Kahoko locks the door to make sure nobody can interfere. Luckily, the room is also soundproof.

"Hihara senpai…" she utter

Kazuki faces her and their eyes met.

"Yes, Kaho-chan?" He asked.

"I'm sorry for not attending your graduation ceremony this morning." She said and frowned. "It's so annoying that you are going to college. I hope you know what I mean."

"You know what, I'm gonna miss you senpai.. Really…, really..,, really.., gonna miss you a lot senpai. I wish we could still see each other. I don't know where I can find someone who could play to cheer me up. You always make me happy. You're the first person whoever told me to enjoy life with music to the fullest." She added.

While Kahoko is talking at him, he can't stand it anymore. He must tell her right away or else he'll regret. He wanted to hug her again.

"Hihara senpai, there's something I wanted to say that I kept it for a long time hiding. Listen carefully…. I…lo.. Her words were cut by Kazuki.

"Kahoko...!" He cried out her first name.

Kazuki quickly engulf Kahoko with his arms holding her petite body around her tightly.

Kahoko was awestruck for a moment to the fact that her beloved senpai just called her by her first name. She felt strange at first but she fully grasped the thought of her senpai.

"Oh Kazuki..!" She cried out his first name carelessly but gasped in the end as she just called him by his first name as well.

Kazuki squeezed her her petite body just letting her know that she should give back a squeeze hug for him. Kazuki faced her as he stared at her seductive lips that are welcoming him to kiss her passionately. Kazuki let her lean her back against the wall as he slowly moved his face closer until his nose landed on hers. They both exchange interesting grins like lovesick fools. He carefully bumped his nose and rub against to hers and he could feel that she's breathing out warm air. Then he moved his head down to her neck then he started pecking it softly with his gentle lips.

Kahoko felt her knees are getting weaker at the same time she's nervous of what may happen. But she shrugged her thoughts and simply held his waist and pulls him closer for support.

Kazuki started pecking her neck going up until he reached her ears. He whispered the words: "I LOVE YOU KAHOKO" She could feel him exhaling warm air out his of his mouth. Then he kisses her ear.

Kahoko pulled his necktie to reach his ears. She started brushing her lips on his neck then placed her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to reach him for better access. Brushing her lips on his neck, his cool sensational smell is inviting her to deepen it, intending to leave a mark. She gently bit his ear and whispered: "I LOVE YOU TOO, KAZUKI." She placed her hand on his messy hair and continuously kissed him in the most ticklish part of his neck. She moved her hand around his hair and making it messier.

Kazuki can't believe of what he heard that she loved him in return. What more could he ask for for he have been anticipating this moment to come but never expected that it would be this day. Trying to exit from his thoughts, he pushed her again against the wall then held her warm face and traveles his butterfly kisses around her every aspect of her face. He stopped the kiss for a few seconds to inhaled more air.

"You know what my sweet Kaho, the first kiss was just an accident" he said.

"What do you mean, Kazuki? Did we kiss before?" she asked.

Smirking at her, he held her face again and directly pressed his lips to hers. Kahoko was shocked of the sudden move Kazuki did lately. She felt weak and numb as he enticingly licked her lips. She is chilled through the bone because of his sudden actions. But in the end, she complied with his wishes as she willingly welcomed him in her mouth. Her legs are trembling as he kissed her overpoweringly. She slowly bends her knees until she is seated on the floor as he follows her lips going downward.

He stopped the kiss and looked at her in confusion.

"Kahoko, are you alright?" He asked with concerned in his voice.

"I'm sorry for what I just did..." He added.

"There's no need for you to apologize, my love." She said lovingly.

"I've been waiting for you, Kazuki. I always have the nostalgic feeling to be by your side." She said.

"What do you mean 'the first kiss was just an accident?', you're making me confused. When did we do that?" She asked while staring at his cute serious countenance.

"It's because I just did it earlier when you are in your pleasant catnap." He replied.

"I can't control my strong impulse feelings." He added.

