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The "other side"

Is a place we cannot reach by common means. Often depicted in ancient lore as a fairytale land, filled with beings which do not longer exist here.

Only those who are "spirited away" had seen that strange country, but only few have returned to tell the tale. My great-grandfather left a diary which depicts life there, but the diary was forgotten. Well, forgotten until I found it in the attic of my house four years ago.

The diary was the last piece of evidence I needed. I spent the last two years of my life training and researching for my objective.

Even if no one believes in it, I will.

Because I believe I will someday reach it.

I will go there and acquire a greater power.

The power of a god. Even something higher may be awaiting for the conqueror of the legendary land.

But I'm not interested in that, I need the power to do what I have to do.

Surely that person is there. I'll bring her back.

So I'm coming…


-What's with that presentation?

-Beats me. That was a lot more depressing than visiting the Aki sisters in winter.

-Yukari here.

-Yuyuko here.

-This is

-Gensokyo Radio Show!

-Gensokyo Radio Show!

-Broadcasting directly from the Hakurei Shrine.

-And conveniently hidden from Reimu as she is slacking off…again. She'll never figure out where we are, anyways.

-Since we are not going to appear in this fanfic, they have given us the chance to be in charge of this little segment of the show. The food is free here so I won't complain.

-Don't speak for both of us, I wanted to appear. Anyways what happened to both of us here?

-That is a secret.

-Come on, you can tell me.

-That would spoil the fun. But Yukari, you surprised me. I've seen you with many devices from the outside world, but this is the first time you bring something this big. A "radio station" was it? And you can use it as well.

-It was a bit tricky at first with all those buttons, but it's easy once you get used to it.

-And how the people of the outside world are going to explain the lack of such big… structure?

-Ran and Chen are dealing with that right now.

-You think about everything. Not that anyone can hear us of course.

-Do not worry. I've brought those "radios" and gave them as a gift in the village. Everyone can keep track of us.

-Oh Yukari, you're amazing. I'm envious.

-Hu hu hu. Of course I am.

-And are those "radios" yummy?

-Hell no! They are for listening our show.

-Ohh… What a pity.

-Next time I will bring you some food from the outside world. OK? Or rather I'll make Ran bring it. It's too troublesome to go.

-I'll be looking forward to that.

-Besides. Was the guy in the prologue the main character?

-I don't think so. Way too dark and gloomy, even for me. And I'm a ghost, mind you.

-Well excuse me for being gloomy. And you're not precisely the "gloomy" type. Not considering you're a ghost.

-So, am I supossed to be wandering and making noise with some chains? Is that your idea of a ghost?

-It would be nice if you could do that.

-Ah, you're here already. Weren't you supposed to be in the bamboo forest?

-Protagonist privileges. But maybe I should have introduced myself with a hello.

-You should have done that.

-But you girls are scarier than me.

-Are we? Obviously not. And we look younger than you too.

-Only in the looks…

-Did you said something?

-Nothing at all.

-Now that you're here, could you say something to the readers.

-I'm not good with words. I have to go now. Hey, what're you doing, let me go… Yukari-san, this is unfair. Saigyouji-san help me… no… not her, what're you doing you two… noooo.

-Reconsidering now?

-No! And how did you two managed to put such a big studio inside this… NO, I SAID STOP, PLEASE STOP, NOT, NOT IN THE EYES, NOOOOO.

-Come on, say somethin'.

-Suika-chan you too? And when did you came?

-I've been here all the time.

-Scary, too scary.

-Did ya say somethin'

-Nothing at all.

-Shhh. Be quiet for a while. Reimu is coming he…

-What are you four doing inside my donation box?

-Ehh… nothing suspicious?



-Anyways, the disclaimer if you please.

-But it's up there already.

-Come on, only read this.

-All right, all right, ejem, Touhou and all of it's characters, except for me and six or seven people out there are property of ZUN. We can't make money out of this, though we wish we coul… This is stupid! An I bet nobody reads it either! Aaah… Forget it! I'm going. Start already! This is embarrassing!

-He is shy.

-We're going to have much fun now. Speaking of which, Youmu, where are you? I'm hungryy, Youmuu…

This is my first attempt to make a fanfic. Done it because I lost a bet, but it doesn't mean that I won't do my best here. Feel free to critiicize me as much as you can, though a word of support is always appreciated.