUS issues if she had to be precise.

She made her way to the reception, sally was the only sane person in the office she could talk to.

"coffee sal?" she asked

"oh no…. have you been kicked out?? Again???" she asked, she was trying hard not to laugh which was a very feeble attempt. After getting a grip of herself she continued " its weird you know.. it was never necessary for you shift you desk in his room and now that you have.. he kicks you out asut every chance he gets." She gazed on the floor to think better (weird but according her…the gazing part always helped) like this was some very interesting Sherlock holmes mystery.

I pulled her to the coffee machine… I needed something strong set my mind on track again. Right when we sat down to drink Kevin walked in…

"having a little chitchat here… are we??" he asked in a dry tone "well… I guess you will have to break your little party. I want those documents I had asked you to get an hour back. NOW" with that he turned and walked away.

Jane stared at the place where he had been jus 2minutes earlier… what was this guy's problem??!! And the first thought that occurred to her was that maybe he suffered from MPD. Lord knew this man was soooo not normal. She quickly made her way to the office to print the documents.

By the time she packed her bag..almost everyone in the office had left except ofcourse doyle who claimed to be a workaholic. It was late…she realized, really late …if she din't hurry up she would miss the last train. She almost ran over to the elevator as the doors were closing… wow she thought…I do have luck!! She enetered…pressed for basement and waited patiently for the door to slid shut. Just then someone blocked it and doors moved backed to render the lift open and there stood Kevin doyle high and mighty to enter the lift. Maybe she had spoken too soon about her luck!!!

He entered and smiled at her which surprised her… no wait surprise might not be the word, shocked, she thought, I'm completely shocked… did he just smile at me??!! I knew this man had serious issues…gawd I just hope he's no psychopath on loose who would –

" Jane???!!! Are you okay???" Kevin asked noting the expression she had.

"ummm…yaaa. Yaa 'm fine thank you" she answered as politely as she could.

"Good!!" was all he said.

At that moment 2 things happened…the lift jerked and stopped, and the jerking action made his blackberry slip and crash down onto the lift floor!!