"Really? Why? You should have done that instead of letting me fell asleep and had a bad dream about you that you are going to leave me. I don't want to happen in the reality Kazuki." She said while sobbing.

Tears roll down from her eyes. Kazuki sat beside her and pulled her closer to him. He held her head gently to face him then he kissed every tear running down her from her cheeks.

Kahoko also pulled him closer to her chest.

"Don't you ever leave me Kazuki. I can't stand on my own if you disappear in my sight."

She said while she embraced him.

"There's no way I will never leave you alone Kahoko. I promised from the bottom of my heart. I'll always be there for you. No matter what comes into our lives. There's nothing can break us apart. You will always be a part of my life. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. You'll always be my sweet sugar baby." He said showing her the expression that he really swears.

Delighted by his promising words, she drew near close to him as she presented an appealing smile at him. Then she suddenly pulled him closer and planted her lips on his. Kazuki's slowly laid his back on the floor as Kahoko pushed him and kisses him with a passionate desire, trying to convey to him how much she loved him. Her lips glided around his as he also responds her kisses. He pulled her closer and holds his breath.

It looks like they are having fun. They keep on exchanging kisses until they need to breathe in air. Kahoko broke the kiss and inhaled deeply. She looked at him as he looked at her, dot daring to braek eye contact. They both exchanged looks while trying to inhale more air. Kazuki wanted to follow what she did to him. He wanted to take his turn. It's unfair to him if he didn't let her lie on the floor.

Kazuki slowly raised his arms and hold Kahoko's shoulders. He lifted his body and let her roll under the grand piano. Trapping her between his legs, her head is between his arms supporting him to stare at her. He gave her a sly grin with full of desire which caused her to blush harder. And he find her reaction so cute as he wanted to continue.

He directly smacked her lips and pressed it harder than ever before. Now the two of them are enjoying their time. They are necking on the floor under the black grand piano. Kahoko pulls his chest closer to her breast. They are cuddling playfully, embracing tightly, kissing through their sexual desire, caressing as if in their own affection towards each other. Kahoko raises her head and pulled him trying not to let go of his lips every time Kazuki lifts his head.

Kazuki moved his lips around her face enjoying the sensation of her soft skin. Kahoko accidentally bit his nose which caused him to automatically lift his body in a flash and bumped his head under the black grand piano where they are sharing their quixotic moment. He bumped his head really hard as the grand piano makes a noisy sound.

" Aww..aw..Ouch..! My head hurts. What's with the bite Kaho?" he asked while scratching the painful part of his head, trying to ease the pain.

"I'm sorry Kazuki, I didn't mean to do that." She answered as she rose from her position and checked his head if its alright.

"Just forget about that Kaho, let's get up it's already 5:30 pm. Your mother must be worrying about you." He said.

"Time doesn't matter to me silly." She said "Are you sure you're alright? she pouted.

"You don't have to worry about it. I'm perfectly fine. How about I'll walk you home, Kaho." He suggested energetically.

"Sure thing. Mr. Jollyman. Why not? Okay then, let's get going. But before that, can we drop by to eat some cake?" She asked

"Sure thing. Don't you think that this will be our first date?" he smiled.

"Come to think of it, yeah, its true. Then let's go!" she said happily.

The two carry their instruments and leave the practice room. Serenity took over them. And they just walk quietly to the main gate of Seiso Academy.

Kahoko broke the silence while they are walking home. And said

"By the way I forgot to congratulate you Kazuki."

"Thank you my precious princess." He said.

"I also want congratulate you Kahoko."

"Huh? Congratulate me? What did I do? You know I am going to be a senior student next school year." She said with her dazed mind.

"Congratulations, Kahoko! You just won a man's loving heart." He said as he lifted her chin and pressed his lips on her puffy rosy cheeks. Kahoko shut her golden eyes then open it again as he took his lips off on her face.

They both exchanged grins and continue walking on the way. As they walk, their hands intertwined and Kazuki held her smooth hands. That day, they started their relationship and Kazuki called this a success. No regrets! They found themselves walking on the way holding hands and Kazuki just slowly lift her hands and plant a soft kiss.

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