Fan fiction about Marcus and Krista, what happened after the penultimate episode.

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"Sir, Sir?"

Without raising his head he answered his P.A lazily almost impatient even,

"Sir, It's…. It's" His PA paused desperately trying to stall the impending news, "She has escaped, Sir she has eluded the guards."

Marcus let out a fororotious growl, his ice blue eyes gleaming red, his PA flinched at his obvious anger backing away slightly, as he made his away around his desk and out of the door; his PA always valued the solid oak table and the large distance it brought between them, without it Marcus dominated the vast space.

Meanwhile Krista, delirious with hunger, made her way down a dark corridor, stealthy Krista stalked her prey = two guards, like a slinky cat she manovered her own body round theirs pulling the silver stakes out of there holsters, without the guards even having a moment to react she ashed them, crying slightly she dropped the stakes, her hands burning momentarily, before suddenly healing. She sped up her pace, charging round corridors at lightning speed, stopping suddenly, she found her escape. A skylight leading to freedom!

A cold breeze fluttered against her skin, gently closing her eyes she simply stood, letting herself be lost in the breeze. After a moment or two Krista sighed and took in her surroundings, the noise of the usual hustle and bustle of the streets below seemed disjointed somehow, the cars seemed deathly silent, everything seemed to just slow down and become insignificant. Closer sounds alerted her to her immediate danger but instead of running Krista only sighed, sitting on the ledge of the building letting her bare feet dangle dangerously.

"So you gonna kill me Marcus…..again? Its becoming a habit of yours isn't it?" she whispered in an shattered, tired sarcastic tone.

Without flinching Krista let Marcus stand next to her. His steely blue gaze never faulted as he stared straight ahead.

"Get up, Krista, desperation isn't an attractive trait."

"I'm not desperate Marcus, just fed up."

"Oh?" His tone was actually intrigued, "I never realised prisoners now have the luxury to protest when simply fed up!?"

Resting her head on her knee, Krista looked up at him, still in his suit, impeccably dressed even when the house of cathon still in ruin, she mused over his presence which even now after all that's happened, still has the power to entrance her, his domineer festinated her, every muscle moved, every word spoken put Krista under a spell, "even now"

"How long is this to last for Marcus? Forever? How long are you to torture me Marcus?"

Marcus in return looked directly down at her, his cold blue eyes tinted with the devil, coldly glared at her.

"You are of no concern to me now, Krista I have no opinion when it comes to you, I just want you to suffer indefinitely." Growling his last words he went back to staring straight again.


Confused Marcus gaze dropped to her level once again, he had been trying determinedly not to look at her, he couldn't completely trust himself around her.

"Excuse me?"

"Time, it's always on the move…. Always moving… but I just cant see it……there all cattle…. Lost souls without the shepherd to guide them…………indefinitely is a very long time Marcus."

"You betrayed me, Krista."

Loosing her temper Krista jumped to her feet squaring up to him, she glared for a moment before slapping him across the face. In retaliation Marcus grabbed her by the throat crushing her oesophagus he dangled her over the roof. Only now could he fully take in her beauty. Her long black hair, flowing in the wind, he let his eyes wander from the warmth of her brown eyes, he let his gaze linger on her neck, inhaling deeply he caught her sent, it sent all his senses into a wild frenzy his whole body screamed in absolute wonton hunger, his gaze ravaged her silently. After what seemed like an eternity, Marcus loosened his grip, roughly dropping her on the roof.

"What would you have me do? You and Blade took everything from me, everything! Don't you understand …. Marcus I chose you… fucking bastard……. I loved you, Marcus …………when it counted Marcus I chose you….. But that can never be enough for you can it?"

Marcus growled at her before kicking her In the ribs. He then sunk into an abyss of torment, a vicious cycle of twisted bitterness feuding against his undying love for her.

"Marcus, just kill me." coughing on to the floor, Krista dragged herself up she was determined to confront him once and for all.

"You tortured me. Or rather your minions did it for you, what's wrong Marcus you lost your nerve?"

"Do not push me Krista" Marcus warningly implored.

"I will never brake Marcus because there is nothing to brake, I have nothing left to give, I am a burden to you, whets left to do? Your draining your resources just keeping me, so kill me."

Marcus just stood there in silence, it had started to rain, Krista held out her hand trying to futilely catch each raindrop she watched in dismay as each one inevitably splattered -

"You took away everything I have ever known, everyone I ever loved, yet I still chose you, God …. Marcus I hate you, I despise loving you, your poison under my skin."

"I cant." Marcus softly whispered his voice like velvet.

"Cant what, kill me? Sure you can, you want me to give a demmo?" Krista retorted almost back to her own sarcastic self;

Marcus grabbed Krista by the waist, with a low hungry growl he whispered in her ear.

"I once told you, you were under my skin, that still stands, I wanted you as a companion for all eternity but like you said so elegantly indefinitely is a very long time,"

Head spinning Krista looked up to him confused, what was he saying?

Krista closed her eyes as she allowed Marcus to caress her body, his wonderful, talented hands roaming against the silk dress she was wearing; Marcus obvious choice of Corse, sighing she took in his masculinity, his presence overwhelmed her.

"come with me,"

Krista allowed herself to be led down from the roof, he led her slowly right back to his -

"Your Office…..not what I had in mind but beats the cell every time."

Marcus actually smiled, it sent shockwaves threw her.

"sit, tell me everything about blade."

It was The first time Marcus had directly asked her, after two months of torture, two months of inconceivable pain and anguish, Krista came to the realisation long ago that Blade had set her up for a fall, he wasn't coming to rescue her. She stared intently at Marcus for a moment, then she told him, everything, she started from the beginning, from when she first met him, to when blade injected her with serum in effect sort of putting her under Blade's spell,

"So, I have no insurance policy now, so what are you going to do, kill me?" Krista straitened up, this was the crunch time either he will show some compassion from Marcus it was a long shot granted, but there was still a chance or was he to kill her. Her fate rested totally in his hands.


"I have some work for you Krista, but I swear you cross me again, I will kill you." Marcus broke the wall of salience with a smile.

"you sure that's wise trusting me?"

It was Marcus who laughed softly this time, "who said anything about trusting you? No Krista you earn my trust, I want one thing from you, just one thing."

Cocking her head to one side in interest Krista waited holding her breath - what could she do?


That one word, sent waves of emotion through Krista's spine, most being anger, that bastard screwed up her life more than Marcus did, at least Marcus never pretended to be more than what he is, Blade liked to pretend he was holier than thou. Blade used her just like Marcus probably is now, not having the guts to do it himself he wants Blade to kill her, nevertheless Blade could have easily rescued her but he didn't. Krista knew what she had to do.

"Consider it done."

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